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IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu (Pearl-02 :Teri Meri Kahaani-1)


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Omkara drove home quietly while Dadimaa was either talking on the phone or she was sleeping. But Omkara couldn’t get her out of his mind…No matter how hard he tried to shut his mind and heart from her, he couldn’t. Dadimaa knew that he was getting restless about that girl, ” Omkara bete… aap usko bhool jayein… woh iss duniya mein nahin hain”

” No Dadimaa, I’m not thinking about her… don’t worry” said Omkara. Dadimaa only sighed and she knew if she talked about it even more, he would get angry.

Omkara continued to drive in silence until he reached the OM. He turned off the ignition and he twisted the keys out of the ignition.. As he was tugging it out, he saw his hands… she had touched them lovingly. He could still feel her touch… soft like an angel. Dadimaa was getting even more worried and she said, ” Omkara bete…”

” Chaliye Dadimaa” interupted Omkara as he snapped out of his thoughts. Dadimaa sighed and she got out of the car. Omkara got out of the car slowly followed by Robin who opened the door to Dadimaa.

Omkara came inside and he looked around the OM… The large French windows were wide open and the white curtains blew in the breeze… It was
evening time and Robin had placed candles all around the mansion because Dadimaa’s kitty party friends would be over soon.

Omkara went straight to his room and shut the door behind him. He had a stressful day and on top of that, that girl Ishana was haunting his mind and heart. He felt an unknown connection with her. Omkara took his white shirt off and hanged it in his closet.

He went into the washroom and freshened up…


” Woh aagaya hain Chacha jii” chimed Ishana as she danced around the deserted Rathore Mansion. The mansion was abandoned and old… It was an ancestral haveli that aged about a hundred years.

The same old man emerged into the darkness and he lit an candle. ” Ishana beta, woh tumhara Omkara nahin hain…” said Chacha jii as he was frustrated. ” Nahin… woh mera Omkara hain… mujhe poora vishwas hain kay-” began Ishana. ” Ishana beta! woh nahin hain tumhara Omkara…” repeated the old man. Ishana stopped dancing and she looked at him hurt eyes. ” Par chacha jii-” began Ishana.

” Mujhe kuch nahin sun na !!” exclaimed chacha jii. Chacha jii looked at his master’s daughter… she was still the same old Ishana. She never stopped loving that man Omkara Singh Oberoi ever since she saw him the first time, five years ago at the party.


The torn curtains started to blow and the windows flew open and they started to open and close… Chacha jii looked at his master’s daughter… same old stubborn Ishana. Her hair blew in the fierce wind that she conjured. The candles started to flicker and immediately blew out.

” Bus karo Ishana bete” said Chacha jii. Ishana was still angry… how dare her chacha jii say that to her !! That was HER Omkara… not anyone else… just hers.

Ishana looked away and she swallowed the lump in her throat and then the wind stopped. The windows shut loudly and the curtains stopped blowing.

Ishana fell on her knees and she said, ” Woh mere kyun nahin hosakte chacha jii… mera dil manta nahin hain… kya karoon…” A tear escaped from her eyes and chacha jii only smiled, ” Bete… agar woh aapka hain, to woh zaroor aayega”

Ishana looked up at him and only smiled, ” Thanks chacha jii… aapke mooh mein ghee shakkar…”

” Pagli” laughed chacha jii. ” Woh to main hoon !!” sang Ishana as she twirled around again and disappeared into the darkness.

Chacha jii looked around the abandoned haveli… He was the head servant of his master Kamal Singh Rathore, the owner of this once beautiful haveli with its halls that only echoed Ishana’s laughter. He could still hear them till today and he is the only one who remains left… everyone else… dead…

He went to the living room and he looked around…White sheets covered the tables and couches. Ishana was the only daughter of Kamal between her two brothers, Raj and Arjun. Her mother had died when she had gave birth to Ishana. He had a tear escape from his eye and he quickly wiped it and smiled, ” Saab jii…aapki aakhri kwaish poori kar raaha hoon”


To Be Continued….

Hello Friends !! Fenil here with next Pearl of this SS. Sorry for late I was down with Dengue then i m just taking rest and avoid cell etc…I miss writing a lot especially IshKara. So today I tried to write and just I m able to write around 800 words so sorry for short update.oky no more bak bak will try to post soon.
Do comments and share your views !! Hope you like it.
Keep loving IshKara !!

  1. ReihanaThamiz

    Take care of ur health fenil…nd i loved this story very much..actually i wont watch Ishqbaaz..but i am in love with om and ishana only coz of ur stories..loved dis epi..waiting for the next ..update it soon…TC

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much for reading.
      Now I m perfectly fine.
      Glad that you are loving story on IshKara.
      I too not watching Ishqbaaz after removal of Vrushika Mehta/Ishana .

  2. Ishana24

    It’s awesome, bro… Loved it very much… Take care and get well soon….

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Ishu.
      Glad that you loved it.
      Will post soon.
      You also take care.

      1. Fidato

        Just beautiful…. Fenil….don’t know how to praise you…. Haunted…but loved it to the core….

  3. Shabnam

    thanks bro tack care I miss you superb loved it ishkara. keep writing T.C post soon

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Dear Shabnam
      Glad that you loved it.
      U were reading my stories?
      Will try to post soon.once again thanks a lot.

  4. Shabnam

    thanks for update

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Stay happy and healthy… Take care…

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Nikki.
      Glad that you loved it.
      Will post soon.
      You too stay safe.

  6. UF3355

    Dear Fenil
    Om Dadi Conv Om Remember Ishana😘 Ishana Part😍😘 It’s Interesting Chapter😍😘😘👏👏👏

    Take Care And Stay Safe😊

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much UF sis.
      Glad that you loved it.
      Will post soon…stay safe.

  7. Sachu

    Hi bro glad to see u back writing…. Keep going dude….. All the best for this amazing job……

    1. Fenil

      Hii Dii…Thank you so much sis.

  8. Veera

    Very intriguing story. So, ishana died for omkara but omkara doesn’t anything about her not even her name, how is it possible? how can a she die for omkara when he doesn’t even know her. I guess this mystery will unfold slowly, i will wait for it. Take care of your health. Get well soon.

    1. Fenil

      Unexpected comment from you.
      Thank you so much.
      Glad that you liked it.
      Next two chapters I submitted do check when they came on plotter.

  9. AMkideewani


    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Sam.
      Glad that you liked it.

  10. Aarti32

    Brilliant update Bhai.. luvlyyyyyyy
    Aur ab aap jaldi se fit n fine ho jao

    1. Fenil

      Thank you so much Aaru.
      I m fine now thats why start writing again.

  11. Ankita27

    Wonderful update… Ishkara.. Loved it…
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