IshKara SS : Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja By Nish Dii & Fenu ♡ AN EPILOGUE ♡


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Omkara and Ishana returned home after a few days of observation in the hospital. Ishana was feeling a little better, but she still felt weak at times. But one thing couldn’t leave her mind… her dream… while she was in a coma.

Ishana held onto her long mangalsutra and she looked at Omkara with affectionate eyes. She had sprained her ankle badly in the process, so she would be on crutches for a bit. Omkara had held her close as he helped her sit into his car and he took her crutches and he put them at the backseat. Ishana put her seatbelt on and she saw Omkara coming into the drivers seat and sitting down.

She looked at his tired face. He looked like he hadn’t even slept for a week… ” Omkara…” said Ishana. Omkara was about to start the car until he stopped and looked at her. ” Kya hua?”

” I love you” smiled Ishana. Omkara broke into a large smile, ” I love you too Mishti” ” Start the car dhak dhak” teased Ishana. Omkara laughed, ” You’re lucky that you’re on crutches… or else I would’ve pounced on you”

” Haww Omkara..” said Ishana. ” What haww Ishana… we’ve been married for… about five years now? and you know it isn’t our first time” winked Omkara. ” Sharam kijiye” whispered Ishana. She blushed bright red as if it was the first time they met.

Omkara laughed and he started the car and backed out of the car. They drove from Delhi City Hospital towards their home, ” Oberoi Mansion”

Ishana looked out blankly and she kept on remembering her dream. Why that dream? What was the reason?

Ishana then looked at Omkara who was concentrated on driving and he was looking straight ahead. She put her hands on his which were on one of the gears. He looked to the side and smiled…

” Omkara…” said Ishana. ” What’s wrong?” asked Omkara.Ishana mentally slapped herself for that. Who was she kidding? Omkara could read her mind like a book. She was like an open book for him.

” Kya hua Dr. Ishana?” teased Omkara. ” Omkara… I’m really bothered about something…” said Ishana. “Go on Ishana” said Omkara.

” When I was in a coma, I saw a dream…” began Ishana. Omkara only raised an eyebrow and she continued, ” Omkara… that dream was so real… I felt like I was living it…”

” What did you dream about?” asked Omkara. He could tell by the tone of her voice, that she was really disturbed.

Ishana told Omkara the dream and he only stayed quiet. He was getting a little worried. She was really worried… It seemed like it scared her… even worse than a mere nightmare.

Omkara only hid his worried feeling with a smile. ” Ishana… it was a dream baby, its not real…”

” Par Omkara… I thought I had lost everyone… it scared me” said Ishana as she looked down. Omkara pulled over and he turned the car off. Ishana looked at him questioningly and he turned his body halfway towards her. He took her hand and he smiled, ” Ishana…a dream is only a dream… its never real and I’m glad to have you right in front of me… your Omkara is here…”

A smile captured Ishana’s lips and she only said, ” Omkara… if you are with me, then I don’t have to worry, you’ve always been my shield, my barrier from all troubles…”

“That’s my girl” smiled Omkara as he kissed her hand.

“Let’s go Omkara, Dadimaa must be waiting” said Ishana. “Oh by the way Ishana…you know how its been five years since we’ve been married and…Armaan and Ridhimma already are parents… sooo… I was wondering if we could also-” smirked Omkara.

Ishana blushed, ” Omkara!… seriously… way to get me off guard”

” Mishti… I really want a baby…” smiled Omkara. ” Okay… fine… have a baby Omkara…” laughed Ishana. ” Ishana!… seriously…” sighed Omkara.

Ishana laughed so hard… she loved teasing Omkara. Omkara yanked her hand and she landed so close to his face… He only smirked and looked into her eyes, ” If you want, we can tell everyone that our first baby was created on the way home”

Ishana punched his arm softly and she smiled shyly,” Omkara! not here”

“Why?… its a tight space… but we can put the seats down…” laughed Omkara. “OMKARA..” laughed Ishana. ” Seriously Ishana… stop turning me on by saying my name… ” joked Omkara. She punched him on the arm a little harder, ” Mr. Oberoi, not here… but…”

” But??” said Omkara as his ears shot up.

