Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 10 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

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“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find one worth suffering for” – Bob Marley
Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 10

[A/N : This chapter is fully dedicated to DevAkshi. There are no ShrAman scenes. SORRY 🙁 ]

*After that, they didn’t talk much about the trip and went to their respective homes.*

As the clock strikes 8:30 Sonakshi was back at the Ishwari mansion to do her job. When she was making a breakfast for Ishwari suddenly someone called her. [It was none other than GKB]
Radha Rani : Hayee Bangalan! What are you doing here?
Sonakshi : Huh? I work here Aunty Ji…
Radha Rani : Not now. So you think you can take holidays whenever you want? Is that why we are giving you this much salary? Where were you yesterday?
Sonakshi : *Doesn’t know what to say* That Aunty Ji….ummm….
Radha Rani : I knew it. I knew that you are a cheater. I’ll tell Dev about your tactics and then he’ll surely fire you.
Sonakshi : But Aunty Ji,…I was…”*in mind* Should I tell her? No. Dev told me not to tell anyone.” …..I’m sorry Aunty Ji…please don’t tell De……*coughs* Mr. Dixit about this…I’ll do anything you want.
Radha Rani : *With an evil grin* Is that so? You’ll do anything I tell you. Anything?
Sonakshi : Yes.
Radha Rani : Okay then…from now on, you’re my servant. You’ll have to do everything I tell you. Even if you have to massage my legs…
Sonakshi : *taken aback* Aunty Ji….I’m nutritioni….
Radha Rani : Should I tell Dev?
Sonakshi : *doesn’t want him to get into this awkward situation*NO!
Radha Rani : Then you’ll do it? No?
Sonakshi : Okay…..I…..I’ll….do it.
Radha Rani : *shrieks with happiness* [*in mind*I know you very well Bangalan. Now just see what I’ll do with you.*] *walks out of the kitchen towards the living room*

After a few seconds, Dev came downstairs and sits on the sofa, going through his cell phone. Sonakshi saw him and a smile formed her lips. She doesn’t know why it happened, but the fact that now she knows him and he is not just an acquaintance with her, makes her happy. She hurriedly made the breakfast for Ishwari. She herself takes the plate and starts her way to Iswari’s room. Dev saw her from the corner of his eyes, but then looked clearly that she was taking the food up for his mother. Dev called out…

Dev : Sonakshi, don’t.
*As he called her by her name, Radha Rani snapped her eyes up from the fashion magazine to watch the scene.*
Sonakshi : *eyed him the presence of Radha Rani* uhm…Mr. Dixit, I’m taking up this breakfast for Aunti Ji…
Dev : *saw Radha Rani watching him curiously* …..Ms. Bose, I’m telling you not to go upstairs. Ma wasn’t feeling well, so she took some medicines before going to sleep.
Sonakshi : *getting the scene* Oh…Ok Mr. Dixit, thanks.
Dev : *smiles then watches Radha Rani and immediately blanks his expression*
Radha Rani : “*in mind* What’s going on? Did I just hear Dev calls her Sonakshi? No, no it must be a mistake. And Sonakshi, now I’ll show you your real place in front of Dev”
Radha Rani : Sonakshi. Get me one glass of water. It has to be chilled.

Dev didn’t get why Radha Rani told Sonakshi to get her water. Sonakshi wasn’t their servant and Radha Rani should know it. He thought of telling this to her, but then stopped thinking that sonakshi will do it for herself. She’s a woman with self-respect.

Sonakshi : *worriedly looks towards Dev, but then answers GKB* ye…..yeah….sure.
*Dev looks towards Sonakshi with an expression full of confusion*
Radha Rani : *enjoying the scene* And make it fast.
Sonakshi : Ok. *lefts to get the water*

Dev was utterly surprised by Sonakshi’s weird behaviour. He doesn’t know why she agreed to Radha Rani. She was confusing him so much. At last he decided to stand up for Sonakshi in front of GKB.
Dev : Mami Ji, Ms. Bose isn’t….
Sonakshi : *breaking their convo* Here’s your water Aunty Ji…..*gives her the glass of water*
Radha Rani : Good. You are late though.

