Ishkara: Thanks for being there for me (OS)


“SSSHH…..” she said placing her finger on his lips and preventing him from struggling to speak, she had somehow sensed his restlessness, his nervousness, his uneasiness, his continuous efforts to speak his heart out, his attempts to tell her how much he loves her, how much he cares for her, how much important she is to him, how much they belong to each other, that she is not just a part of his life but an essential part of him, something that can never be separated from him, something he would never let away from him, nothing in this world can ever change the way they feel for each other, nothing can stop their hearts from beating for each other, no matter how hard the situations become, how complicated life becomes, how hard the journey is, they were together, they are together and they will always be together, he had hardly spoken a word but she had understood his heart, she had understood his emotions, she had succeeded in reading his eyes, she had truly understood him and now they both knew that they are complete.

“I DON’T NEED CHESSY ‘I LOVE YOUS’ JUST HOLD MY HAND AND TELL ME ‘I’M HERE FOR YOU’.” She said holding his hand in hers.
“THANK YOU SO MUCH ISHANA FOR COMING IN MY LIFE, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UNDERSTANDING ME, THANK TOU SO MUCH FOR COMPLETING MY LIFE” saying so he hugged her tightly and both of them were lost in each other.

After sometime they broke the hug and sat down on the nearby bench, she kept her head on his shoulder and both of them were enjoying the beautiful sunset, how the sky was full of shades of yellow, orange, red with a tint of purple, the breeze flowing around their face with the fragrance of evening lilies mixed with it, the moon slowly rising to take up its designated position in the sky with the twinkling stars accompanying him, how everything about the nature is so well planned and perfect.

“OM, DO YOU REALLY REMEMBER EVERY MOMENT SPENT WITH ME??” she said looking at his changed expressions by her sudden and weird question, “OF COURSE, I VERY WELL REMEMBER ALL MOMENTS SPENT WITH YOU, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME THEN YOU CAN TEST ME BUT HOW MUCH DO YOU REMEMBER” he said giving her a challenging look, “SO YOU ARE CHALLENGING ME” she said giving him a no one can beat me look, “SO GET READY OMKARA SINGH OBEROI TO LOOSE” she said almost with a victory smile, “LETS SEE WHO LOOSES MISS ISHANA RAJVEER MEHRA” he said with confidence and assurance that he was definitely going to win. “LETS START THEN” Ishana said.

“SO TELL ME, WHEN I FIRST MET YOU AS ISHANA??” she said sure enough that her first question was enough to beat him but she had underestimated his skills because the very next moment he proved her wrong, “20TH NOVEMBER 2016, HOW CAN I FORGET THE DAY MY LIFE’S MOST BEAUTIFUL THING HAPPENED” he answered which totally impressed her, “NOW YOU TELL ME WHICH WAS THE FIRST SHAYARI I RECITED FOR YOU??” he was sure that Ishana wouldn’t remember anything about the shayari as she hardly understood any of his shayaris,


she answered in the same painful tone, remembering the past brought tears back in her eyes, Om immediately wiped her tears and held her hand telling her not to remember the dark past that they had left back a long time ago, she composed herself and said with a smile back on her face.

“NOW MY TURN TO ASK, ACCHAA TELL ME WHAT WAS THE COLOUR OF MY DRESS WHEN WE FIRST SAW EACHOTHER?” she had asked the question that would definitely take down Omkara’s wicket as he was a person who could hardly understand anything about fashion and clothing but to her surprise Omkara started laughing which confused her to the core, “I HAD EXPECTED MUCH HARDER QUESTION FROM YOU ISHU” he said controlling his laughter, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN OM??” she said with a frown, “I MEAN HOW CAN YOU FORGET THAT THE DAY I FIRST SAW YOU WAS WHEN YOU HAD FOOLED RUDRA AND ME IN BUYING THAT CAR AND YOU WERE WEARING A BURKHA SO ITS EASY THAT THE COLOUR WAS BLACK” he completed still laughing at her and Ishana thought how could she be such a fool but then something striked her mind and her beautiful black eyes lit up, “BUT THAT DAY YOU DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS ME AND YOU ALSO DIDN’T SEE MY FACE, SO THAT MEANS YOU ARE WRONG AND THAT ALSO MEANS THAT YOU LOOSE” she said mentally patting her back, impressed by her smartness, but Om was no less, after all he is an Oberoi and cannot accept defeat so easily without fighting till the end, “NOT SO SOON ISHANA, TECHNICALLY IT WAS THE DAY I FIRST SAW YOU, SO IT HARDLY MATTERS WHETHER I KNEW IT WAS YOU OR NOT AND SO THAT MEANS MY ANSWER IS CORRECT” Ishana was shocked that even Om could think in this way, so she gave up knowing the fact that he was right.

