ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Naira’s POV.

I knocked on his door. His maa came and opened it.

“Naira! come in come in!” She greeted me. “Came to meet karthik no? well good, he’s been in a bad mood all day!” she exclaimed.

I smiled. “Well not for long”

She smiled and gave me a quick hug.

I knew where his room was. I ran there. The door was closed, I knocked at it.

“Oh for god sake, luv please go out!” He growled.

I knocked again, knowing he will be irritated.

“I’m out or i’ll come there” He yelled.

I smiled, that’s what I wanted!

I knocked again, trying hard not to laugh.

As predicted, he opened the door to yell, but he got shocked to see me. I laughed!
He was shirtless. He blushed seeing me.

“You?” He asked me.

I nodded. He pulled me inside his room and closed the door.

“ pu..put a shirt on” He said ,blushing red as a beetroot.

He put on his shirt and turned back at me.

“Why did you come here?” He asked me.

“Why did you missed my calls?” I asked him back. “Anyway, thanks karthik I told maa, she totally understood!”

I smiled.

“And I’m sorry about Rahul, why did you left me..okay I understand you felt uneasy..but” I asked him.

He sighed.

“Can we go out?” he asked me, holding my hands and taking me to his bike.

Karthik’s POV

As we drove near to the park where we always meet, naira rested her chin on my shoulder.

I Parked my bike, when we got there, and we went for a walk.

“Here, answer my question..why did you leave us?” She asked.

I didn’t have an answer for that, even I didn’t know why I left them.

“I Don’t know..Just leave it Naira” I said.

She gave a quick smile and held my hand, we walked together untill Naira stopped for some ice cream.

“Oh karthik please, let’s have some ice cream!” She pleaded.

The sun was shone brightly, and it was so hot, so I agreed with her.

I stared at Naira’s face. Today It was one emotion, that was excitement.
Crazy girl, now she has broken up with Rahul, I had for my self!!
But we are just BFFs..but why do I feel that I have some more connection with her.

“Karthik come on!” I was awaken by Naira’s voice. She hed finished all her ice cream, mine was I licked all of quickly.

I Ran and caught up with her. she sat down on a bench.

“Karthik, I’m sorry okay, if I did anything wrong” She apologised.

Why is she doing that? She did nothing wrong!

I made her stand up and I hugged her.

I stroked her back.

“Sorry” she still mumbled.
“No need” I whispered.

We smiled. She broke her hug, and stared back at me. It was a very deep and a meaningful look.

I moved closer to her, so our lips were only an inch away. she turned away.

“Sorry, If I made you uneas-” I couldn’t finish my sentence as she sealed my lips with hers.


my heartache, felt better..alot..this was the medicine needed!

She broke it.

We both blushed.

“Um…” she stammered.

I kissed her back. It was my first kiss..and it felt great..Naira..

is this love?

precap: Karthik finding out that he loves naira. karthik’s maa talking about his engagement

okay guys this was kaira’s first kiss!

so what do you think? is this love??

Kartik loves naira, but does naira..then why did she kiss?
keep reading!

also cookie your guess was right!
it was about their engagement!!!


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