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IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-03 :Teri Meri Kahaani-2)


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Omkara was laying in his bed thinking about the whole day and especially that girl Ishana. He didn’t know why but he had the urge to go back… to ask the old man the whole story of that girl who is giving him sleepless nights…

” What the hell is going on with me… I’m never that sensitive around girls and please… Omkara Singh Oberoi doesn’t need girls to entertain him… he’s better off alone” thought Omkara.

Omkara tried to sleep but he couldn’t. Now he was getting frustrated… he needed to go back… no matter what happened.

” I need to go, I need to know that mystery…” thought Omkara. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


The next day Omkara had cancelled all his appointments and he went towards the same dargah without a word to Dadimaa that he was going. Dadimaa would never allow him to go, so he didn’t say anything to her. He went in the morning and he drove quite awhile towards the dargah.

Omkara still couldn’t erase his thoughts off of her… she was haunting his dreams.

Omkara finally reached the dargah to find it empty… not many people were around. He stepped out of his car and he looked around. Omkara tied a white cloth on his head and he stepped onto the same warm marble that warmed his feet.

He looked around for that man, asking everyone…

” Kahan milenge woh?” thought Omkara as he rubbed his temple in frustration.

He felt an hand on his shoulder and he turned around

” Aap humain dhoondh rahein hain” smiled Chacha jii…

Omkara only smiled a little and said, ” Jii, main aapko hi dhoondh raha tha… waise… aapka naam?”

” Aap humay chacha jii bula sakte hain… sab bache mujhe yehi bulate hain” smiled chachajii.

” Please chacha jii… aap mujhse bade hain.. aap mujhe tum keh kar bulayiye” said Omkara. Chacha jii only nodded and smiled.. ” Theek hain beta”

” Aur mujhe pata hain kay aap uss ladki Ishana ke bare mein poochnay aayein hain?” said Chacha ji. Omkara only nodded and Chacha jii only said, ” Mere saath chalo”

Omkara followed chacha jii through the dargah and into its tiny alleys inside and finally he reached the same lake… Omkara was about to question him until Chacha jii raised his hand and Omkara understood and didn’t say a word… he only followed chacha jii.

They went through a little forest area and Omkara was beginning to get a little more curious and suspicious…

They finally reached the haveli and Omkara stopped in his tracks… he looked around the beautiful haveli… it was like the ones that he saw in the movies, except it looked deserted… It looked like a ghost house.

Chacha jii opened the large gates without any key and Omkara only followed him inside… the grass looked overgrown with wild flowers and weeds. Chacha jii and Omkara reached the door which looked like it was from the 18th century with a heavy wooden door.

Chacha jii opened the door and Omkara stepped into the large haveli. Omkara scanned around and he saw that the haveli was definitely abandoned… white sheets were covering the couches, chairs, tables and paintings. It looked like it had never been lived in for years…

Omkara smelt the jasmine again and his heart skipped a beat… it drove him crazy inside. It was so tempting… so seducing… so sweet…

“Chalo mere saath” said Chacha jii. Omkara snapped out of it and walked beside him.

As they were walking through the large halls that was decorated with painting of people who looked like they lived long time ago and each picture was lit up with an tiny candle. Omkara felt a cold shiver down his back as he walked through. He didn’t feel afraid… but he felt something very different… something that he couldn’t describe in words.

” I am the care taker of this Haveli” said Chacha jii. ” Who owns this haveli?” asked Omkara. ” Beta… I am going to tell you a story and information about the haveli… if you have any doubts or concerns… you are welcome to leave any time you wish” said Chacha jii. Omkara only nodded and Chacha jii continued on…

” This is Thakur Kamal Singh Rathore’s haveli and as I mentioned, I am the only care taker of this haveli… he was my master and I was the head servant. Kamal had two older sons, Raj and Arjun and his youngest was his jewel… Ishana. Kamal’s wife Trishna lost many children whilst giving birth and only two sons and one daughter survived… she gave birth to the daughter and shortly passed away. She only made her husband promise that he’ll give Ishana the love of a father and mother in her death. So saab ji did what she said and Ishana was the apple of his eye. Ishana’s brothers loved her so much and were very protective of her. But it is said that Ishana looked exactly like her mother… beautiful girl” said Chacha jii

“She was doted upon by others because of her personality and beauty. Ishana was a lovely girl that always was positive. She was perfect and very angel like and everything about her was lovely… she had an excellent singing voice and would often sing songs to her father. Saab jii knew that she would never make a mistake that would tarnish the honor of the family… after all… Kamal’s grandfather buried all the females in the family because he was convinced that girls only tarnish honor… and they don’t deserve to live. But Saaab ji was different, he loved his daughter Ishana more than any of his sons.” said Chacha jii.

” So how did Ishana die… what happened?” asked Omkara.

Chacha jii lit another candle in the hallway and Omkara only looked at him with a million questions running through his changing expressions.

Chacha jii stopped walking and he approached the large room which looked like the living room. He went to the main mantle piece and Omkara followed him and stood behind him. He looked up and chacha jii unveiled the large picture that was covered with a white sheet.

Omkara looked shocked. It was the same girl Ishana… She was smiling. The camera had definitely caught her in a good time. She was absolutely beautiful… her features soft and warm. Her eyes were hazel and she had soft rosy pink lips. So it was really Ishana that visited him… same features… same everything. Her light brown tresses were set up neatly and elegantly.

” Saab ji knew that Ishana would never make any mistake, he knew that she loved him so much. Until Ishana beti made one mistake…” replied Chacha jii.


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