Ishq F(o)re(ver) Promo of Chapter 6 (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi [Devakshi ff])


Promo of Chapter 6 and Links of previous chapters.

For all those who’ve missed any chapter of my Devakshi ff Ishq F(o)re(ver)

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Promo for chapter 6 :

Dev and Sonakshi were at Divine Company, and were discussing something about the merger.

Dev : Ms. Bose, you’ll have to control yourself in front of Malhotra’s.

Sonakshi : Why do you keep telling me that?

(Unaware to them, one anonymous person was standing outside Dev’s cabin and was listening to their conversation secretly)

Dev : Because it’s about my career Ms. Bose, and I can’t let you ruin by saying something stupid in front of them.

Sonakshi : How mine saying something stupid will ruin ‘your’ career?

Dev : You ask too much questions Ms. Bose. I’m telling you that don’t say anything about our secret. It’ll be kept only between you and me.

Sonakshi : Which secret?

Dev :*getting angry* Don’t be childish Ms. Bose. I’m serious. Don’t say anything about you being my fake fiancée.

Sonakshi : Ohh! That. Okay, okay, I’ll not tell anyone.

Anonymous:*entering the cabin*Fake fiancée and all haan!

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