ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 4

Thank you guys for your comments regarding ishanas name i will clear it In this epi so now lets go to the episode guys i need your wishes as Tomorrow is my Ped test and i am scared wish me luck

scene 1
location near jungle
kaali stabbed sumeet in front of ishana/gauri she is shocked
kaali – because of you my brother is dead u thought iwill leave your brother now go save your brother
gauri – sumeet no open your eyes please open ur eyes for maa please sumeet
with great difficulty she reaches hospital with sumeet and admits him
for two days he was treated but now his liver and kidneys failed and doctors were trying their best to save him one day
doctor- gauri ji ur brother does not have much time his liver and both the kidneys failed i am sorry hearing this ishana goes in flashback
FB 6 months before

ishana is again threatened by those goons one day when she could not give them their money they stabbed Mona and pappa she admitted them in hospital after that she ran to terrace
ishana (thinking)- its because of me that pappa and Mona in this condition i should leave them alone and they will be alright

saying this she was about to jump but someone holded her back it was sumeet
sumeet (shocked)- what r u doing shreya how could even think to die and slapa her hard
ishana- what should i do it is because of me that pappa and mona are in this state
sumeet – shreya you tried your best thank god i was in contact with u after u left Lucknow i was missing my sister shreya who was strong not this weak ishana
flashback 10 years before

ishana anika and veer were sent to Lucknow for security reasons their names were changed so ishana was shreya anika was ankita veer was varun ishanas friends came to know about it and protected the bro and sisters whenever needed and added them in their gang they named their group bff gang ishana was close to harsh sumeet and divyansh devanshi and antra harsh had crush on ishana one day they went back home but they were in touch with their bff gang and ishana was still called shreya by friends
flashback over
sumeet helped in pappa and Mona s treatment financially
sumeet – shreya i need your help

ishana – tell i will do any thing
sumeet – u hv to come to bareilly with me and act as my adopted sister gauri so as to take care of my mother
ishana – i am ready
she left her friend acp ranveer to look after pappa and Mona and went to bareilly with sumeet and bonded easily with his mother and treated her like her own mother and some months this incident happened

sumeet started breathing heavily ishana called doctor but sumeet died in front of her eyes she then cremated him and their mother watched her cremating sumeet and broke down ishana asked nahar to take maa away after they went she fell on her knees and cried
ishana – kaali thakur u will pay for killing my brother i will avenge his death u just wait and watch

she went and called divyansh and he took maa to Mumbai ishanas house
ishana stayed back and went to kaalis house and stabbed him a little but kaali sent his men behind her but before going there ishana went to same cliff as om
ishana – i will take maa away from here and take care of her in Mumbai i will never return back to this city
kaalis men were after her she was running but collided with a boy and was shocked
ishana- you what r u doing here ???

precap : who is that boy ???

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