Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 4

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 4

Sonakshi was getting ready for her first date. Correction, first “FAKE” date. She can’t think of anything to wear. She was not experienced with all these dating thing and doesn’t know anything to do. As she was fumbling with her clothes, suddenly she felt a pair of hand covering her eyes.
Sonakshi : No, please don’t do this to me now. I’m already stressed.

Anonymous: You have to guess first.

Sonakshi :*recognizing the voice* Sumo! When will you stop playing silly things with me?

Suman : Never!

{Suman is Sonakshi’s best friend cum neighbour}

Sonakshi : (again occupies herself in finding the dress)

Suman : What are you doing Sona? What’s the matter?

Sonakshi : Everything is a mess Sumo. Last 24 hours have changed my life, and you will also be shocked to hear this. *explains the whole fake fiancée thing to her*.

Suman: *looks happier rather than shocked* Wow Sona, you’re so lucky. You’ll get a change to be a milliner’s fiancée. I would die to be in your place.

Sonakshi : This is not a joke Sumo, I’m so stressed here and you are seriously not helping me.

Suman : Okay, okay, now I’m serious. Tell me why are you stressed?

Sonakshi : Today, Mr.Dixit has arranged our first fake date just to reveal in front of the media about his fiancée. Sumo, I’m supposed to go on a date and I don’t have anything to wear. Please help me in selecting the outfit.

Suman : Oh! So that’s the problem. Don’t worry Sona I’m here and you’re going to wear an outfit I select for you.

Sonakshi : But it has to be of my taste.

Suman : Challenge Accepted.

*After sometime*
“I think you could wear a bit casual. But it still has to be a dress. And since it is your first date, I’ll let you wear something a bit more like your usual self. How about this?” said Suman showing her the dress she found.

The dress looked pretty decent. It was a dark orange color, almost looking a bit red, but not quite. Suman, then pulled out a thick black waist belt that looked like it was weaved and had a plastic orange round bow on the front. She grabbed a pair of black flats and put the outfit in Sonakshi’s hands.

When Sonakshi changed into the outfit and came out, it fitted her nicely.

Suman : *pretends to be all teary-eyed* Look at you! You’re wearing a dress, casual yes, but a dress! On your first date!

Sonakshi :*correct’s her* “Fake” date.

Suman : Ya, ya… your oh so “fake” date.

Sonakshi : Now, hurry up! I don’t want to be late. Then Mr. Dixit will get a chance to taunt me and I can’t let that happen.

Suman :*saluting* Okay boss, your wish is my command.

It was currently 7:30 and still she haven’t finished getting ready. After curling up the edges of her hair, Suman just did a little touch-up on Sonakshi’s face as She doesn’t like more makeup. When it get’s 7:59 Sonakshi heard her cell phone beep.

Sonakshi : Must be Mr. Dixit.

—– Message from @Mr. Obodhro—–
*She quickly replied*

—– Message to @Mr. Obodhro —–

As per the msg, the driver was outside her house at 8:15.

Sonakshi :*hurriedly takes her purse & phone* Okay, bye Sumo, thank you for everything <3. Bye, I have to go. Wish me luck.

Suman : Best of luck Sona, I’m sure you’ll be fine. And if anything happens, I’m just a msg far from you. Remember?

Sonakshi : *takes a packet which is neatly wrapped like a gift and puts it in her purse* Yeah, I know. Bye.

Suman : Bye.

The driver took Sonakshi to Ishwari mansion. As she entered the living area, her eyes wander to find him. When she doesn’t find him anywhere, she straightly went to his room. When she nears his room, she saw him talking to someone on the phone about something. As Dev saw Sonakshi standing near the door, he signals her to come inside. She enters and stands nervously beside him.

Dev :*after ending his call* So Ms.Bose, are you ready?

Sonakshi : Yes.

Dev :*eyeing her outfit* You’ve dressed up pretty well Ms.Bose.

Sonakshi : Thanks Mr. Dixit *checks his outfit* you too.

Dev : Your welcome and thanks.

(The air around them was getting thicker by each passing minute. They were not familiar with talking to each other like this. Every time they’ve met before, had just ended up with their nasty fight. Suddenly they are supposed to pretend all nice to each other and are so uncomfortable. Both of them are standing beside each other and also thinking about each other. But it’s just the words who don’t want to form.)

Sonakshi : *trying not to be more awkward* Mr. Dixit, I’ve got something for you.
Dev : what is it?

Sonakshi : I’m pretty sure that you don’t have anything like this.

Dev : I’ve everything Ms. Bose and I’m sure I would be having this too.

Sonakshi : You don’t.

Dev : I have.

Sonakshi : Okay, If I won, Promise me that you’ll do one task which I give you.

Dev : Promise. Now open it!

Sonakshi : *After opening the wrapper and showing* See! I told you don’t have this.

Dev : Seriously, Ms.Bose, An orange tie? How am I supposed to have an orange tie?

Sonakshi : It’s your problem. You’ll have to do one task now Mr. Dixit. Do you agree?

Dev : I’m not doing anything.

Sonakshi : But you promised!

Dev : ok, I’ll think about it.

Sonakshi : *getting excited* Yes! So Mr. Dixit, I order you to wear this orange tie tonight on our first fake date.

Dev : What? No!

Sonakshi : Don’t ever break your promises Mr. Dixit.

Dev : Ms. Bose I’m not going to wear an orange tie.

Sonakshi : Mr.Dixit, you have too. Please, orange is my favourite colour.*makes a puppy face*

Dev :No, doesn’t make faces Ms. Bose. I’m not going to get convinced.

Sonakshi : Okay then, Now I only have one last option. “ Aunty jiiiiiii……….”

Dev : Ms. Bose what are you doing?

Sonakshi : I’m just calling Aunty ji.

Dev : But why ?

Sonakshi : As you used her in convincing me about being your fake fiancée, I’ll also use her in convincing you to wear this tie. So, should I call her?

Dev : There’s no need to call mom. I’ll wear this, happy?

Sonakshi : So much.

{Precap : “I really don’t want to do this,” said Sonakshi, sounding like a complete baby.
“Please, Ms. Bose,” Dev says, his hand forming a tight fist now, as if he was preventing himself from getting nervous.}

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    *She quickly replied*
    —– Message to @Mr. Obodhro —–

    1. DevSona

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      —– Message from @Mr. Obodhro—–
      Driver is coming to pick you up at 8:15. Be ready. *She quickly replied*
      —– Message to @Mr. Obodhro —–
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