ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaz 26

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Episode 26
Ishkara- wht???!!! No this cant happen
Sumani- so we won’t stay here simple
Dadi- ok ishana will stay here
Ishu- but with wht right will i stay here dadi
Dadi- see now u called me dadi so u will stay as my granddaughter
Ishu- but
Dadi- i don’t want to know anything
Ishu- ok
Dadi- prinku the guest room between shivay and omkara get it cleaned ishu will stay there
Ishu- did u call me ishu dadi
Dadi- sorry do u hv a problem
Ishu- no no problem actually i loved it
Dadi- soumya will stay in rudras room with him
Rumya- wht no
Dadi- u both r husband and wife u shud stay together
Rumya- ok dadi
Dadi- same goes for shivay and anika and no arguments
Shivika- ok dadi

After sometime they all leave for their room

They went inside the room shivay locked the door and pinned her to wall
Shivay – don’t even think tht i will accept u as ny wife
Anika – i am not dying to get acknowledged as ur wife ok get tht thing straight in ur head and don’t expect me to respect u ok

She went to open the door and trisha was standing there
Trisha – shivay wht sge doing here
Shivay- dadi called
Trisha- i think it was ur plan to come here and trap ny shivay but u shouldn’t underestimate me i am trisha malhotra and u stand nowhere near (now shivay was fuming)
Shivay- stop it Trisha
Trisha- no i wont shivay she is trying to snacth u from me u anika (sumisha enter omru r behind them shivika and trisha didn’t notice them and pinky also enters) u filthy piece of shit such a road trash (shivika ishkara rumya fume) u don’t hv a surname no bloodline no lineage (ishu puts her hand at om who is just behind her notices it and sees that she has formed a punch but is controlling her anger same with saumya and rudra)
Rudy- o i think we r going to three kaali matas here
Om- even i thought the same
Saumya wants to go abd slap trishabut ishu stops her
Trisha – ur family wud
And anika slaps trisha hard blood is oozing out of her lips
Ani- dare u complete that sentence abd i swear u will regret it
Sumisha smirk omru r happy pinky is shocked shivay is super
Ani- u three ( pointing at shivay pinky trisha) need some ethics classes from ishu she has already given a demo to rudra and shivay ask them
She leaves saunya follows her rudra goes
Ishu- trisha u shiuldnt hv said tht now u hv to bear the consequences
Ishu makes a call – just do it
Next moment shivay comes and
Shivay – malhotras hv gone bankrupt suddenly
Trisha – wht!?!
She looks at ishu who is smirking
Om(thinking)- something is fishy
Shivay- now i xant marry u trisha as deal is nullified i am sorry
Trisha cries abd leaves pinky is shocked

After some time at pool side
Omru(teasing shivay)- wht if shivay was slapped by bhabhi then
Shivay- juat shut up

Anika cones in oppisite side to calm herself
Saumya comes behind her followed by ishu
Obros- now wht happened

Sumi- di u r the best u r ny favourite u r like my wonderwoman and i love u and kisses on her cheek
Rudra is shocked to see this side of sumi
Ani- awww
Sumi- wht
Ani- wht i said awww
Sumi- u said everything with feelings abd u just said awww
Ani- yes
Ishu- taunts them – awww
Ani glares at her but she continues taunt them
Sumi- take this awww
And throws water on ani
Obros are laughing
While ishu is laughing like hell
Ishu- awww
And laughs again
Obros r laughing
Ani- awww
And throws water on sumi
Ishu- awww
And laughs uncontrollably
Obros are like rofling
Sumani niw throw water on ishu
Sumani- awww
Obros r now holding their stomach
Abd laughing
Ishu is shocked
Ishu- wht the hell
Abd chases sumani and puahes them in pool they pull her in pool
Ishu- ok enough punishment time
Sumi u dont hv to speak about survets for one week
Sumi- wht
ishu- yes abd anika dont try to cook anything for one week
Sumani- abd u take a break from protecting us for a week and relax and dont cry in night for a week
Ishu – how do u know
Sumani – who r we to you
Ishu whispers – my sisters
Sumani- and u think we wont know it

Precap : ishu slacks her hand on tej he faints



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