ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Naira’s POV

“what took you so late?” It was papa.
“Sorry!” I replied.

He looked really worried.

“Where’s maa?” I asked. she was not around the house.
“Went to meet Rahul!” He said. “for a dinner”

The word ‘Rahul’ Hurt me so bad.

“Okay, I’m sleepy good night” I said and left for the room.

I stared at my room. It was pink, and covered with my favourite pics. Spending time with friends, with was so fun!
But why? why? did my life turned out this way?

I questioned myself so hard, that it made my head ache.

I changed in to my pyjamas and got on the bed to get some sleep.

Karthik’s POV.

I was woken up by Luv and Kush’s song.

“wake up wake up! it’s morning” it went on and on.
“Let me sleep, i’ll play with you later” I mumbled, in sleep.

They wouldn’t let me alone. I woke up, finally giving up!

“Yay!” they shouted as they ‘high fived’ each other.

I managed to smile.

As I got ready to have my breakfast, I got a call from naira.

“Karthik?” she said.

I felt great, her happy and cheery voice was back.

“Good morning! Can you come over i have a project to work on?” she asked me.
“yeah sure! when?” I asked. oh god! sooner the better!

“he he, bff..anytime really..just fill your tummy first! otherwise you will grumble all day!” she said.

We both laughed. It was what I missed from her..her laugh!

I gobbled down my breakfast, and got on my bike to ride to naira’s..

Naira’s POV.

“You two are really good friends naira” My maa says, while making some snacks for us!

She gives it to me.

“whatever project you are working on..musn’t be done with an empty stomach!” she excalimed.

I turned to leave, but I was interrupted with her question.

“Aren’t you going to ask me, what happened with me at the dinner??”

Oh shit! that’s not what I wanted to hear about..

“Anyway, I made some food..they taught me!” she carried on. “they are really nice. so was the food”

she chuckled.

I gave a fake smile and left.

I didn’t have to wait for long, for him to arrive!

“I never knew frogs were so fast” I laughed.

He bowed at me.

“Don’t forget this frog, is also a prince” He said.

We both laught. He sat opposite me.

“You still got that pictures?” he asked me, still staring at our friends.

I nodded. He stared back at my eyes.

I don’t know why he keeps doing that, it feels as if he is reading my mind through my eyes..

“You know miss Ann?” I asked.

Miss Ann was our english teacher.

“She asked me to some work of hers. She also asked you to help with this” I continued.

He rubbed his hands together, like he was into the ‘spirit’ or something.

“Let’s start!” he said.

I don’t know how much time we spent laughing and joking, but it was all fun! we did share our snacks..but I must say, he ate the most!

But then, the door knob turned and it opened! I was shocked to see who it was!


It was rahul! I was shocked, I didn’t know he was invited. I turned to Naira. She was equally shocked as me.

“r.rahul?” she stammered, in both fear and shock.
“karthik?” rahul stared at me.

He came closer to us, and sat beside naira.

“Don’t worry, I thought to come and meet naira, so I did. what are you guys working on?” He asked us.

“P-project” I replied, after a long pause.

He wrapped his arms around Naira. Naira felt uneasy, her face said it all.

“Karthik, you are so lucky to have a bff like naira” he says.
“you are also lucky” I say.

“I’m not” I could hear naira mumble.

That made me laugh.

“Karthik would you mind?” He asked me..

mind what? Rahul was staring at naira. Naira looked confused but then…
He kissed her!!!!


why did this hurt me so badly? she is my bff..just why did it hurt so badly.

He kissed naira..he pulled her closer to him..

naira looked irritated, she tried to get away but rahul didn’t let her.

I couldn’t take this anymore..I left the room..

PRECAP: naira talking about rahul with akshara..naira calling karthik, but karthik not answering.


okay guys, I felt so angry with could he do this… he he
so guys i’m really sorry because I told you that naira would tell about rahul to akshara..but I had to postpone that..sorry..

will post next episode today!!!

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