IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-08 :Final Conclusion)


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Omkara drove furiously through the roads and then he parked in front of the dargah… and he got out and took something out with him… he ran towards the back and into the forest… It was late night and everything was completely black.

Omkara rushed into the property and he went to the door. He began beating on the door hard. ” CHACHA JII… DARWAZA KHOLIYE”

Suddenly, Chacha jii appeared with a candle in his hand and he opened the door. ” Yahaan kyun aaye ho?” asked chacha jii.

” Ishana.. .ISHANA .. Ishana.. kahaan hain” said Omkara. ” She is dead… go…” said Chacha jii as he began to shut the door until Omkara stopped it with his hand. He looked at chacha jii with angry eyes, ” i want to see her.. she’s not dead… not for me..”

Omkara pushed the door open, leaving Chacha jii a little shocked. Omkara ran in and he yelled, ” ISHANA… SAAMNE AAO… ABHI AUR ISSI WAQT”

” ISHANA.. ” yelled Omkara.

Just then, Ishana appeared through the hallway and she had a little light following her… she smiled, ” Sab log mera naam chilate hain…”

Omkara walked up to her and he grabbed her from the arms, ” Why did you die for me Ishana… why? Why do you love me so much?”

Ishana looked down and then at him, ” Omkara…”

” What Omkara?! huh? you left your Omkara alone in this world? you died for me? How could you die? How could you be so selfish?!! I need you Ishana…I breathe only to talk to you… I breathe only to live for you..” demanded Omkara. His eyes were red from anger and his grip was getting tighter.

She only looked to the side and she said, ” I don’t know… I didn’t know what to do… I really didn’t…dying was the only option to get rid of this mess…”

” My world is nothing without you” whispered Omkara. Ishana had a tear roll down her eyes and Chacha jii only stood behind them quiet… He had nothing to say…

Omkara let go of Ishana and then he took out a knife… Ishana stared at him scared, ” NO OMKARA.. DON’T DO IT.. PLEASE… NO..”

” You died for me… you were selfish of not thinking what would go through me… and the best I can do is to die for you.. so I can be with you forever..” said Omkara. He held onto the knife and Ishana quickly went to him and she tried to snatch it away.

” OMKARA.. NO… DON’T… I BEG OF YOU…” screamed Ishana. Omkara only pushed her away and Chacha jii tried to stop him, but Omkara was too determined…

” I love you so much Ishana…I want to be with you…” whispered Omkara… he had hot tears rolling down his eyes…

Ishana opened her mouth… Omkara closed his eyes.. and then he dug the knife into his heart…

Ishana screamed… it shook the whole house… the windows opened and wind was blowing furiously through the house… ” OMKARA β€œ screamed Ishana.

” I love you…” whispered Omkara as he fell back and hit the ground. Ishana went to him and she was crying, ” OMKARA.. WHY DID YOU DO THAT…”

Omkara only smiled… ” Lady Rathore.. I could do anything for you…”

Ishana was screaming and crying… ” NOO NO.. NO.. ”

She took the knife out of his heart… and she threw it. Chacha jii knelt down and he said, ” OMKARA BETE! YEH KYA KIYA TUMNE!”

” Chacha jii…” whispered Omkara. Omkara slowly closed his eyes and then he died…

Omkara’s lifeless body lay on Ishana’s lap. She was crying… ” NOO OMKARA… WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!!”

Chacha jii had tears rolling down his eyes… ” Kya kiya tumne Omkara…!”

Ishana was screaming and crying, ” CHACHA JII… HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO DIE…”

Then Ishana felt like she was being pulled back… as if someone was pulling her back… or shaking her… she couldn’t figure it out… She only felt her presence being pulled away… ” CHACHA JII” yelled Ishana… Chacha jii noticed that she was disappearing… ” Ishana beti!” yelled Chacha jii…

Then Ishana started to fade away… her presence fading… she only cried, ” i love you Omkara…”

And then she was gone.

And so the story of Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja…Tera Intzar Hai Aaja…. Suna Suna.. Lamha Lamha… was over…


” I love you Omkara.. please… don’t do this” whispered Ishana.

” Ishana… utho.. kya hua?!” demanded Omkara… Ishana’s eyes shot open and she looked around… confused… puzzled… She looked at the people around her… Her father, Omkara… Ridhimma.. Armaan… Chacha jii and Dadimaa…

Ishana shot up from the bed and she looked around frantically, ” Why am I here… Omkara… what’s going on!!!?”

Omkara went to her and he sat beside her on the edge of the hospital bed… he stroked her hand and said, ” You were in a coma Ishana… for a couple of weeks…”

Ishana looked at him with disbelief… ” Om.. par… I thought… I thought I was… and you.. are you okay”

She put her hand on his cheek and then his arms and she checked to see if he was okay… No sign of blood… She was relieved.

