Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 5


Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 5

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Chapter 4

Dev had planned their first ‘fake’ date to be in a fanny restaurant named “Embassy”. As they reached their desired place, the waiter guided them to their table and set up glasses of water for them. He then wrote down their drinks and then left to fulfil the order. As the waiter left, Sonakshi looked around and really took in how fancy the place was. Below their feet were black and white tiles while above their head hung a clear glass chandelier. The walls were hazel and decorated with paintings and pictures of abstract designs. Windows were covered by thin black lased curtain and the main entrance to their left had two glass doors with a well-dressed doorman awaiting visitors. Their table was across from the main doors, fitted with white table cloth, two sets of silver forks and knives neatly placed on the top of the white napkins, a pair of glasses filled with water and two most uncomfortable wooden chairs she had ever seen.

“Seriously, can rich people really take this amount of back pain just to look good?” asked Sonakshi with a disgusted voice.

“Ms. Bose, Think before you speak. Do you ever listen to the things that come out of your mouth?” asked Dev with the same disgusted voice.

“Blah blah blah” replied Sonakshi mimicking his tone.

The waiter returned with their drinks and took their orders. Sonakshi was so hungry, but was embarrassed showing this to Dev so, she can’t decide anything and told Dev to order for both of them. Dev ordered two Continental Sizzlers for them and Sonakshi was relieved that Dev actually ordered food instead of ordering the expensive plates of salads.

“Why didn’t you order?” asked Dev after the waiter left.

“Can’t decide” came Sonakshi’s reply.

“These fancy restaurants have more expensive salads than food. I mean, how can salads be this expensive? Are they foiling it with gold or what?” said Dev thinking the same as Sonakshi.

“I agree” answered Sonakshi supporting his thoughts.

“But you like Sizzlers no? They are cool, right?” he asked with a grin.

She laughed a bit,” The coolest, I just didn’t want to look like I was going whole hog on the food business. I can eat a lot.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard a girl admit that. You’re different” Dev said with an amused face.

“Thanks,” said Sonakshi becoming red from blushing.

As the dinner was over, all the visitors of Embassy restaurant were called on to the dance floor as it was the night of celebration. It was an Embassy’s 25th anniversary.

Dev : (offering his hand) Sonakshi, may I have a dance with you.

Sonakshi : *confused that he called her by her name* Sure (accepts his proposal)

After walking their way to the stage, they stood still for a moment.
Dev placed his right hand beside Sonakshi’s waist and his left hand holding her right hand.
While Sonakshi placed her left hand on his right shoulder and hid her face by sort of leaning.
(The beautiful song was playing in the background and they start slow-dancing with the passing song.)

Tum ho toh lagta hai main hoon
Na ho toh lagta hai kyun hoon
Tum ho toh udta hai mann ye
Na ho toh thehra sa hai kyun
Dev : Sorry Ms. Bose, but I forgot to tell that my manager has informed the media about our arrival and one media reporter is inside this restaurant spying on us. That’s the reason why I called you Son…., by your name and not Ms. Bose.

Sonakshi : *understanding the whole scene* So, me pretending to be your fake fiancée thing has begun?

Dev : Probably yes.

Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Dev : Ms. Bose, we have to be ready to face the media. They are outside and we are supposed to face them after this dance.

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, I’m not going to say anything in front of them. It’s all on you.

Dev :*with an unknown smirk* No problem. It’ll be great if you just shut up. Because you always end up saying something stupid.

Sonakshi : Enough is enough Mr. Dixit. I’m not that stupid.

Dev : Remember when I asked for your opinion?

Sonakshi : Na [No]

Dev :*smirking* Me neither.

Sonakshi : *puzzled* Whatever.

Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere haa.. saath mere..
Dev and Sonakshi were standing at the exit of the restaurant eyeing the scene outside. They can clearly see the media waiting for their arrival like a greedy dog waiting for his food. Sonakshi was so not sure what to do about this.

