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ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 39 part 2


Hi guys thanks for commenting actually about Shivika i was going to do a bffs wedding track but due to loss of tym i couldn’t so pleasw try and understand

After one week everyone is trying to be normal but anika is affected the most

One night
Ishu was in garden when veer comes there ( jeevika sent him so tht ishu can show some emotions she has suppressed )
Veer- nightmare again ishu
Ishu- yes bhaiya i think ani di was lucky she lost her memory and forgot the incident but i still can’t
Veer- i know come lets get u sleeping
They go in her room he makes her sleep and checks anika and goes to sleep

Next morning
At dining table
Shivay- anika come back to oberoi mansion
Anika- to be humiliated again sorry mr shivay singh oberoi but I’m not interested o i understood u want me to come back because now u know i hv blood class lineage or because ishu has broken the partnership and u guys r going through loss so u want me to come back to revive the partnership
Rudy- no bhabhi it is not like tht pls come back

Ani- I’m sorry rudra but i will not come back to a house where women r not respected did u ever respected sumis feelings I’m sorry but i don’t want to be another jhanvi singh oberoi
Om- no one is asking u bhabhi pls cum back we need u
Ani-, I’m sorry but i can’t
Shivay- enough when i said u r coming with me tht means u r coming with me
He pulls and.drags her towards the door when someone holds their hands and releases anika s hand shivay turns to see ishu as the person to do tht
Ishu- when my di said she Doesn’t. Want to go nobody forces her

Shivay – just shut up u r no one to speak in between
Ishu- if these twi idiots can theb i hv full rights
Veer(coming suddenly)- may i know why was shivay forcing anika to come to oberoi mansion
Anika- because he is my so called husband
Veer- ur wht

Anika- husband Bhaiya husband
Veer- but how
Ani- i was his wedding planner but due to circumstances we got married he always questioned my character so i came back
Ishu- i will tell u bhaiya how he proposed marriage to her
Ishu shows video in which shivay threatened ani about sahil
Jeevika and mr and Mrs rathore r shocked to core
Veer is fuming he starts beating shivay
Jeevika – how cud u shivay u used an innocent child
Veer- u used Sahil my bro threatened my sister
Anika cries- bhaiy leave him

Veer continued
Ani shouts- i still love him bhaiya
Veer is shocked and stops beating shivay

Precap: veer -,shivay rudra get out of here
Anika tortures kapoors and is shocked to see some change in sahil

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    Amazinggg great episode
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    Good one ishu but too short Pl. make it a bit long….
    Con’t. soon

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