Ishq (Chapter 1)


Hey guys I don’t know if u have read ishq(prologue) and this is the first chapter and guys in this chapter they are children bcoz they fall in love first when they were in 9th grade so the junior Rahul and priya is this?

Junior Rahul – sidharth nigam
Junior Priya – gracy goswami

The story begins from their school life.
A sweet rainy June morning. It’s June first and students are back in school after a long 2 month vacation.everyones happy going back to school but not one and its Rahul.
He is very upset bcoz it’s his parents 2nd death anniversary. It has been 2 years since he lost his parents.2 years ago the same day when his parents were driving him to school they met with an accident , Rahul survived with severe injuries but his parents died on the spot.since then he is raised by his uncle and aunt. They love him so much and even take care of him as their own son but he is always upset.
Today , he is going to school , he is in 9th grade now and when he reached the class his eyes struck on someone and it was a girl. She was so beautiful and he grinned seeing her. Everyone looked at him in a shock and disbelief bcoz they have never seen a smile (not even a grin) in his face since 2 years. But now he has a big wide grin on his face.

Rahul’s POV (point of view)

I don’t know why and how I smiled seeing her but she was beautiful and I have never seen her before maybe she is a new student. Oh shit! She is looking at me and I am unable to turn my head to the other side so she doesn’t see me looking at her but I kept staring at her and now she is also looking at me.

Priya’s POV

A boy was looking at me from the entrance and I don’t know why I am too looking at him we just kept staring at each other’s eyes and I had an intense eye lock and I wasn’t able to move suddenly Nitya shook me and I gained my consciousness. I asked her “who is that boy??” And she answered with a wide smile that his name is Rahul malhotra and how he lost his parents. I really felt sad hearing his story and I don’t know how but I went to him it was like being pulled towards him by someone and when I reached in front of him I stretched out my hand towards him and he also grabbed my hand , i felt like my heart skipped a beat. It’s so sweet and his hand is rough and cold. I can feel my heart beating fast and I don’t know what is this feeling but I am really kind of liking it. We stood there like that for like forever and suddenly the teacher came and shouted and both of us went to our respective seats.

Rahul’s POV

I don’t know what just happened but I feel really good and her hands were so soft like marshmallows. When she came towards me I felt like my heart beating faster than ever and when we shook hands I felt like my heart skipped a beat. And why in the middle that teacher had to come and interrupt us. It was so frustrating I felt like putting the duster on the table to her mouth to make her quiet.

The teacher is going to take history , oh god! I hate history. I was not concentrating in the class bcoz I was busy staring priya and she looked at me , oh god! I hate that look it’s so distracting, the class went on like forever but we were busy staring each other and bell rang . Now I hate the bell. Why something has to come between us always it’s so frustrating.

Pre cap: Realisation of love towards each other

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