She smirked and she took her free hand and ran her fingers down the side of his face, ” I promise I’ll give you a baby tonight… how about that?”

Omkara’s face brightened up and he kissed her forehead, ” Thank you… but I think we’ll have fun tonight…”

“Get driving or else I’ll break my promise” joked Ishana. Omkara smiled and he let go of her and he started the car again. Ishana only laughed at him. He was the sweetest thing ever.

” So its a deal Lady Rathore?” joked Omkara. Ishana’s smile vanished and Omkara realized what he had said. “Sorry” said Omkara. Ishana only smiled again and she nodded her head, ” Its okay Mr. Oberoi… lets go”

They drove on and Ishana as usual chirped on and on about something and Omkara only listened. He got use to her talking and perhaps talking to herself at times.

They arrived home and Ishana looked out of her window to see the Oberoi Mansion decorated with bright lights. It looked the same way the day they got married… and she was entering the mansion the first time.

Omkara squeezed her hand and she only reflected pure joy, ” Omkara! its beautiful…”

” You’re beautiful” said Omkara. ” Lets go!” said Ishana. The guard opened the gate and Omkara drove in and parked his car in the driveway. Ishana unfastened her seatbelt and Omkara quickly came out of the car and he took out her crutches and then he opened her door. He helped Ishana out and helped her with the crutches. She limped with the crutches and then Omkara stopped her.

” Kya hua! chalein naa” said Ishana. ” Put all your weight on me” instructed Omkara. Ishana only frowned and she did what he told her to do. Omkara called the guard to take the crutches. Ishana was leaning on Omkara. Omkara smiled and then he scooped her up in his arms.

Ishana blushed, ” Omkara! everyone is at home.. are you crazy?”

” Crazy about you Lady Rathore… what can I do?” smiled Omkara. He carried her towards the door and he rang the doorbell.

Dadimaa opened the large doors and she smiled, ” Come in!”

Omkara carried Ishana in and Dadimaa only laughed, ” Omkara bete… bechari Ishana sharam se laal ho rahi hain…”

” Omkara! neechay utariye!” exclaimed Ishana. Omkara only laughed and Ishana went even more red. He carried her all the way to the living room and he put her on the couch softly. Omkara sat beside her and asked her if her foot was okay.

” Am I the doctor or are you Mr. Oberoi” teased Ishana. ” seriously Ishana… a cardiologist wife… makes my heart race” joked Omkara. Dadimaa laughed, ” You kids are too much”

Dadimaa sat on the other side of Ishana and she stroked her hair lovingly, ” Ishana bete…we were so worried about you!”

Dadimaa kissed her forehead and Ishana hugged her hard, ” It is so nice to see you again Dadimaa”

The ladies broke out of the hug and they talked for awhile and Robin brought in tea and some light refreshments. “Thanks Robin” smiled Ishana. ” It is nice to have you back Ishana” smiled Robin. ” Acha Robin… aapne saara intezaam kar liya hain naa?” asked Dadimaa as she sipped her tea. Ishana looked at dadimaa a little confused and Omkara only smiled to the side. Ishana could read her husbands smile and she had a fluttery feeling in her stomach.

The three talked for a bit until Omkara said, ” Uh Ishana… tum thak gayi hogi… chalo.. I’ll take you upstairs” Ishana only rolled her eyes and Dadimaa nodded.

Omkara scooped her up again and Ishana waved quickly to dadimaa and Omkara just gave her the bedroom eyes…

He took her upstairs and he softly kicked the door open. Ishana looked at the room. It was beautifully set up…around their large bed, there were flowerings hanging from above and candles lit. The large balcony window was open and the white curtains blew softly in the light breeze of a cool Delhi night.

Ishana looked at Omkara with shy eyes and he shut the door behind him with his foot and he walked over to the bed, setting her down softly. Ishana only held onto the sheets tighter and Omkara just looked at her with a smirk.

