Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 20)

Episode twenty-

Om was shocked to hear his new name. “ Zulfi Singh Oberoi?????Really?,?? what the hell does she talks about me? And here I was thinking about making friends with her. What does this Ishana thinks of herself? Is she even real or from another land? I mean who talks about their boss like this?”< Om was totally pissed with it. But he didn’t know why one part of him was glad that Ishana talked about him.. It felt so nice to know that she used THINK about him. He was a part of her thoughts apart from work…He mattered at least SOMETHING to her. Those were the most precious thoughts his mind holded for that moment, the most valuable gift his heart ever got??…But wait…I am not supposed to think THIS now…Actually never ever…what happened to you Om…are you taking ShivRu’s comments seriously Om? Just stop thinking about her ok….she is NOTHING to you.”< Om was in his thoughts, and he walked out of the room in that trance, not realizing where he was heading to…After awhile, he realized that he has lost the way and now, is standing somewhere unknown corridor with Ishana’s anklets in his hand. He looked, to see if there was someone to ask a way out, but he found himself alone..

Here, Ishana finished her routines at the dance academy and was heading out…Just at that time, she saw the Oberoi youngsters standing out there…” What are all these Oberois doing here”, Ishana was totally confused?. For a while she thought to go and talk to them…But ‘ Why will they come here to meet me.., even Omkara is not there with them, What work they possibly can have?’ Ishana thought and was about to leave. But luckily, Shivaay saw her…And everyone else too rushed to her. They got her in the middle and stopped her….

Rudra- So what’s your opinion Ishana….I am sure you must have said yes…After all ye Rudy ka idea hai..??
Prinku- You are coming, right Ishana??
Shivaay- of course, she will come…Ishana cannot say no to THIS…?
Ishana was totally confused of what they were talking about, as she had no idea about anything..
Ishana- Wait a second….What are you all talking about. I am not getting anything.
All were shocked..

Anika- Wait…Ishana Om didn’t talk to you?
Ishana- What? What were we supposed to talk about? I handed over all the reports and details of exhibition to him yesterday only…there is no work left, as per my information.
Shivaay- What exhibition?
Ishana- The art-exhibition…my work..what else???
Shivaay- No no…we are talking about today..not the work.
Ishana- I don’t think that I have seen Omkara today…How on earth am I gonna talk to him?

Rudra- What???You didn’t meet him??? But it’s been 15 minutes Om left saying that he will bring you along.( he starts his drama) HE Bhagwaan!!!??! Mere O kaha hai….Lambe balonvala ek hi to prani hai ghar mein??…Vo dadi kya kehti hai..haan..plz unki raksha karna…What will I do if something happens to my brother..

All hit their foreheads seeing Rudra’s Drama…And Ishana was surprised to see that there was someone who can be even more dramebaaz than her…
Ishana- Wow…Rudra Singh Oberoi…You are quite the Dramebaaz. Interesting!!!!? Totally opposite to your brother .

All were surprised to hear Ishana commenting on Rudra’s antics. They all looked at her surprisingly even Rudra…with a “What kind of girl you are” look…Ishana understood it.

Ishana- What? You will do any kind of drama and then expect people not to say a word? Sorry..I am not that kind of person.
( Rudra and Shivaay both were shocked and angry too. They expected that Ishana will be all pleading and grateful for accepting her even after all that, but no…Ishana was quite a character..?totally carefree and chirpy behavior…they finally understood why Om was amazed by her.She was really different. From any other person. Totally cool and fine behaving, simple yet complex…crazy yet normal..Her character had different many and so unique that no one could ever guess what is going to be her next sentence, her next move. They both too were quite amazed and impressed by that attitude. But their ego hurt them again??, and they both decided to show Ishana her place…)
Shivaay- ( in a rude tone)- Yeah…we all know what kind of person you are…..

This hurt..of course, it did. But Ishana was
not the one who would listen to all the taunts and stay silent. She was fire…She was the girl who fought back the worst kind of problems, the dark reality, nightmares of her life..These words of two rich-brats were not gonna tear her apart. She was fierce to reply back at it.

Ishana- (with a smirk) Ohh…very well then mr Shivaay. I am sure you all know it and even the real me…that’s why you helped me to get the job…BTW again, thanks for that…
( ShivRu were again shocked… This girl was what!!! A miracle? Or an alien? In two sentences, she broke there attitude and expressed all her feelings the smash back on their faces, the taunts and even the gratitude . Seriously, nONE NO ONE had done it to them till the date. This ISHANA was really a mystery… an ex-con girl?, even educated ?and having great knowledge of technology? and also a wonderful dancer???. How many faces were there of her…)
Shivaay ( composing him, from that flood of feelings mixed with surprise and impress)- It’s fine…And now tell us where Om is…
Ishana- Seriously talking, I don’t know…I didn’t even knew that he came here with you.
Rudra- But he went to your dancing area right in front of us…we all told him to make you agree for….
Ishana- make me agree for…..

