ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 39 part 3

hi guys thanks for commenting I’m feeling very low now my dad is humiliating me like anything just for studying other subject apart from maths he curses me tht I will fail in my boards I mean which parent compares their child to failures I’m sorry for the rant

episode 39 part 3
rudy-veer bhaiya pls don’t beat bhaiya pls
ishu- u r no less mr Rudra Singh Oberoi
veer-what do u mean ishu
ishu-I will not say anything sumi will tell u sumi tell him everything
sumi- when I came here in Mumbai I was alone so my dadi asked his dadi to let me live in Oberoi mansion till I found my pg home we were always at loggerheads but became best friends one day when we were running away from Romi we accidentally got drunk and got married we never forced each other but when Jhanvi aunty tried to commit suicide he blamed me humiliated me and when bade Baal waale bhaiya got engaged to tht Svetlana he blamed me humiliated me and tht is when I left tht place as it was about my self respect
veer-Rudra Singh Oberoi u HV blamed my baby sister for something she never did Shivay Rudra get out now just get the hell Outta here sumi and Anika will divorce u u all will be free

they were going towards the door when someone stops them they turn to see mrs Rathore
mrs Rathore- u HV married our daughters and for divorce u HV to stay here with them for six months so u will stay here with them
mrs Rathore – I will not listen to anyone

Ishu tries to go
ani- chutki where r u going
ishu-I am going to take revenge from those kapoors
everyone- but u HV already taken na
ishu- no today for our second family di they were the ones who separated us di and they were the ones who killed my mummy (Mona’s mother) and ur ma Baba (sahils parents)
all r shocked
ani- chutki take me there today I will finish it for once and for all

they goto station and tortured mrs Kapoor almost killed her same with Svetlana
veer- sumi u HV checked the arrangements na
mr mrs Rathore sumi-yea everything is checked
veer-after so many years they will celebrate their birthday
om- what is happening
sumi-bade baal wale bhaiya today is ani di and Ishu dis b’day after 10 yrs
om- u mean to say tht they r….

ani and ishu enter
everyone shouts- happy birthday Anisha
they are suprised and happy
they turn to each other and hug and say
Anisha (to each other) – happy birthday my twinnie sis
obros- fhat the wuck they r twins
all- yes
ishu-I got something for u
ani- sure
ishu- come inside
Sahil walks in with crutches and all r happy to see him there
Ishu goes to him and takes away his crutches and he walked perfectly like a normal child
all r shocked and happy
Anika has tears Sahil runs to her and hugs her
ani- Sahil u alright and when did dis happen who did dis
sahil-who else other than my superdidi she asked her friends for help and they agreed
Anika- thank you chutki thank you very much
ishu-I will slap u now Sahil is yr brother tht means he is my brother u all took care of Mona like she was ur sister then this is nothing di
veersumanijeevika-she was and will remain our sister
later they cut cake together with the whole family as they were celebrating their b’day after 10 yrs and later had a cake fight excluding obros

all are happy

precap :. ISHANA DIES

sorry for the rant guys but what can I do which parent compares their child to failures I’m sorry for the rant and now I will post the next episode when I’m alright and happy bye love u all guys my readers commenters and my silent readers

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  1. Sairan

    Ohh god don’t worry every parent says this only when we study only one subject and leave others my personal experience ?????
    And plzzzzzzz don’t make Ishana dead plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t

  2. Pratha

    What d…. Precap
    Pl. Don’t make Ishana die…..
    I request u and Pl. Don’t make the punarjanam type stories……
    Cont soon
    Don’t worry you will rock in ur exams….

  3. Nithu

    dnt wrry dear my dad and evn my mom says that evryday……but i nvr failed in any of my subjects…each person has their own way of studying….uk what i read at late nights cuz if i study in morning nothing will get into my brain…..and finally ill sleep………..and what abt that precap…….y ishana will die……what will happn to our OM….if she dies……….

  4. Nyc… shocking precap waiting for next

  5. Well every parent won’t say the same this. I always feel relax ed in my boards. And even I won’t study . My parents say cgill man don’t take stress and i think should make ishana die.

  6. As usual I thought you would make everything equal. But why you are making Anika a emotional fool. And ishana can do everything

    1. ishanaomkarakiwife

      Well ashwathy Kapp I think that u r a shivika shipper and I hv already stated why I couldn’t give their scenes plus ishu making sahil walk was surprise for anika
      I hope u understood the episode now

  7. I Don’t like your ff at all?????

  8. Awesome….but plzz don’t kill Ishana….

  9. Shocking precap dear…
    Don’t b upset sweetie… Every thing will be fine…. I am sure you will get good grades in the exams… Waiting for the next update

  10. Make ishana die yaar and just give Om gauri

  11. Awesome update..

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