“Ready?” asked Omkara. Ishana only looked to the side and she blushed… Omkara sat down in front of her softly and he put his hand on her cheek and she just closed her eyes tightly. ” Baby?” said Omkara.

Ishana laughed and she slowly stripped her dupatta off and she pulled him forward by the collars, and he kissed her softly, and then she responded with passion…

Their night was the most beautiful night they could possibly imagine… They became one life, one soul, one breath…

~~~Nine Months later~~~

“Omkara!” yelled Ishana as she sat on the bed and he was at his desk looking at a couple of files. He wanted to make sure that he was around her most of the time so if she broke into labour pain, he would tend to her right away.

He jumped out of his seat and he went to her and she said, ” Our baby’s kicking me so hard”

Omkara sighed with a breath of relief. ” Ishana! you scared me”

” OUCH” yelled Ishana. Their baby was really kicking hard. But then she felt another kick… ” OMKARA.. OUR BABY IS KICKING…” whispered Ishana. She was in pain.. ” Oh God Ishana… did your water break!?” exclaimed Omkara. Ishana laughed a little, ” No my big baby husband”

“Come on Ishana… stop joking around” said Omkara. He only kissed her forehead and he went back to his files..

Ishana was laughing at him. He was so sweet. He didn’t let her even move an inch these nine months. She hated that she looked so fat… when they would shop she would hate it that girls would look at him…

” Omkara…” said Ishana. ” Hm?” said Omkara as he was working.

” Would you love me even if I was fat?” said Ishana. Omkara stopped working and he dropped his pen… he spun around from his chair and he frowned at her. ” Ishana.. why are you asking me that?”

” Because…” said Ishana as she fiddled with her fingers. Omkara stood up and went over to her and sat in front of her. He took her hand, ” Ishana… are you just saying that because girls still look at me and you feel ugly because you don’t have your usual petite and thin figure…”

Ishana pouted and she only nodded… Omkara looked at her… Who’s the baby now? “Ishana… every time I look at you, you look even more beautiful and you know when a woman looks more beautiful?” said Omkara.

Ishana looked at him innocently, ” When she first meets her husband?”

Omkara only nodded his head in negative, ” A woman who is about to have a baby”

“Why?!!” said Ishana. ” Because Ishana.. you have that beautiful glow on your face that tells me I have done something so honourable in my life..” smiled Omkara.

A smile caught at Ishana’s lips and she had a tear roll down and she grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach, ” Your papa babyy..”

She moved a little and she was near him… and she kissed him passionately and he responded. She broke out of it breathlessly… and he only laughed, ” Ishana.. wait till this baby is out of you, then we’ll create another one…”

Ishana laughed and she kissed him again… she loved Omkara so much. She was so lucky to have a husband like him…

A few moments after, Ishana felt a shooting pain… She broke out of the kiss and she yelped, ” OMKARA! MY WATER BROKE”

Omkara was so surprised but he quickly reacted and he picked her up… ” DADIMAA… TELL ROBIN TO GET THE CAR OUT!”

Dadimaa rushed to tell Robin and Ishana was screaming… ” OMKARA”

“we’re almost there baby.. hold on!” exclaimed Omkara. Omkara took her down the stairs quickly and he and Dadimaa went out the door. Omkara put her in the back with Dadimaa and Dadimaa only calmed her down. ” BREATHE ISHANA… BREATTHEE” encouraged Omkara as he started the car.