“SO NOW YOU TELL ME ISHU, WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT I GAVE YOU” he knew that Ishana would definitely answer this question and he was eagerly waiting for her reply but all his expectations drowned away by her reply, “I REMEMBER YOU HAD GIFTED ME THAT WATCH” she said as if she was trying hard to remember what it actually was and this was just a guess she had made to satisfy him. “I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS FROM YOU ISHU, I WAS SO SURE THAT YOU WOULD REMEMBER THAT DAY” he was upset, he stood up and walked towards the nearby tree to hide the disappointment on his face, Ishana was surprised to see this side of Om and smiled to herself, she was feeling like laughing at his cute antics, but she thought to enjoy some more as she hardly got chances like this where she could tease him, she stood up and walked to him.

She kept her hand on his shoulder and turned his face towards her, “ITS OKAY NAA OM, WHAT HAPPENED IF I DON’T REMEMBER THAT ONE THING, LEAVE IT, NOW YOU WIN AND I LOOSE” she said making a cute puppy face making Om believe that she genuinely has forgotten the most special gift he had given her, “REALLY ISHU, I STILL DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU DON’T REMEMBER IT” Om said looking at her with disbelief, “COME ON, DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THOSE TYPICAL LOVERS WHO EXPECT THEIR PARTNERS TO REMEMMBER EVERY SMALL THING AND MOREOVER I AM YOUR GIRLFRIEN SO I SHOULD BEAHEV LIKE THIS BUT YOU ARE BEHAVING AS IF YOU ARE MY GIRLFRIEND” she said trying hard to control her laughter at Om’s cute face. “IT MAY BE A SMALL THING FOR YOU BUT FOR ME IT IS NOT” this time his voice was hurt more than upset and Ishana understood that it was time to stop her drama otherwise it would definitely hurt him, “SO YOU REALLY THINK I FORGOT THE PAINTING YOU HAD GIFTED ME AT THE INAUGARATION OF MY DANCE ACADEMY” hearing her Om looked at her with surprise and with the look on her face he clearly understood that she was just pulling his leg and enjoying his situation.

“OH SO YOU WERE TEASING ME, NOW IT IS MY TURN” saying so he walked towards her which made her nervous and she started breathing heavily, the blood flowed to her cheeks making her blush, the distance between them was no less than an inch apart, Om was smiling at her state as looked at her with so much love, their eyes spoke a million things and he moved back slowly making her relaxed and she slowly regained her composure, now Om started laughing at her which made her mad but she mentally slapped herself for falling weak in front of him, “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING LIKE THIS?? HAVE YOU GONE MAD OR WHAT??” she said angrily and Om stopped laughing but soon started laughing again, “LOOK AT YOUR FACE, YOU ARE BLUSHING LIKE HELL” he said controlling his laughter. Ishana was angry and started tickling him in his stomach as it is his weak point, “STOP IT ISHANA” Om said trying hard to stop her, “WHY SHOULD I STOP, YOU WERE ONLY LAUGHING NOW KEEP LAUGHING ONLY” she said tickling him harder but somehow Om caught hold of her hand and started tickling her and they lost balance and fell on the grass and started laughing like kids, lost in their memories.
Life is so beautiful when you have someone who loves you so much, who cares for you, who completes your emptiness, who makes you smile, who wipes your tears, who cries when you are in pain, who heals all your deep wounds which even time cannot heal, and Om is lucky to have Ishana in his life.

I hope you all like my OS. Please drop your valuable comments and share your frank opinions. Keep reading and smiling.

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