Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 16)

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Episode Sixteen-
Om started to go to the art-gallery and he remembers how his family was together this morning. He felt really happy, peaceful. He was in a really good mood. So happy, that he completely forgot that he will be dealing with Ishana from today. He reached there and entered in.
He entered, and felt a familiar…peaceful feeling. His art, work place was always special to him..but today it was different…exciting….The gallery was pleasant and welcoming him giving him a new view, different kind of joy, The curtains which used to be closed usually, were now open, allowing the beautiful-cheerful-golden rays of sunlight to peep in. Due to the windows open, soft-cold breeze was knocking his face. Omkara actually didn’t like anyone changing the things in his life. But this change, it was something different. It was something he was waiting for a long time. Maybe something he wanted to do, but didn’t dare to do it. Life which he thought is filled with nothing but pain, also had a destination of hope, pleasure. Omkara was happy and it totally reflected on his intense eyes. Ishana, who was standing from a distance, didn’t fail to notice this. She felt blessed when she saw him smiling and happy because of her. Ishana was eagerly waiting to hear his response on this change. She knew that this was her new journey and she wanted to start it with his appreciation, his remarks. She didn’t even realise that ’HE’ was mattering so much to her

Om turned around noticing that there was someone else present there too. HE turned and saw Ishana staring at him silently. He looked at her, actually started observing her keenly. He was surprised to see her. Actually not her, but her new avtar. First of all, she was not Ishana at all. The Ishana he knew, used to wander all around him wearing with those attractive-beautiful chudidars, heavy earrings, anklets, and all the other accessories. The whole Indian attire and shy, silent eyes. But this girl standing in front of him, was not exactly that. For the first time Om was seeing her in western attire, She was wearing a beautiful flunky White top paired with denim jeans and white shoes ( and the WHITE color obviously reminded him of his late night cozy dream about her….) . Her hairs which used to be open always, were now tied in a long pony tail, with some curls fondly flying apart. She was wearing nothing but a white-silver watch in her hand and was looking really adorable. Her eyes didn’t have any external make up or anything but still they were enough to steal his attention fully. She was having a simple, sober, quite professional but still a really really adorable look. Om walked to her, and she was damn excited, to hear him. But he just stayed silent, without saying anything. He just kept gazing at her. Now, the situation was really awkward for Ishana. Before his arrival she had intentionally arranged and organized everything in a new yet his way. She wanted him to know that he and this job meant a lot to her. She wanted to build a new equation with Omkara. Not to con him again, but for her peace, her heart’s desire. But here he was, not saying even a word to her. So finally, she decided to break the silence…………………………

Ishana:- So, how is it?
Om ( coming out of his trance):- What?
Ishana:- How is it, the change?
Om:- ( thinks that she is asking about HER change) “what do I have to do with your change? You go, wear anything, I won’t affected at all.And don’t even think that I will think about you and your looks. You are just an employee here. Not my special guest.”
Ishana ( was hell confused):- What are you saying? I am asking about the change in gallery. And what do you mean by me and my looks? Am I looking bad?
Om:- ( realised that he misunderstood her words)- Yeah, I am talking about my gallery only. I don’t like changes and especially in my personal things.
Ishana :– Do I look a kid to you that you will say anything and I will believe it? I know that first, you were talking about me and now about my work. Anyway, you don’t like the change huhh? Okay then remove them. That won’t take many efforts. But remember, Darkness cannot disappear darkness only light can do that…..
Om:- Yeah…And only Truth can maintain the trust…lies can’t do that. ( this dialogue of Omkara hurted Ishana a lot, as she understood his intention to say it. She understood that he was talking about her past and the lies she said. She was really hurt but decided to shut him up, So what if it was her boss, it didn’t give him any right to remind her that horrible past) .

