ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaz 28

Thank u so much guys for ur comments plz keep on commenting as it inspires me to write for u guys LOVE U ALL MY DEAR READERS ok enough pf my bakbak leta go to tge episode

Episode 28
Ishu takes jhanvi away but she is reluctant
Ishu- jhanvi aunty I’m sorry for wht i did but i did it for ur safety and for ur children u didn’t want them to see u burning again do u
Jhanvi- how do u know this
Ishu- i know everything leave it lets do some first aid
She smiles jhanvi feels tht she knows her but stops thinking tht
Ishu- omkara u plz take care of tej uncle
Om- I’m sorry ishana but i wont do this
Jhanvi- plz om
Om melts
Om- ok i just dump him in his bedroom don’t expect me to do his first aid or something

Everyone leave ishu is helping and supporting jhanvi while omkara has an unconscious tejs hand over his neck and is holding tej from his waist and takes him to room jhanvi comes there with ishu she bandages jhanvi oms blood boils on seeing jhanvis wounds
Jhanvi- don’t worry om its nothing u and ishu go to ur room
Ishkara- ok
And they leave
Jhanvi caresses tejs face which was frowned but due to her touch it relaxed

Ishkara were walking in corridor
Om- thank u ishana u saved my mom otherwise i wud hv died
Ishu- it was my duty om i hv lost my mom in front of my eyes i know how it feels
Om feels pain and sadness in her voice

Here rumya and shivika were discussing about Svetlana
Sumani – we hv to expose her in front of tej uncle
Shivru- but how
Ishu(from behind )- tht u leave it on me
And smirks
Sumi – i know di u can do it but u don’t know she is very clever
Ishu- and someone said i was very intelligent and my plans never failed
Sumani- r u going scare her
Ishu- no
Shivomrusumani- then wht will u do
Ishu- truth serum simple
Come on I’m a doctor i will know this much but
Shivomrusumani- but
Ishu- but the problem is very few chemist keep it and u hv to be very influential to buy it and i
Rudy- of course u r not iinfluential
Ishu- just shut up i am very influential but u guys need it so mr shivay singh oberoi shud order it understood
All – ok
Shivay- i need the chemists name
Ishu- come on mr oberoi use ur sources if they can get info about anika when she was under very strict protection then this is nothing
Shivay- how do u know
Ishu- tht i dont need to tell and about the truth serum get it as soon as u can most probably by tomorrow so tht we can throw Svetlana out soon
Rudy- but why r u helping us in removing Svetlana from here
Ishu- i don’t share personal info with stranger s

At night
Shivay slept on bed while anika on couch
Sumi in bed and had compelled rudy to sleep on floor
( u can imagine the night suit tht Jacqueline Fernandez wore in the song right now from housefull 2 being worn by ishana and om wearing his black almost transparent kurta)
Ishu was going to sleep when she entered her room there was a power cut and this frightened ishana to core flashes of her parents getting stabbed came in front of her eyes and she covered her ears with her hands and started moving backwards and came out if the room om saw her condition and ran towards
Ishu- don’t touch me whoever u r plz don’t touch ne plz i beg u plz leave me alone i wont tell anyone plz leave me plz
Om is shocked ishu faints he takes her to his room and sprinkled some water on her and she got up in a jerk all scared
She looks here there and understands tht she is in oms room
She tries to leave
om& stop from now on in night u will stay in my room and sleep beside me
Ishu- why
Om- becoz i hd promised ur maa to take care of u now sleep
Ishu- thank u
Om switches off the lights ishu gets scared im hugs her abd they sleep but some voice is heard and om gets up to check it hr sees Svetlana moving (its a 3d image) and follows it here ishu sees om and follows him he comes near the railing of the first floor and doesn’t pay attention as he wants to catch Svetlana iishu sees him he touches the image but it disappears and om falls
Ishu(shouts)- omkara
Abd runs towards
She holds himhim and tries to pull bbut its getting difficult
Om(woth tears)- ishu if anything happens to me then plz look after my mom i can only trust u in this and alqays remember tgat i love u a lot wherever i go
Ishu(crying)- just shut up om r u giving a farewell speech or wht nothing will happen to u until I’m here
She theb holds a lamp on wall tht has some Sharp pieces and her hand bleeds finally she pulla up om and he come up they r crying
Ishkara – i thought i lost u forever
And cry again they hug each other passionately and go to sleep
Next day
Ishana exposes Svetlana from truth serum teh wants to handover her tp police but ishana beats her black and blue Svetlana could not see her face clearly
Ishu(whispering to Svetlana)- go tell ur mom tht I’m back and I’ll take my revenge for whtever she did 10 years ago

After sometime ranveer comes there and is shocked to see anishya there
Ishu- we all r staying here for dadi but wht about u why r u here
Ranveer- becoz i love priyanka and i am getting married to her
Prinku blushes
Obros- how do u know her
Ranveer- well she is ny soul sister so i know everything
Pinjy calls some kinnar
Kinnar immediately goes to ishu and aays to her
Kinnar -ur past will come whtever happened 10 years ago will happen again and only u can ssave ur bro and sisters the truth wont be hiddeb for llong and u two(sumani) u hv to help her Save u all
(They r shocked)
Ishu runs away from there crying

Precap: daksh is back and jas planned something dangerous for both anika and ishana will they survive ???!!!

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  1. Shivika

    Amazing……u nailed it…..eagerly waiting

  2. Where is shivika part yaar only ishaana,om ki scenes hai better you changed the name of ff

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    Fantastic…Great one episode and precap both

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  5. Nice one dear…

  6. Amazing update…

  7. At first, sorry dear j didn’t comment on the previous parts but I read really all of them….And everything was absolutely Amazing!!!!!!….
    And today, It was really a very very nice one…All the scenes were so perfectly described. So Ishu is ready with her plan.. Great!!! Now, she was the Savior of onerous… Awesome thought at that!!!! And excited to know about the past and the danger…Precap is surely sups interesting…Phsyo back…Oops, feel like lots of drama is gonna be their…Loved the epi to the core..Keep your amazing work going on….You are really very awesome writer…..
    And now, about my fav part from the epi….Ishkara one…wowwww dear
    ..Lots of love for writing that scene.. Their love, care, concern, affection for each other, that gallery scene…The passionate hug…Thank you soooooooooo much for writing that…. Sadly we can’t see any Ishkara on the show, but reading about them through the ffs is a like a medicine to stop the bleeding of that hurt…So again thanks a lottery for the amazing Ishkara scene, and I hope you are gonna add a lots of them in the upcoming. parts too…….Thanks a lot again…. And loads of love…

  8. Amazing!!!! Great… Especially the Ishkara part…

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