“HAYE RABBBAAA” screamed Ishana… Omkara’s heart skipped a beat and he backed the car out and drove furiously through the Delhi roads… ” OMKARA” cried Ishana…

Omkara finally reached the hospital and he took Ishana out and he rushed her in… ” MY WIFE IS IN LABOR!” yelled Omkara. Doctors and nurses quickly rushed to the scene and they rolled out a bed for her. Omkara set her down and she was screaming and crying..

Just then Armaan and Ridhimma rushed out and she was smiling so hard, ” ISHANA .. RELAX YAAR.. ARAAM SE… BREATHE KAR.. YOUVE ALREADY ASSISTED MANY BIRTHS.. TERI BAARI”

“AAAGHH” yelled Ishana. Armaan only let the lady doctors and nurses go ahead and he was there comforting Omkara.

” Koi baat nahin yaar.. hota hain… she’s in labour pain… it only lasts a few hours” said Armaan . Omkara looked at his friend with surprise, ” A few hours?”

Armaan laughed, ” Sorry.. I forgot you’re not a doctor.. your wife is.. the Labour pain lasts about 8-9 hours depending on the woman”

Omkara looked so worried… ” Oh my God.”

Armaan only walked with him outside the labor room… They sat there waiting and Omkara could hear her screaming… and yelling out his name… His heart was going to tear out… he felt like going there and taking all the pain away.

Omkara and Dadimaa were in the waiting room and she comforted him.

Finally, after a few hours Ishana’s screaming and crying stopped. Omkara wanted to see her… the labor pain seemed to rip her soul out…

Ridhimma came out and she smiled, ” You can come in after half an hour after mom and baby are cleaned..”

“Ishana okay!?! our baby… boy or girl!?” said Omkara. ” No Mr. Oberoi.. Ishana knows… I wont be telling ” smiled Ridhimma.

Omkara sighed and he waited a little longer.

After half an hour, Omkara could come in since he was the father.

He entered the room to find it quiet… He smiled and he saw Ishana laying there peacefully. He went up to her and he kissed her forehead, ” Wake up Mishti”

Ishana slowly opened her eyes and weakly smiled, ” I’m up”

Omkara sat beside her on the side of the bed and he hugged her, ” I love you so much Ishana… thank you…” She only had a tear slip out from her eyes, ” I love you too”

Subsequently, Ridhimma came out with two small babies small baby wrapped blankets. One with a pink one. One with a blue.

Omkara smiled hard, ” TWO?” Ishana laughed and she said, ” That’s why it lasted so long Mr. Oberoi”

“Congratulations Omkara Ishana… its twins for you… a baby girl and baby boy” said Ridhimma. Ishana took her babies in her arms… and Ridhimma held them in case.. ” Can I hold my baby girl?” asked Omkara. ” Of course!” said Ridhimma.

Omkara took the baby girl and Ishana took her baby boy… They beamed at their children. ” My baby girl” smiled Omkara. He kissed her tiny nose softly and she only moved a little.. and Ishana, ” My prince” and she kissed him on the forehead softly.

They beamed at each other and Omkara said, ” Thank you Ishana… Thank you for giving me double joy.”

” Can I hold my princess now?” asked Ishana. Omkara nodded and Ridhimma held the baby boy for a second and Ishana took her baby girl and Omkara took the baby boy, ” Hi champ.. Kaise ho?” said Omkara softly as he kissed him on the nose softly… and Ishana said, ” My princess.. I love you so much” and she kissed her nose…

Omkara and Ishana were proud parents and Dadimaa shortly came in with Armaan and she held them one by one…

” What can we name them?” asked Ishana. ” My baby girl came as a fairy… but her eyes has different spark so its DRISHYA for me”

“My boy” said Ishana. ” Hmm.. boy… lets see…”

” NAKSH…” smiled Ishana. “Hey Nik” whispered Omkara. ” Hey Drishya” whispered Ishana.

