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IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-07 :Conclusion-1)


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” Omkara beta” called chacha jii. Omkara quickly ran down the hallways and he only called, ” Jii Chacha ji… main aaraha hoon”

Omkara finally came back into the living room where Chacha jii was standing with a tray full of food. ” Kahaan chale gaye thay beta?” asked Chacha jii with a frown. ” Oh woh… I was just exploring the haveli” lied Omkara. Chacha jii only narrowed his eyes and he could see that something was not quite right about Omkara…

” Kuch baat hui hain Omkara beta?” asked Chacha jii. ” Aapka naam Sikander Khan hain?” blurted Omkara. Chacha jii looked a little stunned… but he said, ” Haan beta.. aapko kaise-”

” Aur aapne Ishana ko jaane diya” said Omkara. ” Beta…maine aapko pehle bataya tha..” said Chacha jii as he was slightly confused. ” Kya main Ishana ko pehle bhi jaanta tha?” asked Omkara. Chacha jii only frowned. ” Beta.. yeh sawaal kyun pooch rahe ho?”

” Jawaab dijiye chacha jii… kya main Ishana ko pehle se jaanta hoon… yes or no” repeated Omkara. Chacha jii put the tray down onto the table and he only looked to the floor and then up at Omkara…

” Haan beta” said Chacha jii softly. ” Kaisay?” asked Omkara. Chacha jii was about to say something until Omkara blurted it out. ” How did this all happen!?! why are there memories flashing through my mind as if I’ve lived them… chacha ji.. what is going on!?!” demanded Omkara. Chacha jii only looked a little shocked.

So it is Omkara… the same Omkara Singh Oberoi that Ishana fell in love with. How?! How did he come back?

” Beta… I think you need to go home…” said Chacha jii with a little more impatience. He knew what was wrong… He immediately got to know how exactly Omkara got to know this. Ishana was definitely going to hear it from him… even if she was… after all… dead…

“Chacha ji..-” began Omkara. ” Go now…” ordered Chacha jii. He needed to deal with Ishana… this was too much. Omkara wasn’t allowed to know… he just wasn’t… this ended long time back…

Omkara only looked to the ground and then up at chacha jii… his hands were growing into fists… He was so angry… he wanted to know… it was his right to know! Omkara only looked to the side and he walked out of the living room and went through the hallways.

He reached the front of the haveli, which has the large stairs… the same ones… Omkara only looked at them once… he remembered that he saw Ishana in this very area…

Omkara’s mind was playing games with him… he was remembering little clips… faded memories… he couldn’t stand it more or else his brain would explode… Omkara opened the doors and he exited out of the haveli and walked through the forest and into the dargah where his car was parked…

On the other hand, Chacha jii started to call Ishana, ” ISHANA…ISHANA …”


” Ishana! MERE SAMNE ISSI WAQT AAO!” yelled chacha jii.

Suddenly, Ishana walked in from the other hallway and she frowned, ” Chacha jii… why are you yelling like papa… i m right here!”

Chacha jii turned around and he glared at her, ” What did you tell him?”

Ishana looked her chacha jii… he was angry. He would never get angry like that. And most of all… he would never get angry with her…

Ishana looked at him innocently, ” I didn’t tell him anything”

” Mujhse jhoot mat bolo Ishana” snapped chacha jii. “Why do YOU care so much?” snapped Ishana.

” Omkara ISN’T suppose to know!”

” Why?” asked Ishana.

” Don’t ask me questions Ishana… do as I say!” snapped chacha jii.

Ishana got a little angry… ” Chacha jii! what has gotten into you! Why are you acting like papa!” ” I’m not trying to act like saab ji!… Ishana.. please try to understand… main tumhe nahin bata sakta!” pleaded chacha jii.

He was clearly frustrated with her… ” I only reminded him-” began Ishana. ” NO Ishana.. its NOT possible” snapped Chacha jii. ” I only reminded him chacha jii… he needs to know and look! he’s remembering!” exclaimed Ishana.

Chacha jii sighed… he went over to the stairs and he sat down on the step. ” Iss ladki kaa kya karonga… Ya Allah… tu mujhe bata de naa” said Chacha jii as he was clearly frustrated.

Ishana frowned and she walked over to chacha jii and sat beside him, ” Chacha jii… is there something I should know?”

” Ya Khuda! yeh ladki sawaal poochti rahe gi aur mere paas sawaalon kay jawaab nahin hongay!” exclaimed chacha jii.

” Par chacha jii-” began Ishana.

” jao Ishana… akela chor do mujhe..” said chacha jii as he put his head on on his knees… Ishana only looked down and she stood up and disappeared into the hallways…

@ OM

Omkara drove furiously through the streets and little alleys into Delhi… The memories were flashing in his mind… he couldn’t get them out of his mind no matter what he tried to do.

He finally reached the Oberoi Mansion and the guard opened the gate to let him in. Omkara drove in fast and he quickly parked the car and he turned the car off. He quickly got out of the car and he entered the mansion.

He looked around furiously. He needed answers. NOW.

” Dadimaa!” called Omkara. No answer… he looked around… the windows were open and the curtains were blowing softly with the evening wind.

“Dadimaa!” called Omkara, except this time it was louder…

Suddenly, Dadimaa walked in quickly and she said, ” Omkara! aap itni zor se kyun chila rahe hain!” ” Dadimaa… first promise me that you’ll answer this truthfully… I trust you with my life and heart Dadimaa… you’ve been my mother since maa died…” said Omkara.

