ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 33

Heyaa guys how r u all sorry for killing u guys with my suspense sorry PRATHA and SAIRAN well i was overwhelmed by ur response to my twist oh and u guys can call me ishu ishi or ishana whtever u like thanks pratha for calling me ishu actually dats my nickname my real name is also ishana no kidding seriously my name is ishana

episode 33

Anika comes to a place and parks her car there but sits inside (the place where anika threw gobar ob shivay and his car for the first time)
Ani remembers the gobar incident
She thinks to come out
Ani- no chutki said to stay in car and she was worried wht happened to her
Meanwhile a car stops guess who comes out its Shivay and Omkara
Ani- wht r these two doing here
Shivom- wht is she doing here

Meanwhile in a hut nearby
Ishu comes and unties a little boy
Ishu- saahil saahil open ur eyes
Sahil- ishu di u came plz take me away I’m scared
Ishu- don’t be ur superdidi has come now just do one thing take this pen knife and if someone comes from behind then throw it at tht man ok
Saying this she picks him up and runs out as she can

Ani – o god why u do this and where is chutki
She goes to car and opens the door to sit suddenly

A voice shouts – anika di !!!
Anishivom turn and are shocked
Its ishu running with sahil in her arms she turns to see if someone is coming or not
Anika is shocked
She shouts
Ani- Sahil chutki !!!
And runs in their direction
Shivom- chutki ???
Suddenly someone throws knife and it injured ishu s leg she falls down anika reaches her Sahil is unconscious blood is coming from ishu s leg
Ani- chutki u r alright wht is saahil doing here
Ishu- we don’t hv enough tym ani di just take sahil away from here
She turns and sees shivom
Ishu- this place is dangerous go back
She stands up another knife is thrown but she dodges it a mab comes out
Man- ma’am was correct u wud come if i kidnapped tht handicapped
Ishu fumes and throws knife at the man it injures his shoulder
Ishu- dare u say him handicapped he is my brother and go tell ur ma’am I’m not scared and tht she is the coward
Gunshots are heard
Ishu- ani di go run i will come
But anika pulls her to car
Anika- just come Sahil needs u
Ishu(looking at shivom)- do u want to die or wht leave na
Shivay- our petrol’s finished
Ishu -great
She pulls shivom
Ishu – we will drop u safely on a condition tht whatever happens here u wont tell anyone
Shivom- ok
Ishu is in driver seat anika with sahil beside her
Shivom at backseat
Someone shoots from behind
Ishu- this mman is going to die from my hands
And loads her gun
Shivom r scared
She comes out and starta shooting anishivom cover their ears
Ishu comes back
Trio- did u just kill him
Ishu (sarcastic way)- no i worshipped him to kill us
Ishu- i shud not hv waited for him to kill anyone of us
They drive first they drop sahil in his hostel and then drop shivom in oberoi mansion

After sometime
At the singhaniya industries headquarters
A car stops
Obros come out
Obros – after 5 years we r gonna meet veer and our partnership will be updated
A helicopter lands
Ishu comes out first she is wearing a red sleeveless spaghetti top with black long sleeveless shrug and black trousers and black heels and blue shades open hair which is sleek straight and then anika comes out wearing her pistachio green halter neck top with white shrug and black trousers and black wedges veer abd sumi come there hug them Obros are shocked
Obros- how does veer know them

Later in conference hall
Shivay sees veer kissing anika s forehead(he was proud tht his sister cracked a very difficult deal) shivay looses his cool abd starts punching veer veer is shocked so he is not able to fight back anika tries to stop them om enters and tries to stop him rumya come there and r shocked shivay is not stopping he goes to punch veer on his face but a hand stops him it was ishu she then slaps him and he falls down
Ishu- how dare u hit veer
He doesn’t answer
Ishu holds his collar and shakes him
Ishu- how dare u
Shiv- he kissed anika
Ishu- let me tell u one thing anika doesn’t know u u must be thinking about any other anika
Shiv- yes i guess
Ishu then makes veer and does first aid she had tears in her eyes which threatened to fall anytime when she was putting ointment near his lips she rubbed it roughly
Veer- ouch be careful na
Ishu- o look who’s saying one who could not fight back
Veer- listen ishu shivay is my best friend and when he hit me i was shocked so
Ishu- so wht huh do u hv any idea how much pain i felt when he was hitting u u know na even if u guys get a scratch i cry then why did u not fight back
She turns to leave
Ishu- Thanx to sumi she called me on time
Otherwise … Don’t expect me to talk with u guys

Suddenly lights flicker ishu begins to tremble anika is no more scared of darkness aa her chutki is with her
Ishu ccovers her ears
Ishu – plz don’t touch me plz.leave me i won’t tell anyone plz leave me
Everyone is shocked
Light come back
Ishu opens her eyes
And sees tht everyone is shocked
She understands everything
Ishu- shit
And rushes out
VAS – wht was tht
And run out behind ishu
Obros follow them
Ishu closes door
VAS- Ishu open the door
She doesnt open veer goes anika and obros follows him anika sees tht he is trying to switch of the mains she holds his hands
Ani- no veer i cannot let u do this
Veer- u hv to we hv to know this mystery everytime in darkness this happens and its getting difficult to handle her at tht tym
Ani- but she is really scared of darkness she will almost die she has a weak heart
Veer- nothing will happen to her heart
And switches off the main switch
Ishu starts shouting for help
Veer is shocked he switches on the maibs but ishus Room is still in darkness they see ishu fainting
The boys break the door and om picks ishu and brings her out doctor scolds veer for his stunt
Doc- wheb u know she is hell scared of darkness then why did u pull this stunt sge would hv got a heart attack
Everyone is shocked
Doc- why r u looking at me like this its true she has very weak heart anyways she will wake up in sometime
And leaves
After sometime ishu opebs her eyes
Veer- now u hv to tell us the reason of ur fear of darkness.
Sumani- yes
Ishu- i don’t want to talk about it
And tries to leave Obros r standing there
Ishu- leave my way
They dont
Veer – come on tell me
Ishu- i won’t
Veer then breaks a vase and brings it near his neck
Veer- then i will kill myself
Ishu- ok ok i will tell u when i fell of tht Cliff i was lucky tht there was a pond down there and i was saved i ran back to the orphanage and i got to know tht my di was adopted i cried very badly the watchman told me tht he can take ne there in night and like a fool i believed at night (crying) i remember very well i was wearing this blue coloured frock with sleeves suddenly the watchman pulled me closer i got scared ge then tore my sleeves and then attempted to rape me ( starts crying badly everyone is shocked tears come out of veers eyes while sumani r crying and consoling ishu Obros r shocked and just standing there) i saw a rock and hit the watchman with it and ran away i fainted near Mona s mother’s call centre she found me and adopted me along with pappa she lied to mona tht i was ger elder sister who was in hostel and has come back to live with them ranveer was my neighbour he and pappa always fought those who humiliated me
Veer- I’m sorry ishu i should hv protected u
Ishu- it’s not ur mistake veer i guess it was fate
Veer (trying to lighten mood)- ok the Obros will stay with us
Sisos- no
Veer- yes
Ishu – let them come we will show our hospitality

At singhaniya mansion
Everyone is in their nightsuit
Ishu- veer now tht u hv brought ur best friends why don’t u cook food for them as for us we hv already eaten
Veer- why r u doing this ishu
Ishu- for listening to us
Veer- plz cook something na
Ishu- ok
And brings food
The boys take the first bite and
Boys – water!!!
Sisos r laughing like hell
Ishu- this was just the trailer picture abhi baki hain mere dost

Precap : veer is singing a singing competition between sisos and Obros

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