ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 39 part 1

Thank u so much guys for ur valuable comments and ASWATHY KAPP and MAYURI I’m sorry if this ff is not upto ur expectations but here I’m trying to show ishana s pain as we could not see it in ishqbaaaz it is my version
And PRATHA I’m glad to know tht our thoughts about ISHKARA are same
Anyways lets go to episode 39 part 1

Episode 39 part 1
Siblings go to their rooms
Mrs rathore- i shud hv listened to her she was begging me to listen her for once and understand but i didn’t
Mr rathore- its not ur fault anyone wud hv done the same u were hurt tht she was alive but asked u to do her shradh
Obros- wht r u saying
Mr rathore- I’m saying the truth 10 yrs ago after one month from the incident we got a letter from ishu in which she stated tht we forget her it all.happened because if her and considered tht she died tht day and do her shradh every yr thinking it was her last wish
Om- but why
Mr rathore- becoz she was guilty of telling the truth to her parents about mrs kapoor and she thinks if she had not told them they would hv been alive
Om- o my god so she thought this will be her punishment for telling the truth to her parents
Mr rathore- maybe yes

Veers girlfriend jeevika (surbhi jyoti) enters

Mr and mrs rathore- jeevika u here
Jeevika i saw the news and came here how is veeranishya
Mrs rathore- in their rooms

Ishu is in Akash and Ishita s room
Veer is in his room clutching his parents photo frame
Anika in her room clutching her bracelet and her parents photo
Sumi is clutching her lucky locket given by ishita and Akash remembering them

Saathi rey thoda thehar jaa
Abhi raastein kuch badal se jayenge
O saathi rey thoda thehar jaa
Yeh paanv bhi ab sambhal se jayenge
(They remember ishita and akash)
Phir wohi barsaat hogi
Aur ashq saare dhul se jaayenge
Roshni din raat hogi
Aur sab jharokhe khul se jaayenge

Yaara tu hi toh bandagi hai
Yaara tu hi dua
Yaara kaisi ye berukhi hai
Kyun judaa tu hua
(They cry harder remembering their last moments with them)

Kehna tha aur kya kya mujhe
Neend kyun aa gayi phir tujhe

Na-na-na-na-na Na-na-na.. (x3)

Hmm saathi re thoda thehar ja
Abhi mausam ka badalna baaki hai
O saathi re thoda thehar ja
Kuch door saath chalna baaki
(Ishu holds akash s favourite suit remembers when veeranisha had gifted it to him and he tild from now on it will be his favourite suit she then holds Ishitas ghungroos which she had named gungun (like mother like daughter) )
Phir unhi raaston pe
Tere mere kadmo ka milna baaki hai
Dard mein, ranjishon mein
Sang bujhna aur jalna baaki hai

Yaara tu hi toh bandagi hai
Yaara tu hi dua
Yaara kaisi ye berukhi hai
Kyun judaa tu hua (x2)

Haan tere aur meri darmiyan
Ab bhi baki hai ik daastan

The siblings sleep after they r exhausted from crying mr and Mrs rathore come in their rooms one by one and plant a kiss on their foreheads

Obris and jeevika stay back in their respective guest rooms

Precap : shivikas relationship is exposed in front of veer

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