Dadimaa only frowned, ” Par bete”

” Promise me… meri kasam” said Omkara as he took her hand and put it on his head. Dadimaa only looked confused… ” Kya beta?”

She took her hand off and Omkara said, ” Did you know Ishana?”

Dadimaa looked a little surprised… but she looked around nervously.. ” Na.. nahin” Omkara could see through his dadimaa if he wanted. He knew her too well.. she couldn’t lie. He only waited for his answer.

” Nahin.. kaun Ishana… hum to nahin jaante” said Dadimaa as she didn’t look in his eyes. ” How did I lose my memory?” asked Omkara. Dadimaa looked at him shocked.. she couldn’t say a word. Her feet were rooted to the ground and she only looked a little afraid…

” DADIMAA… IM WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWER” snapped Omkara. Dadimaa only shook for a second and she fiddled with her fingers… “How did you know Ishana? How did I lose my memory?” demanded Omkara.

” I WANT TO KNOW DADIMAA… ITS MY RIGHT TO KNOW…” said Omkara. Dadimaa closed her eyes tightly and she then looked at Omkara.

” I knew Ishana” said Dadimaa. Omkara softened up a little and he only raised an eyebrow, ” How did you know her?”

“Ishana was Thakur Kamal Singh Rathore’s daughter” replied Dadimaa. She couldn’t lie to Omkara. Not anymore.

” And?” demanded Omkara. ” Come with me” said Dadimaa.

She took his arm and she led him towards the living room. He walked with her and they went into the living room. She sat down and she said, ” I’ll tell you”

Omkara stood there… he couldn’t believe that his dadimaa was hiding something from him… for so long. ..

” I was afraid to tell you…but I knew Ishana Singh Rathore.. that girl that took your heart away in the first time you looked at her at the party…” said Dadimaa. ” She was a sweet girl… she was my doctor at Sanjeevani and she took care of me… and then you showed me a picture of her… that girl.. So I decided to investigate her… then I found out that she was the Thakur’s daughter.. only one too. His most prized possession. And I was about to take your proposal for Ishana, but Kamal Rathore came to our house one day. He was very angry and he only said, Tell your son to keep away from my daughter… Tell him to keep his dirty brat blood away from her instead of spreading it to my family… Your son Tej Singh Oberoi died… my rival… my business rival… and I can easily ruin your empire kaalyaani Devi… don’t even come near her!”

Omkara looked at Dadimaa with disbelief…Dadimaa continued, ” I was scared… your father passed away and the empire was weak and you were just starting to get to know the industry… a fresh Architect out of Delhi University… and I only agreed…”

” Dadimaa! why didn’t you tell me?!!” demanded Omkara. ” Because! the family.. the empire… and most of all.. I needed you Omkara…you were my son right after Tej” said Dadimaa.

Omkara sighed and he looked up… and then she continued, ” I tried talking to Ishana about it, but she was already scared herself… and about your memory?… well… the day that Ishana was getting married…I told you.. and you got angry.. and you tried to get to her… but her brothers came in your way and they got goons and they planned it out so you could into an car accident… and you were driving there drunk…and then I got the news of your accident Omkara…” said Dadimaa with tears in her eyes.

” I was scared… I rushed over to the hospital… you were losing blood and those doctors. Dr. Armaan and Ridhimma Malik… they were trying their best to save you because you had a thin chance of surviving. Those blessed kids saved your life Omkara. I thought everything was all fine… except when the doctors broke it to me that you had partial memory loss… you forgot everything in the present time and you didnโ€™t remember anything about your relationship with Ishana…” said Dadimaa..

Tears rolled down her eyes and Omkara came towards her and knelt down. He wiped her tears and said, ” Its not your fault Dadimaa…”

” And then I found out that Ishana committed suicide… I was devastated… but it made no difference to you… you didn’t remember the love you had for her… and she died… quietly…” sobbed Dadimaa.

Omkara wiped her tears again and he hugged her, ” Its not your fault dadimaa… its not…”

She broke out of the hug and said, ” When we were at the dargah… and you said that you saw Ishana… I got scared… and that man… Sikander Khan… we were in a secret agreement that we would never tell you all of this… because it would only break you apart… and Ishana… we didn’t tell her that her father came to OM..”

” Why dadimaa?” asked Omkara. ” Because Kamal would never allow it… and Sikander Khan was in a secret vow with Kamal Rathore that he would never let you and Ishana unite… and it was his dying wish” said Dadimaa.

Omkara clenched his fists… He closed his eyes tightly. ” Omkara!” said Dadimaa. Omkara stood up and he walked away from her. He went up into his room and he shut the door hard. He sat on his bed… Omkara had tears rolling down his eyes… ” Ishana…” he whispered.

The memories were like clips in his mind. Her laugh.. her smile… her intelligence… his first meeting with her… her voice…

Omkara wiped the tear and he was angry. He was apart from Ishana this long. Nobody told him. Ishana died for him. Nobody told him. Dadimaa knew. Nobody told him.

Omkara stood up and he said, ” Thatโ€™s it… I’m done with this… I need to see her”

Omkara quickly walked over to his door and he opened it to find Dadimaa standing there worriedly. ” Where are you going Omkara?” asked Dadimaa worriedly.

“Nowhere” said Omkara as he walked past her and he went downstairs… Dadimaa called after him, ” Omkara! Omkara.. don’t go.. please”

Omkara didn’t listen… he quickly went outside and got into his car. The gate opened and he backed out..

PRECAP: Om stabbed himself !!๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ

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