ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 1

This is my first ff. Please do support me. Also thanks vrushy di, for your inspirations!

1st chapter.

Naira’s POV

“leave me alone” I said, as he got hold of me. It was none other than my ‘boyfriend’, as the world see it.

” noo….how can I leave you, like this?” he asked me with a very very awkward and creepy smile.
” please I didn’t mean it Rahul, please leave me” I begged, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

he pulled me closer. It was not a sort of ‘romantic’ pull that you want, it was full of anger.

“Never Ever tell your family about me..” he growled, digging his nails harder into my waist.

“ouch…please leave me..please” I pleaded, it really really did!

He let go of him, hard..i hit a wall behind. It was nothing, comapred to Rahul.

“If you do tell dear…” He said, and looked at me, “there will no be no naira!” he competed.

with that he left me, alone at the house.

I sat against the wall. I cried.., Some how it made me feel better.

Rahul was a son of a very rich buisnessman. My parents wanted me and him to marry. I thought very good of him, as he was very polite and all, but…
I found out I was wrong. He was totally in love with someone else. I have caught him red handed. I felt so heartbroken..

Her name is Sanjana, and i think she’s preganant with Rahul’s child.

I was awaken by a knock in the door. I opened was mama and papa.

“naira, what happened to your eyes?” they asked, as soon as I opened the door.

“n-nothing” I replied quickly, as i rubbed my eyes.

they came in and handed me some chocolates.

“thanks” was all I could say. I went to my room.

All I could do was to call my best friend..karthik.


She called me! I was waiting to hear her voice all day long.

“hello” I said.
“h-hi” she replied..her voice sounded squeaky. almost as if she was crying.
” are you okay?” I asked.

she sobbed.

“karthik..can we m-meet?” She asked.

On one hand, I was happy to meet her, and on the other hand, I felt really sad for whatever has happend.

Naira was a happy and bouncy girl.

We met 2 years ago, at college..Ever since then I thought that her eyes did all the taking.
We started hanging out, and soon we became best friends.
But, I started feeling changes in her as soon as she was with Rahul…

Naira’s POV.

I can’t believe I finshed off all the chocolates..without realizing it.
I felt I was more safe with karthik than anyone..he says “if like gives you 100 ways to cry, find 1000 ways to make you feel happy”
but how..being tortured by Rahul is enough..I wanted tell this ALL to karthik, and share my pain with was the best I could do..

“naira..are you there?” I looked up to see my maa knocking at the door.
“come in” I tried to sound cheered up, but failed!

she came in, and sat next to me..

“you okay no?” she asked holding my hands.
I nodded. What else could I do?
“Everything okay with Rahul?” she asked.

I stared at her face. It was full of emotions, happy and confused. She just asked me a awful queastion.

“naira..?” she asked me again.
“Yes, everything is fine maa…” I replied.

She smiled.

“I will make dinner dear..” she said.
“no maa, I’m going to meet Karthik, I will have dinner with him” I said, not wanting to stay in the house anymore.

maa noded and left.

I grabbed my coat, and put on my shoes.
I need to meet him..SOON..and get OVER WITH THIS.

precap: naira telling karthik the problem..karthik consoling her. kaira hug


guys I hope you enjoyed the first part.
don’t worry, kaira will be together! SOON

please comment suggestions..and tell me how it was..

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  1. AnikaSaini

    It was fab yaar???
    Post next asap nd dear plz make it a bit longer

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you dear!
      i will post it today
      i will try!

  2. Vrushy

    Interesting story plot !!
    Awsomely written.
    Can’t wait to see kaira together.

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you vrushy, you are the one who made me write this..

  3. Vinni05

    Wow really nyc part waiting for next part

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      thank you dear, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Fenil

    It’s really good dear…..
    Bff to saviour to lovers to life partners….good story lines….
    I suggest for Rahul’s role play by Vatsal Sheth ( Ek Hasina Thi )

    1. Crazyfan

      thank you dear.
      YEAH, he really suits the role..
      thx again!

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