As GKB said that, Sonakshi’s face falls, but she didn’t reply back. Dev was now getting frustrated seeing like that. He thought she was the woman with self-esteem and respect. She should stand up for herself. Mamiji haven’t even thanked her, but pointed out her mistake. He just can’t control his rage now…

Dev : Ms. Bose, you don’t have to….
Sonakshi : *stopping him*No Mr. Dixit. I’m doing this with my own will.*makes an excuse* I’m anyway free here for most of the times. I can do small things for you all.
Dev : *shocked* But Ms. Bose, we have servants for that….you’re not a servant to do all this.
Sonakshi : Yeah I know. But can’t I do if I want to.

At first Sonakshi was making an excuse just to prevent him from saying anything to GKB, but now she was challenging him. She can’t get why he doesn’t. She’s doing it for him only. For now, Dev has been just some stubborn man in front of her, who isn’t getting any hint she’s showing. She just wants him to stop so they can discuss it later and not in front of GKB.

Dev *angry* Okay fine, do whatever you want to do, see if I care.

Ouch. She wasn’t expecting this. She doesn’t want to agree with what he said, but somehow she knows that she’s just a no one to him. Without even replying she made her way towards the kitchen.

Radha Rani : “*in mind with a victory smile* This is what I wanted from the first day Bangalan. I want to put you down in front everyone in this house and today you yourself did me a favour doing this. This servant game is going to be fun.”

After that Dev got a call, so he went to another room, leaving Sonakshi and Radha Rani alone. Radha Rani again came up with her evil plan and made her way towards the kitchen.

Radha Rani : Banga….um…please make a fresh orange juice for me.
Sonakshi : *she knows that she can’t do anything so she just nods*

Sonakshi made the juice and placed it on the kitchen counter for Radha Rani. But there was something else going on in GKB’s mind and she intentionally pushed the class towards the end of the counter. The glass hits the floor, scattering into pieces. Dev also heard the sound as he again was in the living room and looked towards the kitchen.

Radha Rani : Hayee…What did you do? You broke the glass?
Sonakshi : *puzzled* No Aunty Ji…I didn’t…
Radha Rani : Then who broke it? Me?
Sonakshi : I’m not saying that…’s just….
Radha Rani : First you broke the expensive glass and then you make excuses? Now clean this mess and wipe the floor before anyone gets to know about it. I’m sure if anyone does, you know the consequences.
Sonakshi again nods, listening to her and now Dev was raging beyond with anger. What the hell was she doing? Did they gave her the job of nutritionist or of the servant? He thought. Seeing her nodding in front of GKB makes him so annoyed that he just want to go and tell Radha Rani that she is his fiancée [okay, FAKE] but something made him stop.
Radha Rani then left Sonakshi working, as she made her way towards her room. Seeing Sonakshi alone, Dev got a chance to talk to her and went towards the kitchen. Sonakshi was picking some glass pieces, when one of them gets the cut on her finger.
Sonakshi : “Ouch! Ahhh…” She starts to wriggle her finger up and down in the air, feeling the pain.
Dev : *worried* Ms. Bose? What happened? Are you hurt?
Sonakshi : *hiding the bleeding finger* Ah! Nothing. It’s nothing…
Dev : *bending down on the floor to reach her level* Don’t lie to me. I heard you. *takes her wounded hand in his hand* What the…Ms. Bose, why are you doing this?
Sonakshi : What?
Dev : Don’t act innocent in front of me Ms. Bose. First, let me get your finger cleared. *He stands up placing her hand in his, making her to also, stand.* You are not here as our servant Ms. Bose. So, stop behaving like that. *And reaches for the kitchen sink, to wash her fingers with clean water*
Sonakshi : Why do you care? *she says, wincing a little as the cold water makes contact with her finger*
Dev : *remembers when he told her he didn’t care* I do. I do care ,because….because…
Sonakshi : because?
Dev : *takes one bandage from the kitchen drawer* Because you’re my mother’s nutritionist…yeah! And also because you’re helping me enough by being my fiancée.*holds her hand in front to put a bandage on her wounded finger.*
Sonakshi : *changing the subject* Don’t you have office today?
Dev : Nah! I took a day off because I’ve something important to do. See? Now your bandage is also done. Don’t try to pick the glasses again. You can call Kichu Bhaiya….
Sonakshi : He isn’t here. His son was ill, so I made him go…
Dev : And that’s the reason why you’re doing these things?
Sonakshi : …….ummm…….*stares towards the floor*
Dev : Tell me. Why do you keep agreeing to all the things Mami Ji told you? Did she say…..?
Sonakshi : No. She was just suspicious about me. She asked me why I wasn’t here yesterday and then threatened me that she’ll tell you…
Dev : And you were afraid of? I know you weren’t here yesterday because you were with me. You don’t have to be afraid of anything.
Sonakshi : I know. It’s just I keep saying wrong things when I am nervous. And I didn’t want to be the one to tell her the real reason, so I told her I’ll do anything she tells me to do.
Dev : You what? Are you crazy? This is the worst thing to do. Even worse than telling her the real reason. You can’t lose your respect to anyone Sonak….Ms. Bose.
Sonakshi : It’s okay. You can.
Dev : What?
Sonakshi : You can call me Sonakshi from now on. We’re friends now. Aren’t we?
Dev : *smiles* Yeah! We are. And you can also call me Dev.
Sonakshi : Okay, Dev.*she liked when she called him by his name. She had called him many times earlier, but this was the genuine one. She knows that now she has the right to call him Dev.
Dev’s cell phone rings and he signals Sonakshi to wait for two minutes. She nods with a smile. As Dev finished the call, he came back in front of her.
Dev : It was Mr. Khanna. You know the man we met at the party? He wants to make a business deal with me.

