ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 36

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episode 36

2 days later
ishana opens her eyes and then looks around she sees a sleeping veer holding her right hand and sumani sleeping beside him
she tries to touch veer from her left hand but sees omkara holding it tightly while sleeping and shivru are sleeping on the couch
ishu- om om
om opens his eyes
om is happy
om- thank god u woke up ishu
and pecks lightly on her lips shocking ishana
om wakes up everyone
om- everyone wake up ishana has opened her eyes
everyone is happy and veerAniSumi kiss on her forehead
doctor- ishana is discharged but take care of her
ishana is changing everyone is waiting outside while sumani r helping ishu
ranveer comes there running
veer- hey ranveer i was going to call u ishu is out of coma now she is discharged how is priyanka
ranveer- theres a bad news for ishu
ishu – wht bad news ranveer
ranveer- tht i wont be able to say u come with me
he drags her to morgue
everyone follow them
inside morgue
ranveer towards a dead body ishu follows him
he uncovers the dead body
ishu (shouts)- pappa
and runs towards mr patels dead body
everyone rushes inside and is shocked to see mr patels dead body
ranveer- we found the body sometime before
ishu is hugging pappas dead body and is crying very badly veersumani r crying om is shocked
ishu- pappa wake up u hv to save me from peoples humiliation u hv to see mona u hv to tell us both the lovestory of u and mummy plz wake up pappa plz plz
veer- we should do his last rites
ishu cries

at the cremation ground
ishu does all the rituals
when the priest asked her to put fire on pappas pyre
ishu- veer ani sumi plz join me i need strength and pappa always wanted to see u guys but he couldnt see u all so plz if u could him fire with me
veersumani- like he was ur father he was also like our father so we all will give him fire
they all cemate mr patels body and ishu gets his ashes in a copper pot
and all leave
they reach in hospital to collect ishus belongings soham comes there with tears
soham- ishu mona wont survive her tumor wont be cured chandan had hit her with so much force and now even if we operate her she will die midway in her operation iam sorry she has woke up from her coma and knows tht she wont survive so she wants to meet u one last time
everyone is shocked
ishu- mona
and runs with great sped
veersumani follow her om also runs shivru run behind him
in monas ward
mona- di
ishu- mona
mona- di i dont hv much tym u remember how we met i was so happy to get u as my elder sister u protected me everytym u r the best sister
ishu- no mona iam not if i was u wud not hv been in this situation
mona- no di u r the best the best even if i was not ur own sister u always kept me away from the shadow of those goons
ishu is shocked
ishu- how do u know this
mona- who iam to u
ishu- my sister
mona- so i will know ur secrets na
machine starts beeping
mona – di i dont hv enough tym can u hug me and sing a lullaby so tht i can go peacefully i will join dad also there dont worry soham told me everything
ishu – ok
she hugs mona and sings while everyone standing there is crying
ishu sings while crying- Teri main balayein loon
Tujhe main duaayein doon
Tujhko main khushiyon ke saaye doon
Khwabon ko sajaaye tu
Aankhon mein basaaye tu
Tujhko main doon sab jo chaahe tu
Saari raat ye pehra kare
Keh doon chand taaron ko
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro

Jaag jaaye na tu, jaagu raaton main
Jhoole jhoola tu mere haathon mein
Teri chumu aankhein main baith sirhane
Saari raat ye pehra kare
Keh doon chaand taaron ko
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro
Chaoro chaoro icha paari chaoro

Hmm.. hm..
Hmm.. hm..

and mona slowly dies in ishus arms
ishu senses this and starts crying very badly but then places monas head on pillow
and covers her with blanket
all r crying
they goto cremate her

ishu is doing all rituals

Tere saath hi iss aag mein
Mere sapne wo sab jal gaye
(she puts fire on monas pyre)

Guzre jo pal tere saath mein
Mere apne wo sab jal gaye
(she remembers her moments with mona)

Udti yeh raakh ab armaano ki
Mujhse puchhe yehi
(she falls down on her knees veersumani rushes to her and hug her while she cries)

Main tere kaabil hoon ya
Tere kabil nahi

Main tere kaabil hoon ya
Tere kabil nahi

they go back home and ishu locks herself

after 2 days
ishu comes out of her room
veer – ishu r u alright
ishu- no sumi
sumi- yes ishu di
ishu- tell me one thing petrol burns more or kerosene
sumi – kerosene but why
ishu – because iam going to kill chandan
everyone – wht
ishu- yes even ranveer is helping me iam going to avenge pappa and monas death r u guys in with me
veer- iam with
sumani- so r we
obros – r u guys mad why willu kill him
veeranishya- because he has killed our sister
ishu- he has to pay for it

they leave for ishus colony
kamini and ranveer join
ranverr pushes chandan and kamini ranveer sumi ani and veer r standing in a circle
ranveer – how dare u touch mona
and punches him and throws towards kamini
she slaps chandan
kamini- how could u do this
and pushes him towards veer
veer punches him in his abdomen
veer- she was my sister
and throws him towards sumani who beat him a lot
he is asking for mercy
obros arrive their but dont do anything as they know if they interfere today then everyone will kill them with chandan
sumani throw him out of circle and he lands at ishus feet
chandan- sorry ishana iam sorry but plz dont kill me i love u na
ishu – too late and onee more thing i dont love u
saying this she takes a rod and breaks his hands and legs
and then pours kerosene over him and lights a matchstick he begs for his life but she throws matchstick on him setting him ablaze and after sometym he dies
all smirk and ishu is smiling painfully finally avenging pappa and monas death

after sometym everyne leaves for their home
in singhaniya mansion
ishu is in her nightsuit and lying down on her sofa and has eyes closed
obros come there folowed by veersumani
veer – wht r u thinking ishu
ishu- about kapoors they r the ones who r attacking us
veer- then why r u not complaining against them
ishu- i hv a plan i hv already sent fake deal papers and they hv signed it veer announce our rajya abhishek is tomorrow call media and the cocktail party after our mahaarti i will expose them and also i will reveal about our past
veer – r u sure
ishu- a 110%
veer ok
obros r confused
ishu goes om follows her
ishu with tears in her eyes calls harsh
ishu- hello harsh
harsh- yes shreya say
ishu- u said tht u will support me in anything i do
harsh – yes wht happened
ishu- i am going to expose kapoors tomorrow and also tell my past to media tomorrow i need ur supprot plz come
harsh- ok i am coming
and he disconnects call
om hears everything
ishu closes her eyes and tears fall down

precap: ishu exposes kapoors and also reveals her past

note to the readers: this ff will end in mostly 5 episodes and after tht i will be on break thank u for ur love and support guys

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