Ishana:- Yeah, you are right, lies can’t do that. But sometimes protecting your loved ones is mor important than maintaining the trust. Truth is the strongest power, but it is great only because lies give it that position. The stars shine only because the night is dark, we enjoy happiness because sadness is depressing. Everyone wants company because being lonely is sad. It is strange right? It’s the black which outlines white. It’s a lie which justifies importance of truth.
Om( in a firm voice):- I don’t agree with that. Truth is a power in itself, it doesn’t need anyone’s support to prove its greatness.
Ishana:- I am not saying that Lies are essential for the truth..I meant just that Life with lies is meaningless without the truth and Life with Truth is incomplete about lies…
Om :- No…..For me it’s all about truth….Lies just create misunderstandings
Ishana:- Oh really? Then what abou life and death huhh?
Om( with a confused look):- What do you mean exactly?
Ishana:- Well, You look really obsessed in all this philosophical stuff, so I will answer you in your language…. In my thoughts,Life is a beautiful Lie which we live with the fake hopes for future and Death is a painful truth which no matter what, catches us at a point. Everyone knows that this painful truth is gonna catch us someday, but still we all run for the beautiful lie. If you ask anyone to choose between life and death, anyone will choose life only. People struggle to live, to avoid death. The lies, truth this is just a game of words. I agree that truth is the soul of trust. But you cannot forget that lies are also an unseparatable part of life. I am not defending my lies, but just asking you to face the reality that above truth-lie don’t depend upon the person but his situation. And above the words, truth-lie there is one power and it is LOVE. Your loved ones, your family can make you do ANYTHING……… And yeah, I know you won’t agree with this. But THINK…did it really never ever happened with you? You never lied or hid any truth for someone close to your heart, for someone you love?

( Om remembered the accident part and how he hid the truth for his dear sister, to protect her. For the first time, he had nothing to say. In his whole life, he had defended truth and blamed lies and liars…but this girl just in two minutes made him shut up and he had nothing to say about this whole thing)

But at last he was OMKARA of course…. The SACH ka boyfriend never ever left the side of truth
Om:- Well, You make no sense Ishana. For protecting your loved ones, if you are lying, then believe me you are playing a gamble in which anything can happen. In my senses, Truth is a surgery…It hurts at first but gives life-long satisfaction…healing….and lies.. Lies are like painkillers. They give instant relief but have their side effects later…and these effects are dangerous enough to break you and destroy your life. And I can say this because I have seen this.

Ishana looks at Omkara with emotional eyes. she remembers her father’s death, the goons blackmailing her, her sister’s innocent face…everything)

Ishana:– Yes Omkara you are right…Sometimes in order to protect someone, we destroy their lifes…..and I am more than sure about this because I have experienced this. Lies make you weak and helpless. But a person lies only when he is weak and helpless already. Destiny can change you into someone you don’t even recognize. But you are lucky enough not to face these kinds of situations.

(Om stared at her almost-teary eyes. He felt extreme pain seeing them like this. He was confused at her behavior now. At one point, she acted to be care-free, filled with cheer, fun, happiness and confidence…but at the other end he saw a girl who was scared, crying in the dark and in pain just like him. ….He was confused which Ishana to believe…the happy-go-lucky one or the sad- lonely one)

Ishana realised that she somehow shared her personal problems with him, so she tried to divert the topic. She thought that she will distract him from thos, so he won’t think or ask about her problems…

Ishana- Anyway…I am sorry…I did this change without even asking you. I never thought that this will hurt or upset you. I did it only to bring some freshness up. But it looks like there is no need of ME doing that for YOU…..So, sorry again…I will make it as it was before…the way you like it… ( she turns back, leaving to close the windows)

Omkara mentally slapped himself…”Why did I say that I didn’t like it. It’s beautiful. I loved it. And now, she is changing it. Go!!!this girl…does she ever listens to what I say????No…never. But, suddenly, when I don’t want her to do what I say, she wants to follow my order…Great…..…I have to stop her”, Om said to himself.

