ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 35

Thank u so much guys for ur comments and yes NIKITAJAI DI u can CALL ME SWEETIE i hv no problem with tht and thank u PRABHA for believing that my real name is ishana and NAINA i will try my level best to update my ff superfast now let’s go to episode

Episode 35
After the singing competition
Everyone left to their rooms to do their work sumi was doing her podcast anika was checking on her event management company veer was in his study with Obros talking about some deals and ishu was doing a family painting which had Ishita Akash anika veer Soumya and Sahil and not her sumi took a break from her podcast and came to ishus room
Sumi- ishu di why r u not there our family painting ???
Ishu- because i don’t deserve to be with u guys in the painting
Sumi- ok di join me in my podcast na plz
Ishu- no

Sumi -plz pretty plz
Ishu- ok
Sumi – wait i will ani di aa well as veerji
Ishu- ok

In anika s room
Sumi- di u r joining me in my podcast and no arguments
Ani- ok

In study room
Sumi comes and pulls veer to her room

In sumi s room
Sumi- so welcome back friends i am here with my siblings so today we r going to hv an all relationship talk my elder sister is called friendship (anika) my second sister will talk on sisterhood (ishu) my bro will talk on brotherhood and of course love will be talked by
VeerIshAni- love angel hello guys we r love angel s siblings and we will help u in any problem u r facing in any relationship

And they answer question to their listeners
All- thank u so much guys for ur love and precious tym until next tym

Anika gets a call from her company and she tries to go without telling anyone here ishu gets a call on her Bluetooth
Ishu- whos this
POC – ask me later first check if ur sister is going on the last ride of her life
And call disconnects

Ishu runs in living room
Ishu(shouts)- anika
Everyone comes out
Everyone- is eeverything’s alright
Ishu sees the door open
Ishu- shit
And runs out she sees anika going towards her car she runs after her everyone come out ishu jumps over a bush and reaches anika she pulled anika back and the car blasts suddenly everyone is shocked and run in their direction anisha fall down the car goes up ishu turns and sees car falling and covers her ears the car falls down veer helps anika and sumi helps ishu both r shaken
Ishu gets a call
POC – again u both r saved u…

Before she could say anything ishu throws the phone in fire
Everyone leave for the office
Sumi gets a call
POC – go and check whether ur rudra is fine or not
Same with rudra about sumi
He runs down the stairs and sumi runs upstairs they both see each other run towards each other and hug passionately
Rumya- r u alright
Rumya- u also got the call
Sumi – its not safe lets to home
Rudra- ok
And they leave

In the evening
Ishu gets a call
Poc- ma’am omkara sir had an accident plz come to thos address
Ishu panics and leaves
Same with om about ishana
They both rush
Imagine the location to be the place where shivika met after they saw maahia true nature ishu is wearing anikas dress from tht episode and om us wearing black suit
Ishu arrives
Ishu- who would call me to such a place
She turns to go om comes from behind

Om- ishu
Ishu – om
And run towards him and hugs him and cries
Om hugs her back with same love care and passion and cries with her
Ishu breaks the hug and cups his face
Ishu- om tell me did anything happen to u show me ur hands
Om- shhh I’m alright nothing can happen to ne when u r with me show me ur hands
They both check each others hands and r relieved ishu tries to go but om pulls her back and back hugs her (just like the Shivika scene)
Om- calm down ishu someone did a prank on us
Ishu- but who om no one knows about our relationship let’s go home its not safe here
Om – ok

When they reach home they see shivay running towards anika both r crying
Ani- r u alright shivay
Shivay- first tell me r u alright
Rumya come
Rumya- u also got the call
Then sumi s phone rings
Ishu- put it on loudspeaker
Poc- it was so nice to see u guys getting scared for ur loved ones
All look at each other
Poc- miss ishana the game has just started
Ishu- u hv started the game na then i will make sure that i finish it

Veer enters
Ishu- veer we will meet at sahils house

At sahils house
Ishu- hv u lost it veer its our family matter and u hv brought these oberois
Veer- but
Ishu- shut up and everyone handover me ur phones
Ishu sees goons nearby
Ishu- ani sumi its tym we showed some power to these goons
They lock the boys and fight with goons veer breaks the door to help his sisters a goon points a gun towards him and shoots but ishu comes in between and is shot on her abdomen she then turns and hugs veer but actually she is holding veers hands behind so tht he doesn’t throw her and take a bullet and has covered his eyes with her blood covered hand she falls down all run towards her
Veer- ishu ishu
Ishu- listen veer i don’t hv tym i came back here with a motive and sumi knows which motive if i die then complete my motive
And faints

They rush her to hospital
Doctors operate on her
Later she is shifted to icu
Everyone is seeing her from glass window
Suddenly she starts coughing blood
Doctors run and check her and come out
Doctor- I’m sorry mr veer but ishana has slipped in coma
Everyone is shocked

Precap: ishana kills chandan

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