Sonakshi was surprised. She didn’t ask him about the call because she thought he won’t tell her. But seeing him opening up to her, makes her feel closer to him.

Sonakshi : You didn’t tell me why you took off for today?
Dev :*with a mysterious smile playing on his lips* Because we have plans.
Sonakshi : We?
Dev : Yeah! We’re going shopping.
Sonakshi : What? But why?
Dev : How can you forget everything so easily Sonakshi. We are going to Goa right?
Sonakshi : *reality strikes her* Oh. I don’t like shopping Dev.*she said whinning*
Dev : Me too. But it is arranged by the Malhotra’s and we aren’t going to call them off, right?
Sonakshi : Right.
Dev : We’re leaving in 15 minutes.
Sonakshi : 15 minutes? No. Now Aunty Ji will again doubt about me…
Dev : Don’t worry about that.
Sonakshi : Why?
Dev : Because when we return we’re going to tell them about our engagement.
Sonakshi : What? The real reason…as in the real one?
Dev : No. Not that you’re my fake fiancée. We’ll have to tell them what we told to the Malhotra’s.
Sonakshi : Oh.
Dev : 10 minutes to go.
Sonakshi : Stop. I’ve things to do. And I really don’t feel like going anyway. I will be alone…
Dev : By the way Suman is also coming.
Sonakshi : *excited* Really? But, how?
Dev : Shravan will bring her. And that means he is also coming. *the mention of Shravan in front of her made him cringe*
Sonakshi : Okay, so now it sounds like fun.*she said packing her side bag*
Dev : *sarcasm* Yeah, fun….5 minutes more…
Sonakshi : WAIT!!!

Precap : DevAkshi and ShrAman shopping for their trip to goa. Changing room scenes…. 😉 😛
A/N : How is it? Please comment your reviews in the comment section below. I’m glad that you all are liking my story. I know it’s a bit slow though. This chapter was to show that now Dev and Sonakshi have bonded and they can feel the emotions they have for each other. And being friends is always the first step towards love, isn’t it? Waise bhi ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte 😛 😉
-Love, DevSona 🙂
Fact of the day : I can’t believe it’s the 10th chapter of Ishq F(o)re(ver). Yipee! I’m so happy….Although this was my 13th one, but my habit of making some chapter parts gets me to it :O 😛 😉

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