ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 31

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episode 31

om stays back in hospital
om- wht if something hapened to u
ishu- but nothing happened na
he held her palm and kissed its back
om- u r still wearing my ring
ishu- lets not talk about this
om- why r u wearing this ring tell me ishana
ishu- because it reminds me of u omkara ur love and ur betrayal
om was sad
ishu- i will sleep now
and she falls in deep slumber due to sedatives
om covers her with the blanket

after two days
ishu returns to oberoi mansion
om and ishu were standing on doorstep
now they almost become friends as om took good care of ishu
he was olding her hand and her waist to help her in walking as the injection had affected her legs nerves
dadi- stop right there u saved our anika then ur aarti shud also be taken na
ishkara smiled
everyone was happy
after aarti
om- dadi i hv decided tht ishana will stay in my room
everyone shocked
ishu- wht
om- tht way i can take care of u
ishu- but ani and sumi r there na
sumani- no we r missing r classes so
ishu- ok jhanvi aunty is there na
dadi – the whole family is going to vaishno devi except for rudra and shivay as rudra is hving his college (he is now in the same college as sisos) and shivay is a proffessor in the college for sometime to guide the students as for om he is the only one who will stay back in this house
ishu sighs- ok but i can go to my hostel right
om- no u cant doctor didnt allow to discharge her but i requested and told him tht she will stay in my house then he agreed to discharge
dadi – ok now take her to ur room we will leave in the evening
ishu goes with om
they come near the staircase
seeing staircase ishu startspraying
om smiles at her childish nature
pm – why r u praying to god
ishu – actually due to the injection its difficult to walk and now these stairs r just impossible so i was praying tht i am able cross this mt everest
om lifts her
om- lets cross this mt everest together
ishu blushes they reach the room he places her on bed
ishu- uh om can u send some girl i want to change my dress
om- wait i will call mom
jhanvi comes and helps her she sees her bracelet
jhanvi(thinks)- i hv seen this bracelet somewhere but where
she gives her medicines and helps her to sleep she caresses her face
jhanvi(thinks)- she reminds me of ishita(jhanvi was ishitas bff)
she leaves om comes and check ishana shivru r shocked to see om taking gud care of ishana
rudy- bhaiyaa wht is happening ishana always helped om bhaiya she saved mom and now o is taking care of her like he loves her and she helps him like she loves him ye ho kya raha hain
shivay- i think u r thinking too much

at evening
everyone leave for their respective destinations
ishkara bid them bye
om goes near her and sudenly lifts her
(bgm: ishqe di lat)

Betahasha tu yaad aata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

ishu is shocked
Mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

he brings her in kitchen and makes her sit on the kitchen slab
om- lets hv some dinner first u will hv soup and no arguments

Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave

Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave

om helps ishu in drinking soup

they hv their dinner
he aain lifts her and takes her to his room
om – take rest i am coming after cleaning kitchen

ishu then goes to his rooms balcony

Kyun chaand se ho jode umeede
Ik doosre se aa roshni le

om comes and sees ishu in balcony

Kyun hum alag yun lete hain saanse
Ik sans mein hi aa dono jee le

ishkara see each other and smile

om comes towards her

Aise mile phir na ho juda

and hugs ishu they share a passionate hug

Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave

Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave

he again lifts her and takes her to bed

Beghar thhe saare sapne humare
Aake mila hain tu aashiyan sa

ishu remembers their moments and has tears but hides it and smiles

Jaayenge kaise hum door tujh se
Tu saath chalta hai aasmaan sa

om also remembers their moments

Hain pyaar kaisa jadoo bhara
ishu- ok omkara now enough till when will u keep on lifting me i maybe tiring u na
om- u can never tire me out ishana

Ishqe di lat tadpave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave (x2)

om- lets sleep now

Betahasha tu yaad aata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

om comes near ishana on bed
and covers her with blanket and hugs her

Mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai
Jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

ishu is shocked
om- dont be shocked u got scared last time due to darkness and cried a lot and i dont want u to cry
ishu smiles and seeing her smile om also smiles

Ishqe di lat tadpaave
Dil na lage jab dil lag jaave (x2)

after somedays ishu recovers and decides to go
om- plz ishana stop dont go
ishu- i know wht u want but it can never happen om
ishkara hv tears remembering everything
ishu- but thanks for taking care of me om
om- u dont need to say thanks i took care of myself only
she understands wht he means to say
she hugs him passionately both hv tears and close their eyes
ishu – meet u in college
both smile and ishu leaves

sisos and obros r now on talking terms after daksh incident
shivay is now very protective of anika
om is now very fiercely protective of ishana
rudra is also very protective of soumya

during navratri they used to go to play dandiya and play garba
sometimes obros wud just sit and admire the sisos and sometimes be mesmerized by them

after diwali
the exams starts everyone is preparing lie hell
in between ishu gets to know th she has to go for nationals of wrestling and she decided to go as her parents wish was tht one of their daughters gets a gold medal in wrestling in nationals
obros and sumani see her wrestling bravely and she wins the gold medal
sisos r overwhelmed and cry as one of ishitas and akashs wish is completed
om is overwhelmed

precap : obros doubt on sisos

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