“ My dance Competetion”, Prinku spoke in between them..realizing that both of her brothers were making the convo nothing else but a complicated one.
Prinku (continued further)- Actually, Ishana, I am having a dance competition tomorrow…sort of a college event. And I need your help for preparing the performance. I know it is really on time..And it’s weekend of course, you will have another plans..but still please….
Ishana(smiling)- Are you kidding Priyanka? Of course, I will yaar.?.Is that even a question to ask..And who can say no to you…I am surely gonna help with the performance. Sab ki band baja denge yaar, after all , Dance ki baat hai. Whenever it comes to Dance, I’m always up for it..?
( priku was really happy..she thanked Ishana)
Ishana- arre thanks kis liye, I thought we became friends that day…
Prinku- Yeah..of course…You are really awesome Ishana..
( again everybody was surprised. Ishana was talking so nicely and genuinely with Priyanka. And their Prinku who used to be anti social and shy always was talking and mixed up with Ishana so well….Ishana had really got the charm to win people, they thought)

Shivaay- So everything is set…Ishana you will have to come home, for teaching her..I hope you don’t…
Ishana(cutting him Off)- It’s alright Mr.Shivaay…I have no problem.
Shivaay- Fine…then.
Rudra- Okay, to abb sab fix ho gaya to ghar chale?????
All look at him with a “are you mad’ look.
Rudra- What???Now what did I do?

Shivaay- Seriously Rudra…you are impossible.
Rudra- Bhaiya…confuse mat karo yaar…tell me straightly what is stupid in this…
Ishana(smirking)- Before a minute…you were panicking about your long-haired brother being missing and creating drama. And Now, you plan to go home without him. Really wonderful Rudra Singh Oberoi!!!And now don’’t tell me you have a problem with people calling you ‘Dramebaaz’.?

Rudra- ?Ohh!!! I completely forgot about O…Oh my God..where is he???( he starts the drama again.. all hit their foreheads..)
Shivaay- Ye Rudra ke dramas to chalate hi rahenge..but seriously, WHERE IS OM..?
Anika- it’s been a while now. He should’ve come…Are you sure Ishana, you didn’t see him anywhere.
Ishana- I am not quite sure, I was busy with the practice but As per I remember, he was not there.
Rudra- will we just keep talking like this or actually SEARCH for him..
Ishana- Wait…no need to search. It’s very easy to find your brother..
All (looking surprised)- Really???
Ishana- yeah…I mean how many long-haired guys can be inside the danc-academy at one time..We will just ask anyone…
All were smiling hearing Ishana’s idea, and the way, how freely she expressed her thoughts without even thinking…
Shivaay- yeah,,that’s a great idea.

Ishana( asks one of the dancers, going by..)- Hey…Jay, Did you see a guy going in, few minutes ago….He is you know..tall, long-haired,artistic-looks-types.
Jay- Yeah..I did see a guy like that, but in YOUR dance-class only..
Ishana- What???HE was in my class? How come I didn’t notice him?
Jay- Well, you mus be busy in dancing. You do know, that you literally get LOST when you dance… (he laughs)
Ishana- enough of it Jay…( looking at Oberois) I will go and see inside, if he was in the dance-hall, he must be in there. ( she goes in…)

All look at the way where she went..
Shivaay- I don’t believe I am saying this but Om And Ishana really are ALIKE in kind of a very weird way..?
Anika- Matlab…
Shivaay- I mean… Just look at them. Both are so different, yet so alike. They just pour in their thoughts, in a very pure form…right from the heart. Now maybe, the style, language is different, but the QUALITY is same.And also the passion..Even Om gets lost in his paintings and sculptures just like her dance.?
Rudra- Logic to hai….but Shivaay Bhaiya..ek baat bolu..
Shivaay- yes..plz
Rudra- Are you ok? I mean now you are talking like Om..
Anika- Shivay and talk like Om…Impossible..But yeah, one thing I agree on, His attitude is really gone at the moment. MAtlab Tadibaazi ekdum gaayab.
Shivaay ( returning to SSO)- Watch the language Anika.
All- And here he comes back…( they continued with the talk, while Ishana was in)

Ishana was searching for Om…she was going through the same corridor. She was kind of rushing here and there to search for him, and rushing with that princessy long-skirt and all, she bumped into SOMEONE…and that SOMEONE is obviously none other than Om.?
Om was shocked at some girl bumping into him…and in a reflex, even before realizing who it was, he held her hand tightly, in order to prevent her getting hurt. And he was not really shocked to see that the person was Ishana. He kind of felt like he knew that already. That moment itself was so, special and surprising that it could not be with someone else than her. He knew it. He wa sure of it. and felt a little happy and that feeling gre wider when she too tightened the grip on his hand and placed another one on his shoulder to balance her self. Her hair which were coming on her forehead, were softly tucked away, behind her ear with his gentle touch on her face???.

