Ishkara – Two hearts that beat as one (episode 2)

Hello frnds!!! TQ so much for your support and I am very happy that u all liked my first . I will try my level best to write a long epi. kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes n typos.

Recap: om decided to wait near by park …..2 kids were fighting with each other. His misses ishu…..

Here is our 2nd episode :

Om comes out from his thoughts by listening the kids voice…

Kids: uncle plz say who is right…

Om: Well, it is difficult to say but remember one thing, we should not judge a book by its cover and we should give a chance to others.
While om was talking with them he heard his car’s horn …

Driver: sir it’s getting late for the meeting.

Om: yeah, so bye frnds catch u later and remember the words which I Said…

Kid2: sure, but next time u should definitely introduce your girl frnd to us.

Om (shocked to the core) : How do u know that I was thinking about my gf …(murmuring to himself)oh god this little boy is really an exact copy of my cham cham.
Om said this a bit louder…

Kid2: Hey , first of all stop calling me little boy. And any one can know it easily by seeing your eyes …kk leave it , I hope that u will meet her soon. see u later…
Om: Even I hope so …

Om went to his art gallery and completed all his meetings successfully. When he came to take his car keys, he find an anklet of someone in his work room.

Om’s pov :
Whose anklet must be this and why it is in my room? I don’t know who lost this, but I was feeling some connection with this…

Om came out of his thoughts and went out of his room by holding that anklet.He was on the way to shopping mall as all the youngsters in OM decided to go.

In shopping mall :
shivika r waiting for om and on the other side rumya are shouting at each other…

Anika: What happened rudra? Why u are shouting at Soumya?

Soumya(by controlling her laugh) : Di I will tell u.(by showing a girl) actually I challenged this duffer to make that girl fall for him, but he really made her fall by keeping his leg.

Shivay: hits his head , oh god I think now a days cool rudy is really changing into duffer…

Rudra (with puppy face):what can I do bhai, I was not mr. sso to show my bagad billi side to her…
Anika giggles by listening to him n shivay gives death glare to them. At the same time ….

When om enter into the lift he saw a girl facing her side to him n her face is covered with her hair.she doesn’t noticed om as she was busy in chatting with her frnd. Suddenly the lift stopped working and due to the sudden jurk she kisses om on his cheeks n she got hold by om while she was falling. There was complete silence between them and both are completely shocked at eachother…

That’s it guys. I was not good at writing. So sry for this boring update. Plz do comment and give your suggestions to me. I hope u guys like this. love u all….

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