ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 37

thank you guys for yr comments I was overwhelmed let’s go to the episode 37
episode 37

ishu- I will tell u everything 10 yrs ago mrs Kapoor wanted to trap my father so that she could HV all the property of singhaniyas but my dad loved my mom so she wanted to kill us but I heard her plans hence the bomb blast in my room dad asked me so I had to tell him everything he called her to confront her when she came here I had a feeling that something will happen so I chloroformed my bro veer and put him in carpet with my sister’s and Ramu kakas help and sent him to dada and dadis house next mrs Kapoor called my parents in store room I heard her so we went there before anyone could see us we were hiding behind a cardboard that’s when I saw her killing my mom and dad after that she went to call someone I came to my parents and they told me to run away and protect my siblings so I had to hide all these yrs because if I came back then she would know that we all r alive (she said all this while crying) now please leave me alone
mrs Kapoor and Svetlana try to leave but Ranveer and harsh caught then Ishu hugs veer and ani like a mother would Ranveer handcuffed mrs Kapoor and harsh handcuffed Svetlana Ishu came and mercilessly beats Svetlana mrs Kapoor asked her to leave Svetlana Ishu broke Svetlana s legs and mrs Kapoor cries
Ishu – u felt the pain what about me I saw my parents getting murdered by u
she then beats mrs Kapoor mercilessly and Svetlana begs her leave her mom
ishu- think about me Svetlana think about Anika u r seeing ur mother getting beaten by me and u r crying I saw my parents getting murdered by her


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