ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 6

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chapter 6

Naira’s POV.

We didn’ talk anything..that means NOTHING..all the way back home. I guess we both were surprised, happy about our kiss!
but why did I kiss, do I want anything from him?
All I know is that I am more closer to him..more than a BFF!

I was awaken from ‘naira’s little world’ when Karthiks stopped the bike.
I jumped off the bike and waved him good bye.

“Bye!” he said, as he smiled.

I went inside, and saw mama and papa talking about something.

“hi!” I said. I grabbed a chair next to them.

“Naira, rahul” Mama started.

Oh **** that was not what I wanted to talk about!

“He is going to marry Sanjana!” She finished off.

I was surprised, but in a happy way!

“What?” I asked.
“Yeah, Rahul’s parents called us and apologised..Sanjana has told them the truth” Papa answered me.

I was over the moon! Sanjana has got a life, and so has I!

“Good for them” I said, as I skipped to my room.

Karthik’s POV

I went home, straight to my room, and slammed my door shut.

I love her!

All these feeling, all of this! I can’t live without her..not anymore..I want her, and I want her to realise, that too!

I marched back, hoping something good will be on TV.

“Yes, she will be perfect” I heard my maa’s voice.
“Perfect for Karthik” Came papa’s voice.

I went to see what was going on.

“Hello karthik, sit here” My papa pulled me a chair.

I sat down. “What are you talking about?”

They looked at each other and nodded.

“Well..” started maa “we were discussing about your life partner!”

Just a moment ago, I realised my love and now..

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Here see her picture” Papa handed me a picture.

There was a girl, smiling, pretty was my first thought..
But nothing compared to Naira.
She was wearing a short and a short top and her name was ‘NEELA’

“What do you think?” asked maa.

“No..what is she wearing?” I asked, as If I haven’t seen anything like that before.

“Oh Karthik, she is decent..” Papa answered me.

I looked at the excited faces, I didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

“Papa…do I really have to get married with her?” I asked them, hoping for a positive answer.

They stared at each other.

“Well, yes..but you have to choose too..” Mama said. “But do you know any other girl?”

I thought for a moment. Should I tell them about Naira..they would understand right?

“umm” I was lost for words.

“Give us a answer in 2 days okay?” papa asked me.

I nodded, and left them.

How could I tell her that I love her? does she love me?

Questioned popped in one after another.

Naira’s POV.

“It’s my turn!” I pulled the remote of his hand.
“Hey, just this oh shit..” bhai was watching a cricket match, and would not let me watch tv.

Bhabi came carrying her huge belly.

“So you came to support naira too, tara?” asked naksh.

“Yes, so give us the TV. it’s our favourite serial!” argued bhabi.

Bhai handed the remote, giving up.

We smiled and put the TV on.

“stop watching these boring dramas” Bhai said.

We didn’t say anything, as we were mesmorized by the show!

“Tara how is the baby” Asked bhai.

“Good!” Bhabi replied shortly.

Bhai sighed and left.

We laughed.

“Girls win..” I whispered.

PRECAP: Karthik telling his feelings to naira.


okay do you think karthik actually will tell his feeling or is it a dream?

many people said that they wanted someone to make kaira together.


if you shoose family member I will choose naksh and tara
But if you say outsider, then I will add a new character.

do support..silent readers do comment!

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  1. Choose a family member
    Update soon

    1. Crazyfan

      okay we’ll see!

      will upload today or tommorow!

  2. Vinni05

    Cute part outsider waiting for next part

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      okay dear,

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    no i will choose family member

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  4. Rosa18

    i think it will b kartiks dream…u could choose naksh and tara cuz it is the story of a close knit family and true friendship ri8

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      wait and see in nxt episode!

  5. Vrushy

    Great work.
    Totally liked it.?

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  6. Fenil

    Smiley chp…
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    Fenil S. Soni(boy becoz girls also has same name)
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    CA Student ( complete, running)

    My vote : Outsider (becoz in all ff nd real family mem r involved

    1. Crazyfan

      okay fenil

      thx for accepting the request!
      nice knowing ur info!

      okay bt some ppl want a memer of the family as yrkkh is a family show.
      and some want it the other way..

      im really confused on wat to choose!

      1. Fenil

        If u choose family mem , naksh nd tara ….other option is not avail becoz in ur ff karthik lives wid his maheshwaris are not there.
        If u choose outsider then don’t make jealously track bring something new.

  7. Hales

    My vote- outsider as then jealousy will be developed n kaira will confess for sure now naira has to realise it n kartik has already realised so maybe wen jealousy starts then naira will realise
    nyc episode .. loved it whole …m glad u didnt stretch rahul topic n ended it well …waiting for ur next one ☺

    1. Crazyfan

      yeah dear, gr8 idea!
      thank you!

      i h8 it when serials drag so, i didn’t want to drag it 2 much!

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    Nice episode .
    I think the precap must be Kartik’s dream .

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