Ishq Ek junoon – episode 1

Hii gyez as i promish i m back with my new ff and its full of suspense revange Hate but Most importent love so here is

Episode 1

Oberoi mansion

Pinky : Today 2 year go but my shivaay is not return and my then she start crying but Tej singh oberoi ne mere beta ke saath kiya i never forgive him i bear a punishment for tej crime

Jhanvi : pinky i m sorry i donot know how can tej stoop so low he is not human he always think about herself he have no value of other

Dadi ; I am ashmed to call him son if every son like him than mother never give born A son

In oberoi compney
A man sit in chair other side of ceo of chair and manager come ( i forget shivaay employ name when he take medicine and he call him cute. On video chat so i call him manager )

Manager : sir

Then man turn he is none other Omkara singh oberoi

Manager : Sir can i ask something

Om : Yeah sure

Manager : Sir why you donot sit on CEO chair your ceo of this compney but why you donot sit

Om : Because this chair belong to shivaay i handle this buisness because i donot want shivaay compney go in loss because shivaay gave this compney so much

Manager : I never saw A brother like you

Omkara : now go and work

Manager left

Om : Where are you shivaay i miss you
Then Rudra enter

Rudy :O i know where is shivaay bahiya

Om : How you know where he is

Rudy ; In our heart.. bahyia go far but he is with us in our heart

Om : When u start talk start talk so maturly

Rudy smile

SEcen shift to America
A man is sit in can and after her car many car go behind his car his bodygaurd car

He come his home he enter but none in house he is alone he have noone who support him he is emotionless rude He is shivaay singh

Shivaay : where are you i am alone in this world noone in for me i become like before you enter in my life i show to world i am emotionless i have no emotion but i have emotion i cry for you please come back i know you donot dead please come back for me YOU know i left oberoi mansion when you go from my life because you left Tej singh oberoi i will destroy him he think everything belong to him No Mr. Oberoi no you are mistaken i am back for my revange You think after she left i become weak No Tej singh oberoi i am anot weak i am no more strong because i want her revange

Secne shift to paris

A girl is shown sleeping than A girl come and start to wake her but she is ni mood

Anika : ishana please wake up i tell if you donot get up then i throw water on ur face

Ishana get up

Ishana : No dii please let me sleep some time

Anika : No you know today you have to attend a meeting and u going to attend no excuse todaybthis girl is so lazy

Ishana :Ok dii

Anika :Thats like my good girl

Ishana make pout and go to get ready

(I know this one is short but i promish next one )

Who is she shivaay love her so much….. What tej do with shivaay and that girl everyone hate him so much

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  1. Rithik it was a lovely episode but pls make it long.. Im soo much intrested in reading it further..??

  2. Ooooo interesting ?

  3. This is im asking just out off my curiosity., Hope u dont mind answering me..
    Rithik Are u a guy??
    Im asking this because the way u imagine, write and express urself is unbelievable.. I have never seen a boy having such a good take on the serials..
    Hats off to you..
    Keep writing and keep entertaining all of us..
    We all r big fans of ur writing skills ??

    1. Rithik

      Yeah i know and i donot like too much indian serial other but ishqbaaz is diffrent and i want to become a writer so my a Girl Frend told me that you should write some ff and i think its good idea because they improve skill thoughtness ideas thats why i wrote ff

  4. Akshaya

    Too much suspenses oh my mata . Episode was nice. Make it long a bit. Continue continues

  5. Shivika


  6. Nida

    Its great continue

  7. Jazz1


  8. Awsm episode…. I really loved it…… Waiting for next episode………

  9. Its so nice nd interesting.keep writing bro.Manager name Mishra ji.

  10. waiting fot next episode

  11. Nansshivika

    Rithik its more interesting waiting for ta next part

  12. Razna

    Hii ritik ….first episode was superb…..i like it…and iam waiting for next one and but what happent to your ff a beautiful love story…..u didnt post 15 th episode since 3 days……plz continue it…..

  13. Ishqkum

    So many suspense excited

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