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Hii Another os on DevAkshi

Because of poverty Sona sets off to her interview but her Scotty breaks down, so she goes in a rickshaw but the rickshaw slightly collides with dev’s car.She says that the loss is hers because she is getting late for her interview. She sets off walking. Dev gives money to the rickshaw driver for the damages and sees Sona breaking the heel of her sandal. he offers Sona a ride to the place she is getting interviewed, Ishwari Group of Industries. Unfortunately, Neha (Sis of Dev )who is interviewing recognises Sona and says there is no place for mobile snatchers in this business and tells the guards to throws her out of the building. Dev the head of the business, notices that Sona didn’t get the job and gets tells the employee to contact Sona that she got the job.

Sona is surprised when she finds out she got the job and in happiness buys a box of sweets (meeti). shes goes to work sees that Dev is the owner and is surprised. Neha complains to her mother that her bhai doesn’t want her to get involved in the business and so offered Sona (which I told is mobile thief ) the job.

There is a large rivalry between Neha and Sona after this scene Neha throws a fit for Sona coming to the hospital, going to her house for meetings etc.On the other side Dev tells Sona I love u . Eventually Sona secretly signed the niqah with dev,order to support her family. Sona gets pregnant and Ishwari is angry because she believes that she build this large business empire and he is giving it all away to some poor girl. . Dev has a stroke and is now forever bound in a wheel chair. Ishwari is persuaded by GKB to put poison in Dev’s water jug.

Dev is thirsty and asks Sona to pour him some water. she walks towards the jug and picks it up and carries it towards him. In a separate scene , Neha over hears the fact that Ishwari and GKB poisoning dev ‘s water. she rushes to her bro. but when she opens the door, she sees him drinking the water. she runs to him, and throws the cup on the floor. she reassures him that everything will be alright. she explains to them that GKB poisoned his water. the poison takes its effects on Dev, Sona phones the ambulance and Sona and Neha are outside the ICU.

GKB , phones Vicky to give him the good news, of his plan being successful, but when he calls another man answers the call. he tells him that Vicky died from a car accident.

Sonaa receives a call and tells Neha that Vicky died, she replies by saying that Radha (GKB) deserves this pain. Sona’s mom and Saurabh arrive. A few minutes later, the surgeon comes out of the surgical room and says that he couldn’t save Dev. Neha cries and tells the doctor to save her Bhai , the doctor leaves and Neha falls on the ground. Saurabh comforts her. While, Sona falls on the chair and faints.

Ishwari goes to GKB and says that she has been contacting him for days, and that she is clueless what to do. she says that being quiet will make them both get arrested if they don’t straighten up there story. she says that Dev was her son too, and if GKB supports her then she can put a case on Sina for poisoning Dev, just for some property. GKB says that she is a sinner and that he can’t sin any more and that vicky’s sins are all because of her..Ishwari also realises .

Sona is in her room, shocked that she lost her husband. Saurabh says that Sona should handle herself, as Dev had developed a big empire that is slowly breaking apart. for the last week the staff have been off . Neha remembers the times she spent with her brother. Sona is sleeping in her room. Ishwari gets depressed seeing her state and then she imagines Dev saying u r not my mother..I hate u…Neha enters Sona room asks Sona for forgiveness. GKB get s arrested and Ishwari is sent in mental asylum . Neha cries as her mom, enters the mental asylum van.

There is a time skip, Neha is in the grave yard with a little boy throwing petals on Dev’s grave. (In this os he was buried) . Sona arrives . The little boy is Sona and Dev’s son Zaan. Now Sona is crying . Neha consoles her . It ends with them all walking out of the grave yard.

The End….
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  1. Nita D

    Wow its awesome….

    A request plz write an happy os next time….

    1. Thanks!
      Yaa why not I will surely try

      1. Nita D

        Plz tell me when u do cause i don’t check this page frequently.

      2. On this sat or sun

  2. Sorry I didn’t understand much but I like it

    1. Thanks
      It’s ok

  3. Bhoomi

    very good…

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  4. Awsm dear..i luv it

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  5. Sorry to say but your ff is just worthless.Reading this is nothing but waste of time..too meaningless story line and worst concept…writing is too boaring..story gets end without any impresseion..Too bad…

    1. First of all Thanks for reading??
      Secondely Did u read the bio I m in 8th class and I think I have written good enough☺️

      Thirdly u r elder than me Rgt! I m laughing like a crazy person that u couldn’t understand this simple so….It will be meaningless for u but for me itz a good os..Do u know what is a os itz only one episode ..I m damn sure u not either understand English,,?

      Fourtly ??? because of u people other writers do not write ff ?

      Sry but Fiftly First u write a ff than I will see how many comments.u will get after that u can tell me??whatever u want,,,,,,,,……… I m sure u will get good comments and encouraging one instead of what u comment????

  6. Amazing one yaar
    Yeah i also request to write another os

    1. Thanks

  7. Oh sad one but awesome!!!!

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  8. Arunika


    1. Thnks

  9. Superb ………………But a bit emotional ….Try a happy os pls

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  10. I think they deserved a beautiful happy ending.

    1. Thanks for reading !

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