Ishq aur junoon twinj ka (Intro and Episode 1)

Hi guys I am Tanya , so I am a big fan of tei and sidmin and ofcourse twinj
So let’s start

Kunj Sarna : he is a sweet and caring guy , loves his parents a lot , naughty flirt but in his life he wants his girl to be like smiran from ddjl , loves his brothers tooo , he is 22 years old

Twinkle Taneja : charming beauty , a Punjab padakka , pampered and loved by her family and sisters , she also wants her boy to be like raj , she is 20 years old

Yuviraj Sarna : he is a dashing man , fun go masti. He loves his family especially his brothers , he is 24 years old

Mahi Taneja : she is sweet , always love to smile , twinkle’s live safer in every ways . loves to read , she is 21 years old

Sanjay Sarna : he is the elder brother of uv and kunj ( but not too elder , just 2 years different ) , he is helping his dad in business , he is 26 years old , he got married to Riya malhotra .

Rinky Sarna : she is the younger sister of Sarna brothers , she is 15 years old

Ishaan : sanjay’s and riya’s 2 year old son

Chinki , naina : twinkle’s and mahi’s bestie

And by chance naina’s bestie is also kunj

So let the episode

The camera zooms to house in the gate it’s written KHANNA FAMILY , the decorations are going on , everyone is busy with many works , there a girl is fighting through phone

G: i need zero explaination , you have to come and that’s finally
V: but , I am already here
G: omg r u serious ( screaming )
V: yes , come down stairs
The girl runs and goes down and screams KUNJ and hugs him tightly
K: yes its me baby doll
V: omg kunj I can’t believe you are here
K : naina !!!
N : ohk ohk I am sorry come let me introduce u to everyone

The next scene

A girl is coming out from a car the camera zooms to the hells ( a blue hells) then to rosy lips , she removes her glasses and the camera zooms to her eyes and her whole face is shown , she is our Punjab pataka TWINKLE TANEJA , she was wearing a damaged jeans , a white full sleeves top and has woren funky jeweleries .

She gets inside khanna house and naina sees her and screams TWINKLE and hugs
They share a good time and naina introduce Twi to everyone

T: nunu where is my room
N : ya your room
Before she could say something someone calls her and she excuses herself

Twi asks a lady and she shows her the 1st room downstairs , she goes and keeps her luggage and falls to the bed , she didn’t notice men’s items in the room , and on the other side inside the bathroom kunj is bathing inside the same room

Twi starts to check her phone and suddenly she gets shocked ( yes guys , kunj comes out shirtless and wearing a towel on his waist ) and starts to scream both are equally shocked but kunj was lost in Her , naina comes there and starts laughing seeing their situation

N: omg Twi and kunj what’s going on????? Huh ???
T&k: I mean ………. Who Is this
N: well he is kunj meri bestie , and she is twinkle meri jaan
N: well I guess I need to show twinkle her room

Naina and twinkle goes to the room upstaris and shows twinkle her room

Precap : twinkle and kunj’s water fight , uv and mahi coming and seeing this

Hi guys hope all liked it 🙂 , please comment


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