Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 1

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 1

NOTE: In convo.’s the content under this brackets [ ] is English translated. Ignore if u know hindi.

As Dev got the idea of hiring a fiancée, his mind can only think of one girl and that girl was Sonakshi Bose. “But she is his enemy, how can he convince her to be his fiancée?” Dev got more confused thinking about that .After thinking about what felt like hours, he came up with another great idea of his. Dev knows that Ms.Bose can never deny to his mother for anything. Sonakshi was the girl he doesn’t like and have fought with her uncountable times, but that girl was so great with her job that despite their hatred towards each other, she was on point with taking care of his mother. Dev knows the bond his mother and Ms.Bose shares and he was fully going to take advantage of it. After making a full proof plan of how he was going to tell her mother about this full fiancée fiasco thing, Dev went to bed as the clock has passed 11:30 at night, thinking about his dream and about how his life fully changed with just one rumor, he closed his eyes and for the first time in his whole life he saw a girl in his dreams and that girl was not his mother and neither his sisters.
As the morning sun rises, Dev woke up pretty much early (but obvio. after Ishwari {Dev’s mom} because Indian children’s r nvr evr going to beat their mom in early waking competition) and went straight to his mom’s room. As he enters he saw his mother cleaning up her room and folding some messed up clothes(again!).He goes besides his mother’s and bend down to touch her feet as he always does. One beautiful smile formed at Ishwari’s face as she knew who it was touching her feet almost everyday.
Ishwari: Dev? Aaj itni jaldi kyun uth gaye? Kya hua? [Dev? Why r u up so early? What happened?]
Dev: Kuch nahi maa, woh toh bas…[Nothing mom, the thing is that…] *Dev loosed the eye contact with Ishwari and was now facing the floor*
Ishwari: Kaise kuch nahin? Mein tumhe achhi tarah se jaanti hoon Dev. Mujhe pata chal jata hai jab tum koi pareshaani mein hote hoo aur mujhse aankh nahin mila pate. Bolo beta, kya hua? [What nothing? I know you very well Dev. I know when you are in problem and are not able to even make an eye contact with me. Tell me, what happened?]
Dev: Maa, tum toh jaanti ho na mera sapna? Tum jaanti ho kaise maine din-raat ek karke yeh mukam hasil kiya hai.Tumhe pata hai ki maine iss din ke liye kitni mehnat ki hai. Lekin ab mein ek aise mod pe aakar khada hoon jahan se mujhe mera yeh sapna mujhse door jata hua dikh raha hai aur ab tum hi mere liye kuch kar sakti ho warna mera yeh sapna adhoora reh jayega…[ Mom, u know my dreams no? You know that I’ve worked day&night to get to this position. You know how I’ve struggled so I can get this chance, but right now I’m standing in a situation from where I can only see my dream going far from me and u r my last faith, now only u can help me or my dreams are only going to get destroyed…]*Dev closes his eyes and sighs*
Ishwari: Dev, mein tumhari liye kuch bhi kar sakti hoon. Mein tumhare sapne ko tumse door hote huye nahi dekh sakti Dev, bolo beta ki mein kya karoon?[Dev I’ll do anything for you. I can’t see your dreams going far away from you, say son what can I do?
Dev:{explains each and everything about that fiancée fiasco} \Imagine this seen just as when in serials they silence the voice and we are only able to see them lipsing and no audio is coming out\
Ishwari: Par beta nutrition….[But son nutrition…]
Dev: Maa, please….aap hi samjha sakti hai Ms.Bose ko.Meri toh koi baat who manegi nahin magar mujhe pakka pata hai ki aapki baat who kabhi nahi talegi….maa please mere liye ek baar? [Mom, please only u can convince Ms. Bose. She is not going to hear anything I tell her, but I know your bond and I’m very sure that she will not deny you]*Dev makes a sad face*
Ishwari:*melts as she looks Dev becoming sad* Thik hai par bas ek baar….agar nutrition ne mana kar diya toh mein use dusri baar nahin manane waali. [okay, but only one time….if nutrition said no then I’am not going to convince her second time]
Dev: *new smile forming on his face* Thank u maa…you are the best, Love You*Dev’s cellphone rings*ok maa mein jaldi jaldi nashta karke nikalta hoon,Tina(his secretary) ke phone aane bhi shuru ho gaye hai[ok mom, after eating breakfast I have to go, Tina has also started calling]*holds Ishwar’s hand and drag her to the dining table*
Ishwari: *watching the main entrance* Lo nutrition bhi aa gai.[see, the nutrition also came]
Dev:*His eyes immediately wander to find that person who consists power of making and destroying his dreams*
When Dev saw Sonakshi, it was the first time he was observing that Sonakshi was wearing a pretty orange top (seriously Dev? Orange and pretty?) and her hair were falling to her shoulders, beautifully flowing in the air……….and…….
*suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulders getting him out of his trance*
Ishwari: Dev, beta tumhara phone baj raha hai. Lagta hai Tina ka hoga…tumhe office nahin jaana kya aaj? [Dev, your phone is ringing, must be Tina…are you not going to the office today? (Now Sonakshi was standing near the sofa and was watching the scene)
Dev: *straighting his clothes and getting up* Bas jaa hi raha hoon ma…[just going mom…]*makes a weird eye contact with Ishwari signalling her not to forget about that fiancée thing*
Sonaksi: “yeh obodhro aisi weird si aankhe kyun bana raha hai aunty ji ke samne? Chodo…waise bhi mujhe kya? karna hai jo kare…unki aankh hai aur maa bhi unki hi toh hai.[Why is this obodhro making weird eye contact with his mom? Forget it…what does it matter to me? He can do what he wants to do…it’s his eyes and the mom is also his only]
Dev:*going towards the main door* Bye, Ms.Bose.
Sonakshi:*still thinking about him* Bye, Mr.Dixit.
Dev:*after getting in the car*”Bye, Ms.Bose….really Dev? Tu kabse Ms.Bose ko bye kehne laga?”[from when you start wishing bye to Ms.Bose](takes his head in his hand with a slight sigh)
Sonakshi:*after coming out of her trance* “Bye,Ms.Bose? Dev ne sach mein mujhe hi bye bola na ya kisi aur ko? [Did Dev seriously wished me bye?]( (checks the whole drawing room seeing if anyone was there beside her)yahan toh koi nahin hai, iska matlab unhone mujhe?……aur tu bhi pagal hai sona tu bhi toh apne khayaloon mein khoyi rehti hai har bar…tune bhi toh Bye,Mr.Dixit bola na? Ab kya hoga? Yeh kya hogaya hai aaj Mr.Dixit ko?[there’s no one here, this means he wished me?…..and I’m also stupid here, always daydreaming about something and other….I also wished him bye. Now what will happen? What has happened to Mr.Dixit](folds the fingers of her hand making a punch and starts punching her forehead slightly)

Author’s note: Tada….you like it? Please comment and let me know if you do so…I was writing the conversation in hindi but thought about something and the”[ENGLISH]”content under these brackets is the English translated conversations. Tell me in which language you read the convo and if u liked the concept or not. xoxo

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