” were in an accident…” said Ridhimma. Ishana looked at her friend and then Armaan said, ” She’s right Ishana… you got into an accident… and then you went into a deep coma for a couple of weeks”

Ishana breathed a little bit more calmly and then her father sat beside her, ” Aap theek to hain naa?! Ishana! aapne dara diya tha humay”

“Papa aap!? par…” began Ishana. ” Kuch mat boliye! Omkara ne humay bataya kay aapka accident hua hain…” said Kamal. Ishana stared at them all with disbelief… her dream… it seemed so real… what was going on?!

Ishana looked down and then she put her hand on her neck… she felt a long necklace…

She looked at it closer… it wasn’t a necklace… it was a mangalsutra… ” What the hell!?” thought Ishana. ” Aap theek hain naa?” asked Dadimaa… She sat beside her on the other side and Ishana hugged her, ” Dadimaa.. I thought I had lost you all… everyone…”

” Lost us all Ishana? How?” asked Omkara with one eyebrow up. ” What year is it?” asked Ishana as she broke out of the hug. ” Its 2017 Ishana…” frowned Omkara. She looked around her… So it was a dream… Nothing was real… She was just fighting through a dream… as she was in a coma..

” Sorry guys… I have to do Ishana’s checkup” said Ridhimma. ” Haan haan..theek se kariye” said Dadimaa. Everyone nodded and then Omkara said, ” Can I stay? I haven’t seen her awake for a long time… actually.. I just want to look at her… into her eyes”

Ridhimma laughed and so did Armaan. ” Okay fine Omkara..” said Ridhimma as she rolled her eyes…

Ishana hugged Omkara from the side and Omkara kissed her forhead, ” I love you mishti.. don’t ever leave me…”

” Omkara… aapke bina..ek dum Suna Suna sa lagta hain” said Ishana. Omkara laughed, ” Aur meri rahein tanha tanha si lagti hain tumhare bina”

The four laughed at their comment. It was truly the end of Bepanah Pyar Hain Aaja…Suna Suna.. Lamha Lamha…


Hello Friends !! So final conclusion is before your eyes !! I think you all are reading keeping heart in your hand right ? jokes a part…In this story i added my two favourite pairs IshKara from Ishqbaaz and Dr.Ridhimaa and Dr.Armaan from Dil Mil Gaye !! Hope you enjoy the whole story !! We will meet with RuMya’s Ten Pearls.

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  1. Banita

    Back to back 2 update…..
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      Glad that you loved it

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  3. ReihanaThamiz

    Aww..everything was a dream..loved it so much..ExcellentπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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      Thank you so much Reihana.
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    Take Care And Stay Safe😊

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  5. Aayushi_kul

    Wow…it was a dream…i was so happy that they both were alive😍😍😍 one of d best conclusion of a stry

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Aayushi.
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  6. Lauren

    Amazing bro loved it… ending was too good… juzz nailed it… m sad dat uhh ended dis … but do make a come back wid another one soon…
    Luv uhh bhai..

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Lauren.
      Glad that you loved it
      will come back soon with IshKara.

  7. Veera

    Wow! What an ending! So all that was just a dream of ishana and they are happily married in reality. I am glad that you have given a happy ending to this beautiful story. keep writing more.

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Veera
      Glad that you loved it
      hope u enjoyed end.
      will come back soon with IshKara.

  8. Niyati

    Thank God bhai that is a dream of Ishu….& they live happily in reality….loved the ending….awesime part as always….glad that it is happy ending….

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      hope now u r happy and no stress

  9. Naina0411

    Lovely one Bhaiya! It was an awesome ending! Please write more on Ishkara!

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Naina.
      Glad that you loved it
      will write for IshKara always.

  10. Renimarenju

    I read both parts in one go fenu….While i was entirely crying in last part and in this one also i did the same initially i felt a kind of shock while reading it’s end that it was ishu’s dream……Then i convinced myself…..Oh god that was dream, not a sad ending for my ishkara……Mixed feelings of so many emotions now,….don’t know what 2 say now…….Thanks for bringing this story for ishkara….I loved it

    1. Fenil

      Really very sorry for tears in ur eyes Big sissy.
      Thank you so much Dii.
      Glad that you loved it.
      i m blessed to get your views for this story first time.

  11. Aarti32

    Waah Bhai!!
    What an unconventional ending πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    It is awesome dear… You change the whole story in a single master stroke… Well done…

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      Thank you so much Dii
      Glad that you loved it
      yaa IshKara ko saath me lana hi tha

  13. Ankita27

    Fabulous update… Loved it.. Waah su vanak awyo story ma aato khali ishu nu sapnu nikalyu… Wow Arman n Ridhhima n finally happy ending… Khub j saras.. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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      Thank you so much Ankita.
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      Do read epilogue

  14. Fidato

    So… Was that all dream huh…. Be wajah Dara diya…. I was thinking they are going to meet in the other world…But I really loved it… Logical fantasy…. I’m so sorry for very very late for commenting… I was going through a mishap..So..

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      Thank you so much Sis.
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