ISHKARA and shivika a new story of Ishqbaaz episode 2

Thank you so much guys read all the comments thank you so much for liking my ff especially sethu prabha rashi dheemahee and Nikita jai
You all made my ok now enough of my bak bak and lets start with the episode NOTE i am starting with flashback of ISHKARA how they again and fell in love lets start now

Episode 2

Scene 1
Location – Rae Bareily UP
omkara comes out of his car just like dbo and dropa his phone meanwhile gauri is practicing jer dance ( here ishana has changed her name as gauri reason will be revealed later ) and his phone and talkstalks to anika same as show pm buys the land from thakur gauris mother had accident and om was emptying the land he saw ishana

Om – whos that girl let me see
He goes towards the girl and says
Om – i have bought this land close your shop and leave
Hearing this gauri turns and gets a shock of her life as she sees omkara and says
Gauri – you
Om – ishana you o i understood you now followed me till here to con me once again but i will not fall for your new story just leave and dont ever come in front of my eyes again
Gauri ( stammering) – who ishana i don’t know any ishana my name is gauri kumari sharma and i won’t go from till 2 hrs
Om – i understood u want money take this
He takes some money and throws it on her face
Gauri (hurt) – how dare you
Om – leave now ishana or else
Gauri – or Else what huh what will u do
Om – i will show u
He brings his car and smashes the shop with it
Gauri takes some mud and throws it on his face and says – this is for breaking my shop
and goes brings a bulldozer and breaks his car and says remember my name is gauri kumari sharma
And goes with full tashan a person ccomes and gives her money she leaves happily

Scene 2
Kaali thakur comes and cchains her up takes her to haveli om is shocked to see thakurain setting herself aablaze he then sees
Om – i dont think u will change for money now u will break some ones home i never expected this from you ishana
Ishana cries silently as she cant say anything bcoz kaali would kill her mother

Next day
Same as dbo gauri dances om lleaves gauri shocked bcoz of kaalis decision and ran away lile dbo now villagers taunt her and try to kill her but she runs away with the help of her mother and the kids om saves her and marries her like dbo after villagera left
Om – i m telling this marriage means nothing to me and i will never marry a person like u
And pushes her on ground ishana cries and goes back to her home

Precap : whos sumeet what is his relationship with ishana / gauri ???

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  1. Nice one dear…. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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    Nice one Kash CVS Vale spin off me ishana as gauri late same as your story …

    Post next soon…

  3. Awesome but Plz make some shivika episode

  4. Awesome
    U can add Rumya

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    Nyc one waiting for nxt episode

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    In this will be Shivika a Centre plot… But the name says will be

  8. Awesome update.. Waiting for the next part…

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