ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 44

Rohan punches shivaay reyaan beats rudra
Both – how can u say this u guys don’t trust ur wives and u suspect them with us we r their bffs
Rohan- I’m anikas childhood bff
Reyaan- and sumi us my bff from college first she my bff then my girlfriend rudra
Both- and u made them cry we will not leave u

Both raise their hands on them but stop in between
Shivru r shocked
Ro&Re- we don’t want then to cry thts why we stopped

Soham enters
He is very furious looking like he will kill someone
Soham shouts- omkara singh oberoi
Om comes there
Soham grabs him by his collar and shakes him
Soham- how dare u how dare u name my and ishus relationship as an extra marital affair she is my sister people like u will remain like this u don’t deserve her abd she deserves someone much better than u do u even know wht has happened with her
Om- i just got to know few days before am sorry and plz i know u love ishu as a sister so if u hurt me u will hurt her as she still loves me
So- how r u so sure
Om- i know it
Ro&re to shivru- abd you both if u make our bffs cry u see wht i do
Shivru- we r really sorry
Fb ends
Sisos dance with their bffs on kala chashma

Next day
The wedding
Anika s outfit-

Sumis outfit-

Ishus outfit-

She was going to check the invitation card of the wedding card sumani saw this and ran to her and snatched it
Ishu- r u guys alright why did u snatch it
Sumani- we hv to check something
Ishu- OK u sgud have said this why to snatch it
Sumani- ok u go
Veeka arrive and they all r chatting Obros come there congratulate them but om is missing
Veer signals them
Ishu received a message about om and had tears abd runs out
Veeka shivika rumya- mission ishkara successful

In garden
Ishu sees om his back is facing her
Ishu shouts- om
He turns
She runs to him and hugs him he hugs her back
Om- shhh shhh ishu its alright i just wanted to see ur love for me
Veeka shivika rumya r behind them
Hearing oms words ishu hits his chest but he smiles and kisses her forehead
Veeka- if ur romance is done then we hv four wedding
All- four
Veer- yes u giys r getting married again
All- omg
First veeka get married then shivika then rumya abd last ishkara
After guests r gone they take blessing of elders
They leave now youngster r alone
Boys pick their and go to their rooms and they consummate their marriage

Do let me know if u guys epilogue

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