Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 2


Ishq F(o)re(ver): Chapter 2

Note: The content under [ ] brackets is the English translation of Hindi convo. and the underlined sentences shows the person talking to himself/herself.

The scene starts showing Ishwari and Sonakshi. Ishwari told Sonakshi everything and Sona was literally shocked after listening about the fiancée thing.
Sonakshi : Par aunty ji mein kaise?……
[S : But aunty ji how can I?…]

Ishwari : Nutrition tum kuch mat bolo aur bas meri baat suno. Itne dino mein tumne Dev ke baare mein itna toh jaroor jaana hoga ki woh iss deal ke bare mein kitna serious tha. Yeh uska sapna hai Sonakshi aur tum hi use ismein madad kar sakti ho.
[I : Nutrition, don’t say anything and just listen to me. In these few days you should have known atleast that how serious Dev was about this deal. This is his dream Sonakshi and now only you can help him in this]

Sonakshi : Aunty ji mujhe kuch waqt chahiye iss decision ko lene ke liye.
[S : Aunty ji I want some time to take this decision]

Ishwari : Haan beta tum khud hi jaakar apna faisla Dev ko bata dena kal subah.
[I : Yes, you can tell ur decision to Dev tomorrow morning]

Sonakshi : Aunty ji aaj mein ghar jaldi jaa sakti hoon?
[S : Aunty ji, can I go home early today?]

Ishwari : Sonakshi….tum chinta mat karna meri. Mein apna khayal rakh loongi. Tum jaldi se Kichu ko mera aaj ka time-table de do aur ghar jaa kar aaram se iss baare mein socho.
[I : Sonakshi…don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of myself. You can give Kichu{servant} my today’s time-table, after that you go home and think about it calmly.]

Sonakshi : thik hai aunty ji…*goes to the kitchen*
[S : Okay aunty ji…*goes to the kitchen*]

Sonakshi : “yeh Mr.Dixit bhi na…seedha seedha bol nahi sakte Mr.Malhotra ke samne ki woh engaged nahin hain…aur agar nahin bhi bola toh unhe mein hi mili thi unki hired fiancée ke liye? Aur mein 100% sure hoon ki yeh fiancée heir karne ka idea bhi unhi ka hoga….paiso ke sivay aur kuch dikhta kahan hai unko. Unke dreams ke chakkar mein meri life ko kyun bigaad ne mein lag gaye hai Mr.Dixit? Aur tabhi mein sochu ki aaj unhone mujhe bye kiya? Obviously kyunki ab unhe lag raha hoga ki kaash…maine Ms.Bose ke saath pehle hi achhe se baat ki hoti toh aaj apni mom ke sahare mujhe iss kaam ke liye manvana na padta. Magar jo bhi ho…now the power is in my hands and the tables are going to turn. Wait and watch Mr.Dixit.”
[S : “Mr.Dixit is so…..can’t he tell Mr.Malhotra face to face that he isn’t engaged….and if not, he found only me to be his hired fiancée? And I’m 100% sure that this is Mr.Dixit’s idea only….he can’t think of anything beyond money. For the sake of his dreams, why Mr.Dixit is ruining my life? And now I get it why he wished me goodbye this morning. Obviously regretting about how he hadn’t talked to me properly from the first day I got a job here. But I don’t care…… now the power is in my hands and the tables are going to turn. Wait and watch Mr.Dixit.”] *Sona was deeply engrossed with her thoughts that she put more sugar in Ishwari’s juice*

Radha Rani :*enter’s the kitchen and watches Sonakshi putting more sugar in Ishwari’s juice* Hayee bangalan, kya tum meri jiji ko marna chahti ho itni chini khilaye? Iss garib ki beti ki ko sunta hi nahi hai…mujhe toh pehle din se hi tum par shak tha aur aaj mein tumhara asli chehra jiji ke samne la kar rahungi. *drag’s Sonakshi up harshly to Ishwari’s room*
[RR : :*enter’s the kitchen and watches Sonakshi putting more sugar in Ishwari’s juice* ohh bangalan{Bengali}, are you trying to kill my jiji{elder sis}? No one listens to this daughter of poor…I was having suspicion on you from the very first day I came to this house and today I got that chance, now I’m going to reveal your real face In front of jiji. *drag’s Sonakshi up harshly to Ishwari’s room*]

Sonakshi : *trying to get her hand fred from Radha Rani’s hold* Aunty ji mujhse galti ho gai…maine jaan bujh kar kuch nahin kiya…..
[S : *trying to get her hand fred from Radha Rani’s hold* Aunty ji this was a mistake…I haven’t done it intentionally….]

*Sonakshi tried very hard to tell RadhaRani that this wasn’t her fault, but RadhaRani being RadhaRani didn’t listen to her and dragged her to Ishwari’s bedroom*

Ishwari : *watches as RadhaRani drags Sonakshi harshly in her room and was so confused* Radha…yeh kya kar rahi ho? Chodo nutrition ka haath. Kitni zoor se pakad rakha hai…..
[I : *watches as RadhaRani drags Sonakshi harshly in her room and was so confused* Radha…what are you doing? Leave her hand. How tightly you’ve hold it…..]

RadhaRani : Jiji app iss bangalan ki side mat lo…yeh toh apko marne hi waali thi aaj…
[RR : jiji you don’t know the intentions of this Bengali girl…today she was going to kill you…]

Ishwari : *getting more confused* Kya? Yeh tum kya keh rahi ho radha?
[I : : *getting more confused* what? What are you saying bhabhi{sister in law}?]

