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IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-06 :Tera Mera Milna-2)


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IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-05 :Tera Mera Milna-1)

~~~Flashback Start~~~

” Ishana beti !!” called Kamal as he walked through the large hallways and into his daughters room. Ishana turned around and smiled… She looked so beautiful… she wore a creme colored lengha Her hair was done up elegantly.

” Ji papa” said Ishana. Kamal smiled, ” Aap bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hain” Ishana just laughed and she finished putting on her bangles… Kamal just stood there and he admired his daughter. ” You look just like your mother… who hi aakhain… who hi chehra… who hi muskaan..” said Kamal. Ishana only frowned a little and she said, ” meri Mama iss dunya ki sabse khoobsurat mama thi…”

Kamal laughed, ” You look even more beautiful princess” ” Papa… aapne apni davaee (medicines) le li?” asked Ishana. ” Ji doctor sahiba.. le li” smiled Kamal. Ishana only shook her head and she went up and hugged her father. She was so small compared to him… “Neeche aayiye humaray saath” said Kamal. Ishana nodded and Kamal only put his arm around Ishana and they headed towards the grand stairs that led into the great hall where the party was happening.

Ishana always felt nervous… sometimes she would choose not to attend because of the passing comments of people. She liked being the normal girl she was. But thank God her friend Riddhima was going to be there. She would never have survived without her. Ishana approached the large steps with her father and they started to walk down.

Ishana felt all eyes on her and she only smiled… her father was there… nothing could happen to her. Everyone’s eyes stared in awe of Ishana. Kamal’s daughter was truly beautiful. Heavenly if you might add.

Ridhima turned around from talking to a couple of people and she smiled. Ishana and her father finally reached the bottom and she said, ” Papa.. Ridzzy yahaan hain.. main jaaon?”

Kamal laughed and nodded. Ishana rushed off towards Riddhima who was wearing a pink lengha. ” Ridzzy !!” screamed Ishana as she hugged her best friend. ” Kahaan thi Ishana?! tera intezaar kar kay thak gayi… soch rahi thi kay tere kamray(room) mein aajaon… bore ho rahi thi…” said Ridhimma.

” Shutup.. acha.. yeh bata.. do I look okay? You know me Ridzz.. I donโ€™t wear this stuff too often” said Ishana. ” You look so good Ishana !!… ” said Riddhima. Ishana and Ridhima walked through the whole party greeting others and they were talking and giggling at the same time.

” So? Armaan kaisa hai Ridzzy?” asked Ishana. ” Shh.. marwaegi kya?” said Ridhimma. ” Acha baba.. bata naa..” whispered Ishana. ” Woh theek hain… papa humari shaadi kay liye maan gaye !!” screeched Ridhimma. Ishana jumped up !! ” Congrats Ridzz.. acha… as your maid of honor… I need some bucks off of my jija jii..” joked Ishana. ” Tera rajkumar kab milega?”

“Woh-” began Ishana.

Ishana accidently walked into a tall man. It sort of hurt when she bumped against him… she was dizzy for a second and then she looked up. ” Sorry maine-” began Ishana. The man only stared at her… she looked around nervously… ” Is there spinach in my teeth?”

Ridhimma’s jaw dropped. Ishana looked at her best friend. ” Ridzz..tujhe kya ho gaya hain?” whispered Ishana. ” O..Om.. Omkara Singh Oberoi?” whispered Ridhimma. Ishana frowned. Omkara Singh Oberoi? Ishana rolled her eyes and she looked at Omkara. He was still staring at her… it seemed like his feet were rooted to the ground. Ishana laughed a little and she waved her hand in his face. ” Hey?! kya ghoor rahe ho?” asked Ishana. Omkara snapped out of it and he smirked, ” Are you sure you’re father wasn’t a scientist?” Ishana frowned.. ” No…”

” He should be proud that he made a wonderful experiment like you…” winked Omkara. Ridhimma giggled and Ishana only laughed. ” No… my papa is Thakur Kamal Singh Rathore… he is a businessman.. does that count?” asked Ishana. ” Btw… your joke was lame” said Ishana. Omkara only laughed. ” You have a good sense of humor Lady Rathore…”

” Thank you… and you have the worst pick up lines…” joked Ishana. Omkara looked around and he took her hand and kissed it. She took her hand away quickly and blushed… ” Haasi to phasi” winked Omkara. He only laughed to himself and he turned around and walked the other way. The girls watched him leave… damn… he was HOT…

Ridhimma screeched, ” OMGGG ISHANA.. DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?”


“So? main kya karoon?” said Ishana. ” ISHANA… HE TOTALLY FOUND YOU HOT… I know it… he was staring at you for so long” said Ridhima. ” I don’t care.. besides… one should look at the personality and not the looks… he just lusts” said Ishana. ” Shut up !! you’re such a goody two shoes…” said Ridhimma.

” Your friend is right” said a familiar voice behind them. Ishana turned around and she just looked to the side and smiled, ” Aap humari baatein sun rahe thay?”

” Shayad” said Omkara with a smirk. ” Bohot buri baat Mr. Oberoi” said Ishana. ” ooh… that hit straight into my heart lady Rathore…” joked Omkara. He was such a flirt… Ishana just wanted to laugh. She just nodded her head and rolled her eyes..

She turned around and walked the other way. Ridhimma just stared at Omkara dreamily… ” Sorry Mr. Oberoi… she is just…”

” Its okay Ridhimma” said Omkara. Ridhimma wanted to die right there. Omkara said her name…

