ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 10

hi guys.

Naira’s POV.

As I tidied my room I was thinking of a name for ‘little baby of bhai’
I sat down on my bed with my snacks at my side, to check my phone.
‘new notification- your photo just hit 100 likes’

100 likes? no way. I clicked on my picture, wow it was true! and 200 comments..

I scrolled down to see them. ‘nice pic naira’ ‘great to see you again’
I smiled, i scrolled down further…50 comments from karthik.

“Crazy idiot” I mumbled.

Awaken with the knock at my door, I went down to open it.

“Hello!!” beamed karthik, the crazy idiot.
“Hi! so soon?” I asked, closing the door behind him.

He laughed. “Anything for my naira” He said.

“What? your Naira??” I asked shocked of that word.

He looked as shocked as I was too. He touched his mouth shocked of that word too.

“I meant- you know- you’re my BFF” he stammered.

I laughed hard. He is an total Idiot!! I hugged him, I was glad that he was my friend!
Some way I felt safer in his arms, not wanting to let go..maybe that’s what I needed now!

“Naira..there’s call for you” He said, pointing to my pocket.

“Oh’s maa” I said getting my phone out of my pocket.

“Naira..are you okay?” she asked.
“Hmm…Karthik is here” I replied.
“Oh good! he will look after you” she laughed.

I laughed looking at karthik.

“God knows what he will do to me!!” I replied. “How is bhai?”

“He is still the same way, staring at Tara’s bed” maa sighed. “Anyway take care dear..can’t talk long..”

“You too..bye” I end the call, and walked towards Karthik.

Karthik’s POV.

“Shall we go to my room?” she asked staring at me.
“Okay!” I beamed
She held my hand. I felt a tingle going down my spine. She had done this before..but now it felt different.

“Come on idiot” She said, leading the way to her room.

The room was filled with snacks as I wanted!

Naira sat down on her bed..and I sat opposite her.

“I’m sorry ’bout Naksh” I said, seeing the worry in her eyes.

She sighed. “It’s okay..let’s not worry about that for now..let’s have some fun today”

I rubbed my hands together, showing that I was ready too.

“But before that..what’s with all the 50 comments?” she asked.

I felt my cheeks getting it posibble to blush for a man?

She laughed..shaking her head.

“Shall we watch a movie?” She asked.

I nodded. “good idea girll….but I need snacks!!”

She smiled again and went to get the popcorn, chocolates, ice cream and juice.

“I hope this is enough..” She said handing me the snacks.

We laughed together. So much laughing!!!

She jumped on the bed.

“What shall we watch? English or hindi?” she asked.

“Titanic..” I whispered.

“What? oh come on Karthik we have watched it a lot!! and romance? it’s time for comedy..” she complained.

I Know I have watched titanic for years…and it was getting old now..but I felt that it was perfect at this moment.

“I hate it Karthik, when you get your own way” she said.

“Hey..when did I get my way..I just shared my thought!” I said against her.

“Yeah but that look on your face, and your silent thinking” she growled.

She put the movie on and jumped back on the bed.

“Here, take some” she said handing me the popcorn. “But don’t finish it just started.”

It just started?! yes Naira..the mission of my love to you just started.

Precap: Naira slips and Karthik saves! Tara back in senses.




i couldn’t post

1) My computer was broken
2) Studies, assignments and stupid projects
3) slow wifi!!!

But I will post an another chapter today as I can’t post for the next week!! (if you really want to know the reason just message me)

I really apologize for not posting..but I hope you understand!!

thank you so much for your name suggestions they are all awesome I just can’t choose!!

I just cant express my gratitude to you in words!!

—crazy fan—

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