RadhaRani: Haan jiji, sach mein maine apni inhi aankho se dekha hain…yeh bangalan aapke juice mein chini bhar bhar ke daal rahi thi…ab aap hi batao, konsi nutrition aisa karti hai….yeh nutrition nahin jiji murderer hai murderer…
[RR : yes jiji, It’s the truth and I saw this with my own eyes…this Bengali girl was putting more than enough sugar in your juice…you tell now, which nutrition does this?…She is not a nutrition jiji, she is a murderer…..]

Ishwari : *eyes Sonakshi and signals her to tell her part of the story*

Sonakshi : Auntiji maine jaan bujh kar kuch nahin kiya…woh galti se ho gaya, mujhe maaf kar dijiye….
[S : Aunty ji, I didn’t do it intensionally It was a mistake, please forgive me…]

Ishwari : Mujhe pata hai nutrition ke tum aisa kuch bhi nahi karogi jo mere liye bura ho…mein samajh sakti hoon ki tum abhi bahot stressed ho aur usi chakkar mein tumse yeh galti ho gayi…tum chinta mat karo aur ab jaldi se ghar jao.
[I : I know nutrition that you’ll not do anything that is going to harm me I know that you are very stressed and because of that only you made this mistake don’t worry and now just go home.]

Sonakshi : *relief washes over her face* Thank you aunty ji…

RadhaRani: “yeh kya khichdi pak rahi hai malkin aur nutrition ke beech mein jiske baare mein yeh garib ki beeti kuch nahin jaanti…dal mein kuch toh kaala hai…aur mein yeh baat jaankar hi rahungi”
[RR : “what’s going on between these two that I am not knowing? Something is surely happening and I’m going to find out what it is.”]

*Meanwhile in Divine Company{Dev’s Company}*
Dev : “what should be her answer?Will se accept or is she going to deny…oh god! Please help me…”

Tina : sir Mr.Malhotra is here.

Dev : *trying to look normal*Okay you can bring Mr.Malhotra in. “
Dev : “what will I say to Mr.Malhotra? I don’t even know Ms.Bose’s answer…”*watches as Mr.Malhotra enters his cabin*

Mr.Malhotra :*sitting in the chair in front of Dev’s table* Good afternoon Dev. How’s your preparation about the merger going?

Dev : All’s good Mr.Malhotra…what’s the occasion that brings you here?

Mr.Malhotra :I was just passing through this road and thought about meeting you just to check everything is alright or not.

Dev :*silently speaking to himself* “everything would be more better if u hadn’t come…”

Mr.Malhotra : Did you said something Dev?

Dev :No Mr.Malhotra, Did you hear something?

Mr.Malhotra : yes but……

Dev :*trying to cover his lie* Must be these stupid birds*pointing outside the window* always disturbing my meetings….

Mr.Malhotra : But birds don’t talk Dev.

Dev : *thinking about something to cover up* JOKING! I was just joking Mr.Malhotra…how can birds talk…stupid birds….stupid me…(slaps his head slightly)

Mr.Malhotra : *becoming suspicious* Dev? Is everything alright?

Dev :*covering his nervousness* Yup! Everything is alright Mr.Malhotra. There’s no need to worry…

Mr.Malhotra : I hope so. Okay Dev now we will meet on the day of merger….Goodluck for that.*gets up and moves towards the door*

Dev : “thank god he didn’t mention anything about my fiancée.”

Mr.Malhotra : *stops just near the door and turns* And yaa Dev? Don’t forget to bring your fiancée at the merger. The condition is still there.*with one evil grin(as Dev thinks)Mr.Malhotra exits his cabin*

Dev : “Can’t he forget about that…Why are they(Malhotra’s) trying to ruin my career…why?”

*At Bose house*

(No one’s home as they all were out to watch a movie and dinner follows)

Sonakshi : “what should I do? Can I deny? But that would be so cruel of me…Aunty ji has so much faith on me and I can’t break her trust…but what about Mr.Dixit? I’m not going to handle his tantrums at all. He is such an obodhro. If I said yes then he will think that he owns me. I’m not his slave n m never ever going to be his slave………and…..”*Sonakshi slept thinking about this*

*At Dixit House*

Dev : *coming towards Ishwari* what did she said? She accepted?

Ishwari : No beta….

Dev : No??? I knew it! She will never except to be my fiancée…now my career is over…

Ishwari : Listen Dev, she said she need some time to think and I told her to give her decision to you tomorrow morning.

Dev : But why? Can’t she do it right now?

Ishwari : Dev, she is a girl and you don’t know how the girl feels when she has to take the decision that is going to change her life…even if it’s fake.

Dev : I’m never never going to understand what a girl thinks. They are so complicated.

Ishwari : Dev, girls are not complicated. They are just exta emotional.

Dev : yaa, extrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa emotional…

Ishwari :*smiling* Okay now go and get fresh…I’m arranging the dinner for you….

Dev : No maa, today I was having a meeting over dinner so I’m full.

Ishwari : Okay beta, now go and take some rest.

Dev : Good night mom.

Ishwari : Good night Dev.

{Precap : Tina : Sir, Ms.Bose is here and she wants to meet you.
Dev : Ms.Bose? Why is she here?
Sonakshi :*entering in the cabin* Don’t you want to know my decision?}

A/N : Sorry that I’m not able to yet make a Devakshi convo. But trust me next chapter has mostly Devakshi convo. . I’m very eager to post it after writing ASAP. Please do comment if you like it and if you have any suggestions….feel free to comment or msg me.

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