Om- stop….( Ishana turns at him looking surprised)
Om- No need to close them…It’s good
Ishana ( looks at Om confusingly)- What? Aap aap kitne ajeeb hai..If you liked it before, why you scolded me first…You know that led to just so many things. You having no problem…you know what does that means….?
Om looks at her in confusion and nods as ‘No’
Ishana- ???Offo…that means that from fifteen minutes, we are just doing timepass here….You liked my work, still you scolded me…wow…great work…And because of your this meaningless scolding, I had to give you explanations…then you had to cross me over it…then again I had to cross you over it…And our fight turned out to be a philosophical one about truth, lie and life…..And it got just serious and serious and serious….And now, after all this Ramayan-Mahabharat, you are saying that you didn’t have any problem in the first place…great…means Ishana….whatever we did from last fifteen minutes, it means just nothing…hmm….waste of time….
Om ( gets irritated by her non-stop talking…???)- Oh god…Kitna bolti ho tum…( how much you talk..) subah subah mera sir dard kar raha hai…itani si baat ke liye…itna bada explanation. Matlab kuch bhii…
Ishana ( with the same cute anger)- ???Kuch bhi mai nahi aap hai… And haan, bhale hi mera explanation bada tha….but vo bilkul point-to-point tha…to meri baton ko aap criticize nahi kar sakte….
Om- Ye koi school ka exam hai…jaha aap point-to-point answers dengi aur mai aapki taarif karunga…???
Ishana- Maine kab kaha aap ko meri taarif karne ke liye…haan par aap chahe to kar sakte hai…Ab kya kare…Ye meri born-ability hai…
Om just gives her a ‘she is ekdum IMPOSSIBLE’ vala look and starts walking away…
Ishana stops her talks, and notices that Om was not beside her….she sees him walking away to his cabin…..
“Su kare che Ishana…..Pehle hi vo tujh se naraj rehta hai, aur tu use aur paka rahi hai….No way…he is your boss yaar ???, At least act a little professional.”, Ishu thinks in her mind and runs to Omkara in order to catch him…Om is walking away in rush…still she manages to reach him somehow…And starts walking beside him…

Ishana- Okay, Sorry. I will not talk.
Om looks at her silently, with a blank face.

Ishana ( holds her ears and makes a supercutevala puppy face)- Please please please…sorry…I will not bore you by my talks ever ever again…..
Looking at her cute pout, and that sweet face, Om just smiled…Ohh..she was so innocent, like a kid.Om was pleased to meet this new side of Ishana. He was glad that he could see it. Om glared at her innocent face with his intense eyes. He could not stop himself from melting for her….
Om- okay…you are forgiven…but now, no talks…only work…We already had a very ‘TALKATIVE’ morning today…??
Ishana( smiles slightly)- alright, then I will move to my work…Have a nice day sir….
Om smiles looking at her. He never thought that Ishana being around will be so much change in his life. But no it was, his life was filled with the smiles and humour …Justa few minues…but the silence in his life was filled with her non-stop talks now. The dullness in his gallery was rplaced by her cheerful presence now….He surprised how in such a short time, she managed to win everything to get her impact on, including him….He reminded those last twenty minutes, and a beautiful smile lingered on his devoted lips??….their convo, then the funny kind of fight…her cute pout ???everything…oh god…Ishana was really a different personality…the most unique one…
He reached to his canvas, took the brush in his hand. He was reminding her words…and all….but…….All the smile, the memerizing lostness was gone when he remembered her last sentence…….” Wait a second….what did she say?????? ”Have a nice day SIR”….really???? ‘sir’…..why….why would she call me that….Sir, that…that feels so weird…Oh no….I am okay with Omkara…not sir..Yuck no way….”, These thoughts were now running in a merry-go-round in Omkara’s mind…He HAD to do something about this now..Ishana calling him sir????…that was NOT FAIR AT ALL….????

Precap- Om-Ishu cute moments…..Janavi wants to meet Ishana…..Ishu in Oberoi mansion

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