ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaz 27

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Episode 27
At night
No one dared to mess with sisos especially pinky all had changed in their night suit and were ready to sleep ishu thought of checking on dadi and was shocked when she came to know tht she was having fever she ran to sumani and dragged them out of their rooms leaving shivru shocked and told them tht dadi was having fever ishu did cold sponge method while sumani massaged dadis hand and legs they dozed of while ishu continued her work and dozed off

Next morning
Everone was finding anishya and found them in dadis room anika s hand on dadis arm sumis hand on dadis legs and ishu s hand on the cloth which was on dadis forehead everyone understood wht and smiled while prinku woke up sumani who later woke up ishu everyone thanked them

After having breakfast everyone left to their rooms to do their work sumi was studying in rudra s room while rudra was staring her anika was studying and shivay qas staring her

Ishu went in oms room
Ishu- thank u omkara
Om- for wht
Ishu – for not telling anyone about us
Om- its ok i understood tht when u said with wht right will u stay here i wanted to say tht u are my wife and with tht right u shud stay here but i remembered tht we r separated so i chose to keep quite
Ishkara had tears in their eyes
Ishu wanted to say something but
A scream- how can u do this tej u brought this Svetlana back
Tej- yes becoz u guys had false proofs against her
Ishkara- jhanvu aunty/ mom
And rush downstairs
Everyone is present there
Ishu(whispering to om)- wht is Svetlana doing here u guys exposed her right???
Om- even I’m wondering the same
Tej – i wish u wud hv died jhanvi
Everyone is shocked
Om(shouts)- how dare u mr oberoi
And holds his collar while jhanvi is trying to release tej from om sge falls down Tej pushes om ishu holds him tej breaks alcohol bottles on jhanvi pouring alcohol on her Svetlana is smirking everyone is shocked shivru r shouting in tej to leave jhanvi tej lights a matchstick but om pushes him tej pushea him down abd om injures his keg with glass pieces ishu goes to him
Ishu- r u ok
Om- just save my mom
Tej again lights a matchstick and throws it on jhanvi but ishu catches it everyone is sighing in relief while shivru think why ishu is trying her hard to save jhanvi om comes tej pushes him again ishu again catches him
Ishu (whispers to om)- I’m sorry om but i hv to do it now
Om(knowing wht ishu is trying to say)- do it now i so don’t care just save my mom
Ishu goes behind tej while everyone is thinking wht will she do now
And suddenly ishu slacks tej with her hand in gis neck abd he faints

Precap : a kinnar to ishu- ur past will come whtever happened 10 years ago will happen again and only u can ssave ur bro and sisters the truth wont be hiddeb for long
Tears roll down ishus cheeks

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