IshKara The Story of a Drug Addictor ff by Soha (Chapter 2)

Rohit looked at Om he was making Ishana lay on bed. Rohit looked here and there
“Shitt it was my imagination as I know omkara never have feeling for any girls he just think every girls are like riddhima” he murmured to himself om came near him
“Okay Rohit lets go and sleep” Om looked at him
“I will sleep in hall don’t worry about me okay” he went in room again and took his alcohol bottle. Rohit looked and him
“Om please stop drinking this and you can sleep in my room” Rohit said. Om went out the room and sat in hall drinking the alcohol.
“Om please” Rohit looked at him and he get upset for Om
“Rohit you know please stop telling me not to drink because you know yeh sharab hi mera humsafar hain aur mera saathi hai and if I will not drink then I will not be able to sleep”
Rohit sadly went from there and Om started to drink until he fall asleep.

In morning
As usual Om woke up and he entered in his room. He looked at Ishana and she was still sleeping. He got ready and saw Ishana getting disturbed because of her hairs coming on his face. Om looked and he sat near her to remove the hairs form her face. He removed the hairs and was still looking at Ishana. Ishana woke up and she saw Om near her so she started to shout “how dear you” as she shouted she stood up from bed and looked at Om. He was confused looking at Ishana.” Hello madam Ishana why are you shouting”. Ishana looked at him angrily “how dear you can do this with me”. Om still confused looked at her and said “what are you trying to say and what did I do”. “ I know you are with him and hello what you think I will be quite like other girls I am Ishana and anything wrong happens with me or someone I will not bear it” Ishana said pointing finger at om. Om hold her finger “first what you are talking about I am not understanding and what wrong I did with you”
Ishana: oh so you don’t know when I will file case against you in police station then you will know.
Ishana said in angry tone and she took her bag from table and was about to go Om stopped her and said
“You want to go in police station then go but u cannot do anything against me because I didn’t do anything wrong got it”. “Okay then you will be in jail know” Ishana said as she went out.
“Pagal larki” Om murmured to himself
As Ishana went in police station she said that some men tried to rape her. The police man said did she know there name and Ishana didn’t know Om’s name so she said that she didn’t know name but can take her to their house. The police man agreed and they arrived in omkara’s house and as the police men went inside the house he saw omkara and went near him and started talking. Ishana looked confused at them

“Why are you talking and he is the one who tried to rape me” Ishana told him. The police man looked at omkara. Om was angry at Ishana. Rohit came and he heard what Ishana said.
“Oh hello Om cannot do like this I know him” Rohit said looking at Om.
“Rohit you know she is saying I tried to rape her seriously nice joke of the year” Om looked at Ishana and smiled.
The police men went near Ishana and said “are you sure madam Mr. Omkara was trying to…..”
Ishana interrupted “obviously yes and what are you looking at me arrest him know”
Police man: because you don’t know him he cannot do this he is a business tycoon Mr.Omkara is brother of….
Omkara interrupted the police man and said “only Omkara don’t dare to say that name again.
“If he is a business man than you will not arrest him than ok I will call commissioner and see what he will do with you wait know” Ishana said and picked her mobile from purse
Police man: okay madam
The police man went near Om and arrested him. They took him in policeman. Rohit went near Om said that he will not let him stay in jail. Ishana looks at them then the police man can near him.
Madam you have to come with us in police station for complaining this case and we need your signature. Ishana nodded his head and went with him in police station.

In police station
Ishana completed his formalities of case and was about to leave from there and in front of her Om came. Om looked at Ishana angrily and said “Mrs. Ishana I will not spare you if you will not take your accusation back I am giving you 2 hours in this 2 hours if you will not get me out of this jail then see what I will do”.
“I will not let you out of this jail” replied Ishana. Rohit came there and looked at them. The police locked Om in jail. He looked at Ishana angrily. “Sorry Om there will not be any bail today because tomorrow court will be closed and it will be Sunday” Rohit told Om and went near him. “You know what you have lived in your house like palace know live in this jail because your bail is impossible without me” Ishana said and smiled. Om looked at her and holds the bar in anger. Ishana went from there.
“Rohit do anything I don’t want to live in this jail or spent single minutes here” Om said to Rohit who was standing near him. “Don’t worry I will do something Om” Rohit replied and went from there.
After few minutes Rohit came there and he was upset. Om looked at him
“I am sorry Om your bail is impossible until unless that Ishana doesn’t take her case back” Rohit said with sadness. Om looked at him. The police man came and unlocked the door. They both looked at each other. The police man said that he can go know. “Who did my bail” Om asked from the police man.
“Actually sir…………” he was interrupted by someone’s voice and they said
“We did it” the voices were none other than shivaniru Om looked at them. They went near Om
“Rohit tell them I don’t need any bail know because I know that girl will come to take her case back” Om looked at Rohit and said.
“O please do not say like this” rudra said with sadness. “Yes om please come out know and forget everything”

Annika said to Om. Om looked at them and said that “Annika you are saying this you know that I will never forget anything its better that I should stay here rather than getting bail from the great Shivaay Singh oberoi”
“Om please listen to me once. Dadi prinku maa bari maa and your father they are waiting for that moment when you will come in OM” Shivaay said
“Oh god seriously that tej Singh oberoi is waiting for me Annika you know what your husband does a good joke now and I will never forget that when he said that I cannot live without an oberoi surname know see I am a business tycoon like your husband and he even said that I will always remain an artist know see I proved him wrong I can live without oberoi name and became a business man” om said with anger
“O you don’t know that how much we all miss you every day because there are no oberoi moments between Shivaay and I because we are incomplete without you” rudra said while crying.
‘Rudra please go from here’ om said while looking at them
“Om we will not go until u will not come out of this jail” Annika replied
Scene shifts to Ishana house
Ishana went inside the house and as she turned she was shock to see her house condition. She started to call her mother but there was no response of her then she went inside her room. As she went she said
“You” she was shocked to see someone holding her mother

“Media was standing outside the saloon of Ishana. Ishana was inside and she was talking with the owner of saloon pleading her not take her job but she didn’t listened. As Ishana went outside the saloon she saw media reporters. They were not letting her to go from there. Reporters started to ask their questions from Ishana that did she is having affair with omkara or did he really tried to rape her. Ishana looked at them angrily”

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    Hi Soha…firstly, thank you soooooooooooolo much for starting the story. I am a die heart Ishkara fan and missing those two just too much. So, iteams a lot to me.thanks again..?
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      thanks kavya even i am also a die heart fan of ishkara and thanks again for reading this ff keep reading because there are going to be more twist and turns which will shock you all guys i have just updated the promos read them when you will get time

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