~~~Four years later~~~

” NAKSH… BADMAASH.. GIVE BACK YOUR SISTER’S TOYS” yelled Ishana as she ran through the hallways. ” NA NA NA NA BOOO BOOO MOMMYY” yelled Naksh as he made his mother chase him.

Ishana held Drishya in her arms and she only cried, ” Nik… COME HERE NOW…OR ELSE YOU WON’T GET TO WATCH SPIDERMAN”

Naksh stopped dead in his tracks and he turned around. He looked at his mother stop and she glared at him. He looked at her with his innocent hazel eyes and he looked down. Ishana only sighed and she looked at her daughter stop and she smiled a little. ” Baarbiiee Mummy” said Drishya.

Ishana walked up to him and he had his head down. She put Drishya down and said, ” Toy?”

Naksh brought his hands out and gave Drishya her barbie doll. ” Behave you two” said Ishana as she smiled a little. Drishya only laughed and she said. ” Mummy.. papa.. papa.. kahaan hain?”

” Papa yahaan hain princess” said Omkara as he stepped out of a room. Drishya threw her toy down and she ran towards Omkara and he scooped her up into his arms. Drishya hugged him, ” I miss you papa”

” I miss you too princess..” said Omkara as he kissed her on the cheek. Naksh continued to look at the floor and then Ishana lifted his chin and she smiled, ” Sorry baby… its not nice to take away things that aren’t yours… and you know Mummy loves you…”

Naksh nodded and she said, ” Hey spiderman…”

Naksh broke into a smile and she smiled, ” We’ll have pancakes tomorrow… just for you”

Naksh broke into an even larger smile and he jumped up, ” REALLY MUMMY?”

” Yeah baby…” smiled Ishana. Naksh hugged his mother and he said, ” Cartoon Mummy?”

” Magic words?” said Ishana. ” Please… can I watch my cartoon Mummy?” smiled Naksh. ” That’s my boy.. go.. jaa.. tera spiderman tujhe bula raha hai” said Ishana. Naksh broke out of the hug and he turned around and he was about to run the other way until he bumped into Omkara’s leg.

He looked up at his father and mischievously smiled, ” Sorry… Papa…”

” Hey badmash.. apni Mummy ko tang kar rahe the?” smiled Omkara. ” No…” said Naksh as he looked the other way and smiled the same way as Omkara. Omkara quickly put Drishya on his one arm and he scooped up Naksh…

” Hey champs… lets leave these girls and go watch our cartoons” said Omkara. ” Yeah.. girls like barbies… grooosss.” said Naksh.

Omkara put Drishya down and she put her hands on her hips, ” Papa..”

Ishana went over to her daughter and scooped her up, ” Lets go play house Drishya…boys are boooring… ”

Drishya giggled, ” Lets gooo… boyss are booring.. booo.. boo boys”

Omkara and Ishana laughed and they went off …

That night, Ishana and Omkara put their children to sleep and Omkara only smiled at her mischievously, and Ishana said, ” Now I know where my son gets his mischievous smile”

” Of course Lady Rathore…” winked Omkara. They got up from the two chairs at the side of Drishya and Nakshs beds…

Ishana blew a kiss to her children and Omkara held her hand, ” I love you” ” I love you too Mr. Oberoi” smiled Ishana.

They walked out, leaving the door closed… Omkara picked Ishana up and he said, ” See… you are still thin Lady Rathore… you have a feather like weight”

” So to say… all that running around in the hospital and working out really did the job” winked Ishana. ” Another One?” winked Omkara. “Omkara! behave…” teased Ishana. ” Oh really? so I’m a kid now?”

” Yeah… my baby…” smiled Ishana. Omkara entered their room and he closed the door softly behind him.

” Ishana… I haven’t heard you sing for the longest time…” said Omkara as he set her on the bed softly… ” What song shall I sing Mr. Oberoi” said Ishana. ” The one I love…” said Omkara…

Ishana understood.

She sang softly, ” Suna Suna… Lamha Lamha… meri rahein… Tanha Tanha.. aakar mujhe tum thaam lo..Maanzil teri… dekhe rasta… mur ke zara… aap dekhlo… aisa milan.. phir ho na… sab kuch meraa.. tum hi to hoo…bepanaah pyar hai aajaa… tera intezaar hain aajaa… hoo… bepanaah pyar hai aaja… tera intezaar hain aaja”

Omkara captured her lips with his and he kissed her senselessly, and she laid down and pulled him towards her… and he kissed her lips.. check.. throat… ears… and collarbone…

“Aisa milaan… phir ho na ho… sab kuch mera.. tum hi to ho…” sang Ishana softly as he kissed her neck again softly…

And that night, they truly made their lives which were suna… full of love… laughter and smiles… With their angels Naksh and Drishya….

~~~THE END~~~

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