Ishq Ek junoon – episode 2


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Episode 2

Shivaay call someone

Shivaay : I want every info about tej singh oberoi what he do where he go when he come

Calll : okk sir

Shivaay cut the call
Shivaay : Now my revange start Tej singh oberoi you snatch My Anika i snatch ur everything
Flashback 2 Year ago
Daksh perpose Anika but then shivaay also come and he cant see anyone perpose his Anika then he went near and his jealosy too much increase he cant control now
Daksh : You still not give your Answer

Anika : I i i
Shivaay is now jealous and very much curious to know Anika Answer he cant bwar tge thought anika go far from him

Anika : I donot love you Dakash

Daksh : why i love you so much but why you donot love me

Shivaay is now very happy like he is on 9 cloud
Shivaay : Because she donot love you

Daksh : When you come shivaay
Shivaay direct go to Anika and sit on his knee and say

Daksh is shocked

Shivaay : i donot know when how but i start to love you and i love you so much when daksh comw in our life i felt i loose you but no you know shivaay singh oberoi never loose but there is a one truth that i love u soo much you change my thinking you change me you complete me Anika will you marry me Anika

Anika : yes i love u so much i thought that you never accpect me because our gap of status but now i love u so much

Shivaay : Donot say like that because you are the one i love so much in this world i m madly in love with you

Anika and shivaay bot hug each other

Daksh : So shivaay you cant do this Anika is mine and i love her so much

Shivaay : Daksh please understand she donot love u

Anika : i donot love u daksh i love billuji and i never love anyone

Daksh : bye gyez i hope you always be togther

flashback end

Thease days are very beautifull days of my life i never thought like thease days also come in my life because of my own Faimly which faimly i love them so much but they snatch my anika i never forgive them. IN My whole life first time i ask something from my faimly but they donot give me this … i always Stand before them Like Great wall but i donot they break my support also … please Anika where are you i search you everywhere Now my revange start and i go back to india

Secne shift to Anika

Anika : Ishana how’s your meeting

Ishana : Dii Actually dii

Anika : donot be scare what happen

Ishana : Dii i go late client keft and they tell Now meeting happen in Mumbai because our next hotel in mumbai we have to go mumbai but dii

Anika : Ishana you know na what happen 2 year ago but we cant run away from our past we have to face them our work finish then we back to paris And Now princes go And pack our luggage and i book tickets

Ishana : Dii two year ago i donot how bbut we meet after so many year i foumd you we found each other we become each other aupport Now no one can apart us

Shivay and Anika come to home
Shivaay ; I cant marry tia because i love Anika and i cant loose Anika in any way

Tej : But shivaay she is not our status she have no sir name we donot know whos blood running in her veins how can you thought to like this girl become A oberoi bahu …

Shivaay : See bade papa thease doesnt matter me and i love Anika i will marry her No more discussion she is my life and i never give Anyone right to say Anything to Anika

Dadi omru happy pinky jhanvi look tense
Shivaay take Anika to his room

Shivaay : Anika please donot feel bad about bade papa words you know how he is he donot know what he sais after sometime he is normal

Anika smile and hug him shivaay also hug her

Shivaay come to her lips and want to kiss on her lips then Anika turn other aide shyly but shivaay held her through waist and Kiss on her lips Anika also do

Tej : Anika i know if meet your sister after so many years and if you want to see her alive then go Away from shivaay life

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  1. Priyali

    nicee….. i really hate tej…… he is a duffer. i hope sso kills him or something… i really like your ff rithik,… post next asappp

  2. Tulasi

    Hey dear…..its awesummm….post d next one soon

  3. Akshaya

    Bull shit. Go to hell Mr Tej. Loved it rithik

  4. Nansshivika

    Shivay proposal and his love n support are great hate tej to core its so interesting post next asap

  5. Shivika

    It was wowwwww……i loved it a lot i wish shivika unites again

  6. Ishqkum

    Wow interesting

  7. Awsm episode……. Update new episode ASAP…….

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