“I really don’t want to do this,” said Sonakshi, sounding like a complete baby.

“Please, Ms. Bose,” Dev says, his hand forming a tight fist now, as if he was preventing himself from getting nervous.

Dev’s manager Virat came to them and said “Sir, now it’s time for you both to go in front of the media. I’ve arranged the security so that they will be at minimum 10 feet distance from both of you. When they ask about mam, you have to answer that she’s your fiancée and just after then, leave in the car. Your car is parked beside the entrance. Don’t say anything besides this. Not even her name.”

After understanding the whole plan, Dev and Sonakshi proceed in front of the media. Media literally jumped in front of them asking various questions, making the whole scenery a chaos. Sonakshi can hear the screams of media person asking about her wanting to know her.

“Mr. Dev Dixit, who is the lady with you?”
“Is she your girlfriend/fiancée?
“What is her name?”
“Mr. Dixit, so the news about your engagement is true?”
“Are you committed?”

Many question were there, but Dev just follows the advice of his manager and after going to the centre of the entrance, he announced “She’s mine fiancée”. And grabbing Sonakshi’s hand, Left to his car. As Dev grabbed her hand, Sonakshi felt one sensation just like a mild electric shock. It was so new to her. She hadn’t experienced any boy holding her hand other than his dad and brother. She wanted to know this feeling, but distracted her mind from this topic. They quickly get in the car and left for Ishwari Manson.

*In the car*

Sonakshi : How can celebrities handle this much media? They are uncontrollable.

Dev : Ms. Bose, now you are my fiancée, not real but fiancée. You are also going to face media someday. Be prepared for that.

Sonakshi : Not in my wildest dreams! Mr. Dixit, I’m not going to face them alone. You’ll be there no?

Dev :*half smirking* Not, every time. Ms. Bose, doesn’t you know that I’m a busy person. I’ve so much work to do and I’m not free to babysit you.

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, if you ever, I’m repeating, If you ever let me face that media alone, then you’ll have to forget about your dreams.

Dev : And how’ll that happen?

Sonakshi : Simple! I’ll tell the media about our fake fiancée thing.

Dev : *in a serious tone* Don’t you ever Ms. Bose.

Sonakshi : I won’t if you won’t.

Dev : Okay, I’ll never let you face the media alone.

Sonakshi :*extremely happy*Now you’re talking.

First, they reached Sonakshi’s house and after dropping her, Dev went to Ishwari Mansion.
Sonakshi was half asleep when suddenly, she heard the sound coming from her cell phone.
Sonakshi : *checking the time* Who’s messaging me at 12:15?

When she opened the message, it was from Dev.

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
You asleep?

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
No I was just bungee jumping.

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Can’t you simply answer what is asked?

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
Mr. Dixit it’s 12:20. Obviously I was sleeping.

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Sorry that I disturbed your sleep. Good night.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
Now that you’ve woken me up. Tell me why you messaged?

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Just to thank you.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
But you’ve already thanked me for helping you.

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Not for that.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
Then for what?

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
For your gift. Orange is also not a bad colour.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
I told you. XD

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Now, go to sleep Ms. Bose, tomorrow you’ve to come on time, not 2 hours late. Good night.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
Let me tell you Mr. Dixit that it wasn’t my fault that I was late today, it was yours. And Bad night. Bitter dreams. (-_-)

—- Message from @Mr. Obodhro —-
Same to you Ms. Bose. ‘ll meet you tomorrow.

—- Message to @Mr. Obodhro —-
I’m asleep!

{Precap : Preparation of merger and meeting the Malhotra’s. One member of Malhotra family will know about Dev-Sonakshi’s fake fiancée thing.}

A/N : Don’t be a silent reader and please comment your views. I’m writing this story with my full heart and if you like this, then only I’ll think of continuing it. Otherwise, I’ll stop here.

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