ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 2

Hello everyone!
Role of Rahul will be played by vatsal sheth!

chapter 2

Naira’s POV

I waited for him at the park, where we always meet. It has passed more than 40 miniutes, but their was no sign of him.
I started to worry..

I dialled his numer, but there was no answer.. Now I was really tensed..
I started walking towards the road, to sport his car.

Aout 10 minutes later, I saw it. He jumped out of his car and ran towards me.

“I’m sorry” He said.
“Sorry? I was wating for you hear for so long. And I was so worried for you” I gasped. It was so cold now.
“Okay, I’m really sorry. It was a family matter” He said putting his arms around me.

I nodded. Family matters come first.

We walked back to the bench. He sat beside me.

“Cold?” He asked.

I nodded. He took off his coat, and wrapped around me.

“what about you?” I asked. He was also shivering, i could see it.
“No..I’m fine” He replied, but I could see he was shievring really bad.
“um..can we go and get some coffee?” I suggested, knowing that it was warm there.

He nodded. we went inside and grabbed some coffee.

“So what do you want to talk about?” He asked.

Suddenly I felt weird. I wanted to share my problems..but suddenly…I felt strange.

“K-karthik” I stammered. “I don’t know where to start”

He stared at my eyes.

“I can see, that you are scared, worried and sad..what’s bothering you naira?” He asked, touching my hands.
“You want to go outside?” He continued, understanding my situation.
“no, i’m fine.” I said, knowing that he will be freezing outside.

He grabbed my hand and took me outside.

“Don’t worry about me.” He said with a smile.
“Karthik, I don’t want to live here anymore” I said.

He was surprised.

“What do you mean” He asked.


What does she mean, she’s leaving..How can I live without her, I mean..I love hearing her voice everyday.

“ has become too complex. Now I am suffering it.” She said.

What does she mean she is suffering. Suddenly I saw her eyes were filled with tears.

I pulled her closer. She stared back at me. The tear drops fell out.

“Naira, what’s the problem?” I asked. That tear told me the whole story. That’s why I say her eyes does all the talking.

“Karthik, it’s about rahul.” she says, finally with some courage. “He is bad, he doesn’t like me..”
“what? I met him, he is really nice” I said recalling the day I talked with him.

She sighed.

“That’s what I thought. But she loves someone else..and guess what? she’s pregnant with his baby. I caught him red handed..and now he threats me” She sobbed.

I was shocked. How could someone do this to an inncoent girl.

“No one understands me karthik” She carried on.

I felt really bad for her.

I hugged her tigt


It felt great, sharing my problems with him, but the hug..It made me feel ALOT better..
That’s what was missing. I wanted snuggle up with him more. I could feel his hand stroking my hair.

“It’ll be fine naira” He whispered.

That made me cry even more..

He cared for me..more than anyone. Karthik, my BFF, who I met 2 years back, my clown..
Now, cared for me more than anyone…

He let go of me. He wiped my tears.

“I’m sorry for troubling you” I Sobbed.

He shook his head. “how are you a trouble?” he mumbled.

I smiled. He did too.

We had our dinner and we went around a lake, while listening to some music. For once I was really relaxed.

“what if Rahul get to know, that I told about him to Karthik?” I suddenly beagn to wonder.
“No..he won’t get to naira” Karthik told me. It was as if he has read my mind!

Karthik parked his car infront of my house later. As I turned to go inside, he touched my shoulder.

“Naira, do tell your parents about this..anyone really anyone in your family that will understand” he said to me.”Family is like music, some high notes and some low notes, but always a beautiful song..”

I nodded and smiled

“hm, good night” I greeted him.

“good night” He said and left.

precap: naira telling her problem with akshara. Rahul coming to naira’s house and seeing naira and karthik laughing in her room


hello guys how was it?
do tell me!
also I while I was writing this, It made me cry for some reason! he he

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