IshKara The Story of a Drug Addictor ff by Soha ( New Promos)

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Ishana went in cabin as she entered she looked at her boss. She was shock not she but her boss was also shocked to see her. The two of them at once said “You”. And both of them looked at Rohit. “What are you doing here Ishana”? Om asked her.” I am your new secretary Mr. Omkara” .she replied looking at him. Om looked at Rohit and said
“Rohit what is this she will be my new secretary”. “See Om you want a new secretary and she was in search of job so she will be your secretary from now on”Rohit smiled as he replied he went from there. Both of them looked at each other.
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As was angry on Ishana and he was scolding her. Om in anger went to his employees and said “listen guys pack up know and the work which is left give files to Miss Ishana”. All of the employees gave files to Ishana. There were bundle of files on Ishana’s hand Om looked at Ishana in anger. “Ishana you will finish this files alone and no one will help you this is your punishment because of you today my most important meeting got canceled and yeah until you will not finish don’t go home”. Ishana went and started to complete her work and all the employees left the office even Om also she was alone in office.
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Om entered in his office in morning as he entered in his cabin he was shocked to see Ishana laying on floor unconscious. He got worried and rushed to her. “Ishana please wake up what happen to you” as he touched Ishana. Her body was cold he got worried more. Rohit came there and was shocked to see her unconscious. “Om what happen to her” Rohit said to omkara. “ I don’t know Rohit what happen to her see her body is also cold fast call the doctor I am taking her to my home okay” as he said om took Ishana in his arms and rushed outside.

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Ishana woke up and as she putted her hand on his forehead she was shocked to see sindoor filled on his hairline and she looked beside bed she got more shocked to see Om sleeping beside her. She shouted Om and Om woke up they both were in dilemma that how they got married together.

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