In order to make her stand straight, he pulled her a little close by her hand. Now both of them were almost lost in each other’s sight again, but that was not gonna happen, as when he pulled her close, her anklets in his hands fell on the ground, creating a sound which echoed in that silent, empty corridor, bringing them out of the trance. Ishana quickly took her hand from his and removed the one from his shoulder. just to avoid his gaze, and that blush cause of the ‘Fimy-moment’, just happened, She looked down at the ground, and saw her anklets lying on the ground…She quickly bent down, and took them. And looked at Omkara back, who was still staring t her. She realised that that it fell from his hands. She was surprised wy they were with HIM..but more angery on the part that how did he let them DROP ON THE GROUND…

Ishana (looking at Omkara) – Agar sambhalne hi nahi the, to le kar ghum kyu rahe hai..( if you can't hold them why are u carrying them?)?

Om was shocked, and now COMPLETELy out of the trance…"Is that a way to talk to someone who is searching for you madly, trying to find you madly and is lost in an unknown place for you”, this was the first thought coming in his mind…

Om- bol rahi ho tum?
Ishana ( showing him the anklets in her hand)- I am talking about this.. Don’t you know it is insult of dance..
Om was surprised hearing it. Ishana was angry for THIS reason…it was quite shocking seeing her devotion and passion she expressed about Dance. But a part in him reminded him that he HAS TO reply back at that..
Om- Agar apani payal ki itani fikar thi, to unhe bhul kyu gayi andar…
Ishana- It’s not Payal…It’s ghungroo..
Om- yeah…it’s one and the same thing.
Ishana-’s not one and the same thing. It’s ghungroon.. How will you feel if someone calls your paintings and sculpturs the same thing…
Om- Noone calls them the same thing.
Ishana- in the same way, no one calls ghungroo and payal the same thing, you are the only antic piece..
Om- WHAT????
Ishana- Nothing…now let’s go. We have to go..Now FOLLOW ME…and agar yaha se baahar nikalana, hai to walk silently, the corridors are really confusing
Om ( mumured)- GOD!!!!again her bossing started..seriously who is the boss here???And is this how someone behaves, she didn’t even ask me why am I here.
Om thought that he is saying this in mind, but he actually murmured it, so Ishu heard allo of that.
Ishana- Why should I ask when I already know..
Om- You know…Hey..wait. Don’t think that I came here specially for You actually, I HAD to because..
Ishana- Your sister needs my help with the dance. We talked and I am coming to you home for that help..
Om- But how did you come to know..
Ishana- Offo….Do you brothers suffer from a short-term memory-loss problem???First your brother Rudra forgot that you were inside and now you forgot that your family is waiting outside…hmm…Ek to pehle gun-gun ko niche giraya and now itane saare savaal. ( first you dropped Gun-Gun and now these much questions…)?
Om first thought for a while, to understand what she said. And then made sense out of it. But one thing was confusing….
Om- Ek…second..abhi abhi to keh rahi thi ki ye Ghungroon hai and now keh rahi ho gun-gun hai.. ? ( just now u said that it’s ghugroon and now saying that it’s gungun)

Ishana- ohh…It is ghugroon only, but it’s name is Gun-gun
Om- Meaning…
Ishana- means..You are a boy..but your name is Omkara..So in the same way it’s an anklet but it’s name is Gun-gun…
Om smiled slightly and remembered his Anika bhabhi, he also names things..He looked at Ishana who was still busy talking non-stop about the difference of payal and ghungroo, explanations for naming her things ( which he didn’t ask) and all the stuff. Though she called him one, but? SHE WAS THE REAL ANTIC PIECE?…
They both reached the place, where everyone was waiting for them in the parking.?

Precap- a nickname fight….

Hushhh!!!! Finally wrote this one up….just today the state board scolarship exam got over and i am half load free…but still i have the Rajbhasha din program for tomorrow…two programs… Two speeches…27 feb is really gonna be a busy day…maybe i won’t be able to post today..
But will try my best…
Let me know did u like it or not… Should I continue with this??? Plz comment…

Lots of love???

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