” Please excuse me” said Ridhimma. She was about to scream… she left before she could say anything. Omkara only snickered..

” Ishana… kahaan hain tu… you’re such a goody two shoes.. papa ki pari type… ghar ke bahar nikal… there is a world out there Ishana.. Not only the hospital and then your home..” said Ridhima. She caught up with Ishana and she found her blushing. ” Oh ho… Ishana… sharma rahi hain kya?” teased Ridhimma. ” Nahin..” said Ishana.

” Shutup.. main teri bachpan ki dost hoon… lagta hain kay Omkara tujhe pasand karte hain” said Ridhimma. ” Please… he’s just whatever” lied Ishana. ” Oh don’t whatever me” said Ridhimma.

” Acha to? main kya karoon?” asked Ishana. ” Kuch nahin… jo bhi karenge.. khudi karenge” said Ridhimma. Ishana felt a hope in her heart. Omkara certainly swept her off her feet and she only blushed at the mention of his name.

The whole night passed by with Omkara stealing glances at her and Ishana stealing glances at handsome Omkara Singh Oberoi… Ishana was beginning to have feelings for him… but she would deny them in her heart… She loved her papa more than anything. She couldn’t break his heart… but she had another man’s heart to worry about. He was exactly like she had pictured… handsome.. charming… sweet… intelligent and humorous.

As Ishana was saying goodbye to all the guests, she came across Omkara and he said, ” Bye Mishti (Bengali word โ€“Meaning-Sweet)”

Ishana frowned, ” Mishti?” ” Yeah.. tumhara naam Mishti hain…” said Omkara with a smirk. Omkara only winked at her and he left out the door. Ishana only laughed and she blushed extremely hard. Ishana said goodbye to Ridhimaa and she ran straight up to her room. Her payals made a loud noise all over the house and Arjun only called, ” Ishana… can you keep it down with those anklets? seriously… is someone shooting a bollywood movie in this house”

” Sorry bhaiya” called Ishana as she slowed down. ” Its okay princess” called Arjun. Ishana rushed to her room and she shut her door behind her and she ran to her bed and she crashed onto it.

She was breathing hard… Her world felt like it was shaken up… Ishana only started to sing her favorite song, ” Suna Suna.. Lamha Lamha.. meri Raahein.. tanha tanha… aakar mujhe.. tum thaam lo..”

Just then her phone started to ring. She stopped singing and she picked it up..” Hello?” ” Hello to you too Mishti” said Omkara. Ishana laughed, ” Aapko mera phone number kahaan se mila?”

” I have my ways Lady Rathore” said Omkara. His voice was driving her crazy… They talked the whole night and Ishana only shut the phone to change out of her clothes …

The next morning, Ishana had felt like flying… She wore an light pink anarkali and she wore her hair down… she wore her best bangles and light earrings. She was singing while getting ready.

Kamal came in and said, ” Ishana… aapki awaaz iss haveli mein goonjti hain par… aaj… kuch khaas hain?” ” Nahin Papa… bas… its beautiful today.. socha kay I’ll sing a little louder for my papa” said Ishana. Kamal laughed and he said, ” Acha beti… Sikander will drop you off to your hospital”

” Tell chacha jii to slow the car down… lagta hain kay woh race car driving kar rahe hain” said Ishana. ” Acha pagli.. bata denge.. aap apna khayal rakhein” said Kamal. Ishana only smiled and he went out of her room and she heard him walk to the other hallways.

Ishana felt like a new girl…

A year passed, and Ishana had grown so close to Omkara. She loved him more than ever and Omkara loved her so much… he handled the business well with his father and he was close to telling his dadimaa but Ishana stopped him. She told him that her father was a hot blooded thakur… he could never stand it. Ishana was so scared of telling her father… she wished she had her mother now… at least she would be able to calm her father down.

Ishana use to meet Omkara with the help of Armaan and Ridhimma… Ishana loved him more than ever… until… her father found out that rainy Saturday afternoon. ” PAPA.. I LOVE HIM… PLEASE…” screamed Ishana.


” Papa please !!” pleaded Ishana. ” WHO IS HE?” yelled Kamal. ” Omkara Singh Oberoi” said Ishana. ” THAT MAN? THAT SPOILT BRAT? HE IS KALYAANI DEVI’S GRANDSON?” yelled Kamal. ” I WILL NEVER LET YOU BE WITH HIM… NOT WITH HIM ISHANA… NEVER” roared Kamal. Ishana was crying her eyes out and she only said, ” MAIN USSE SHAADI KARONGI… AUR KISSI SE BHI NAHIN”


” NO… BURY ME RIGHT HERE… BUT I WILL NOT GO WITH THAT OLD PERVERT” screamed Ishana. ” WEโ€™LL SE ABOUT THAT!” yelled Kamal… He was so angry… he shut the door behind him and she heard him lock the door. She only cried and screamed…

The wedding day came and Ishana was like a dead body.. lifeless.. She couldn’t call Omkara… nothing… but she had heard from Ridhimma that they had hired goons to make sure that he gets into a car accident and that he dies… Ishana hadn’t heard from him since her last meeting with Omkara…

Ishana went outside with the permission and help of chachajii…” I’ll die… but I won’t marry”

Ishana ran into the forest and she took her wedding bangles off… and she threw her duppataa off and unloosened her hair. She tore the jewelry off of her and she approached the lake. She looked around and she had a tear escape from her eyes… ” I love you Omkara… I hope I see you again…”

Ishana stepped into the water… she felt it rushing past her toes… she went deeper and deeper… she threw herself into the rapid currents… and then she died… gone… from this world…

