Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 3

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : chapter 3

Dev woke up early and was anxiously waiting for Sonakshi to give him the answer, and hopefully the answer he want from her. It was 9:15 and Sonakshi still hadn’t come. Dev was getting more worried with every passing minute. Now the clock has passed 9:30 and still Sonakshi hadn’t come.
Ishwari : Dev tum abhi tak office kyun nahin gaye?
[I : Dev, why haven’t you left for the office yet?]
Dev : Maa, Ms.Bose ka wait kar raha hoon. Woh aayi kyun nahin abhi tak?
[D : Mom, I’m waiting for Ms.Bose. Why haven’t she came yet?]
Ishwari : Koi kaam mein phas gai hogi nutrition, aa jayegi. Tum office ke liye nikal jao Dev, aaj jaldi ghar aakar use baat kar lena.
[I : She must have been occupied with some work, don’t worry she’ll come. Dev you can go to to office. If must, you can come home early from wrok and talk to her.]

Dev :*convinced with his mother’s advice* Okay maa, I’ll come home early today. Goodbye. (*_*)

Sonakshi was sitting on her bed. It’s not that she woke late so she didn’t go to Ishwari Mansion on time. The main reason of her delay was that she was still thinking. She was getting double thoughts about her decision. On one hand her heart was telling her to accept the offer for the sake of Ishwari, but on the other side, her mind was screaming a big ‘No,No’ because she knows hard how is it to deal with that Obodhro. Atlast she came up with her best decision and started to get ready. Sona was not knowing that she was so late today. When she saw her cellphone, the time was 10:00 am. Means she was full 1 and ½ hour late.
Sonakshi :”Hē bhagabāna![oh my god!] I’m so late. Mr. Dixit also should have been left for the office. Now what can to do? Think something Sona. Idea!!Today I’ll surely give Mr. Dixit the answer. Even if I have to go to his office.”

*At Divine Company*

Tina : Sir, Ms.Bose is here and she wants to meet you.
Dev : Ms.Bose? Why is she here?
Sonakshi :*entering in the cabin* Don’t you want to know my decision?

*Dev signals Tina to go and she follows that order and leaves the cabin*

Dev : *angry* What is this Ms.Bose? First, you were late today and now you are here with the attitude as if you own this blo*dy office.
Sonakshi : Don’t talk to me like that Mr. Dixit. Remember that I’m here only for your sake. If you are going to be like this, I don’t think it’ll work…….
Dev : Stop! Okay Ms. Bose, I’m sorry that I talked to you like that, It just my stress, and because of that I behaved like this. Now, tell me your decision. *crosses fingers behind his back*
Sonakshi : *nervously* Āmi sbīkāra Karachi.

Dev : *confused* what??? *after realising something* Ms. Bose, HINDI.

Sonakshi :*awkwardly* I accept your offer Mr. Dixit.

Dev :*extremely happy inside but can’t show it to Sonakshi* It’s good that you accept it. This will profit you also.

Sonakshi : *confused* How does it profit me?

Dev : You are so dumb Ms. Bose. Don’t you know that I’m hiring you? This means you are going to be paid more. Is this not a profit?

Sonakshi :*getting angry* Mr.Dixit, just for once can’t you think about anything other than money? I’m not a greedy money eater here. I’m doing this for you because your mom requested me to do so. I’m doing this for her not for the money. I’m not going to take any extra money other than my salary.

Dev : But Ms.Bose, I can’t do that. You are going to give your time to me and for that I’m surely going to pay you. The offer only was of hiring a fiancée and I know that you are that much intelligent to know the meaning of heir. Are you?

Sonakshi : I know pretty well the meaning of heir. But from my side I’m not your hired fiancée. I’m just a person who is trying to help the other person, and helping doesn’t come with money.

Dev : Is this your final decision Ms.Bose?

Sonakshi : Yes, this is my last and final decision. You can lock it.

Dev : I agree on not paying you for this but I have some conditions then which you have to accept.

Sonakshi : Ki śarta?…I mean, what conditions?

Dev : All the facilities you are going to use from now, is going to be on me. You are going to use my car for travelling, the clothes which you purchase will be paid by me, and all other things like jewelleries, shoes, and even your makeup, will be given to you as a gift from my side for helping me.

Sonakshi : But Mr.Dixit, that’s not fair…….

Dev : Who’s playing fair here Ms. Bose, tell me. Are you?

Sonakshi : *defeating* Okay Mr.Dixit, I accept your conditions too.

Dev : Good. Now go home and get ready.

Sokashi : Get ready?? For what? Isn’t your merger after 2 days?

Dev : You are absolutely right Ms.Bose but I’m not talking to you about the merger. I’m telling you to get ready now because tonight we are going on our first official, public “Fake” date.

Sonakshi : Date??

Dev : Fake Date Ms. Bose, we are just going to pretend that we are on a date. My manager will inform some media about this and they are also going to be there. This way I’m officially going to reveal my fiancée in front of the media. This all drama is just for making our fake fiancée thing look real.

Snakshi : Is it necessary? Can’t we do it at merger after 2 days?

Dev : No, Ms.Bose. We have to do it today. We have to make it look real to the Malhotra’s before the day of merger.

Sonakshi : Okay, as you say. So, I’m going home and you can call me to inform about the time for tonight.

Dev : Okay Ms. Bose.

Sonakshi : yeah, so…..

Dev : Good bye Ms. Bose.

Sonakshi : Good bye Mr. Dixit.

*Sonakshi opened the door and was just going*

Dev : And Ms. Bose…

Sonakshi : Yes?

Dev : Thank you.

Sonakshi : *just smiles and then exits*

Dev :*goes to his seat and thinks about their convo. And suddenly remember that the fingers, he had crossed were just like that. Seeing this he also smiles*

{Precap : Dev : Ms. Bose I’m not going to wear an orange tie.
Sonakshi : Mr.Dixit, you have too. Please, orange is my favourite colour.*makes a puppy face*
Dev :No, don’t make faces Ms. Bose. I’m not going to get convinced.
Sonakshi : Okay then, Now I only have one last option. “ Aunty jiiiiiii……….”}

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