ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 5 and 6

i wrote these episodes but now will hv to type again so i will type in shock

episode 5

ishana questions om what is he doin in bareily and they play hide and seek with goons harsh comes o support ishana goon was about to stab om but ishana came in between bottle was smashed on oms head both in hospital om reunites with shivaay and ishana reunites with her gang and then immerses summets ashes in gomti river where she faints in harhs arms while crying and then om shivaay harsh ishana travel to mumbai in a private plane where a fight ensues in which ishana is hurt badly they all reach mumbai and om and ishana separate their ways

episode 6

shivika exposed the kapoors so om has now broken his engagement with sveth he is again an artist now his art gallery is divided in a dance class too suddenly he hears cham cham which prompts him to go and chech upstairs and is shocked to see ishana who then closes her door on his face then chandan a goons son tortures her to marry him leaving her unconscious and om shocked to see her in that state he makes conscious and takes her to a temple and marries her again against her wishes and takes to her home where she behaves rudely with at night om was working on his laptop and was shocked to see her crying in her sleep she got up suddenly and ran out to her balcony crying as she said that this should not have happened and that she wishes that this nightmare would have never become true om hears her words and wonders what nightmare

precap : ishana does something that shocks om and makes him cry

note to all readers i wrote my episode in this format because telly updates rejected it the first time and ihad written those episode in 2 hrs at a strech and now i dont hv courage to type it again
note: i will show the lows of ishanas life inthe upcoming episodes please bear with me

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