~~~ Flashback End~~~

Omkara stood there quietly… he looked at Ishana… Why were these faint memories passing through his eyes… he felt like he knew what exactly happened…

Ishana only looked at him apologetically… ” Omkara… I think you should go ask your dadimaa…” ” Dadimaa?!!” exclaimed Omkara. Ishana nodded… ” What does she have to do with this?

Omkara closed his eyes and then suddenly he went through a series of memories… the first meeting at the party.. .the first time they talked… It was driving him crazy…

“Omkara.. go” said Ishana. Omkara only opened his eyes and she vanished… He looked for her.. he called for her… until Chacha jii started calling his name, ” Omkara bete…kahaan ho?”

Omkara’s eyes frantically looked for her… but he only turned back because chacha jii was calling him. He said, ” I have to figure this thing out now… its too much!”

Omkara disappeared into the deep hallways towards the main living room…

To Be Continueโ€ฆ..

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    1. Fenil

      Tahnk you so much Ishu.
      Glad that you loved it.
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  2. UF3355

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    Take Care And Stay Safe๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so UF sis.
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  3. AMkideewani

    Bhaiyu it’s fabulously emotional๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜“Loved IshKara’s scenes to the core

    1. Fenil

      Don’t cry…Thank you so much sam.
      glad that you loved IshKara scene.

      1. AMkideewani

        Okay I won’t, but I felt sad that IshKara couldn’t be together

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      Awww atla badha visheshano chipkavi didha tame.
      Thank you so much.Glad that you love this shade of Omkara.

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      Thank you so much Nikkita .
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      Glad that you are loving it.

  9. Niyati

    Awesome Bhai …….it’s emotional chappie… loved ishkara scenes a lot….do update soon.Take care & Happy Diwali .

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much.
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    Flashback is so emotional which made me to cry…awesome update๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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