ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 30

Hi guys how r u all I’m a bit disappointed with very less comments plz tell r u guys not liking my ff or its plot right now plz do tell me or of u r not liking it then i will stop it wht to do now anyways thank u and love to all those who take tym to read my ff and comment on it ok now enough of my bakbak let’s go to the episode
Initially i was really happy that I’m going to post my 30th episode of my ff love to everyone especially nikitajai she is like my di and she always comments on my ff i always wait for her comments Thanx nikitajai di love u loads i know tht der r many others who comment on my ff don’t think tht I’m partial to nikitajai di actually I’m hving migraine headache now so i can’t remember much names but loads of love to all my readers and commentors love u all thank u so much its because of u all readers love tht I’m posting my 30th episode ok now seriously enough of my bakbal lets goto episode

Episode 30
Ishu- chabdan wht r u doing here
Chandan – taking my revenge sweetheart
Daksh- actually he told me about how much he loved u but u betrayed him and married someone in front of his eyes much similar to my story ur twin sister did the same with
Ishu- how do u know we r sisters tht to twins
Daksh- come on u think tht i will tell u
Chandan injected something in her shoulder
Ishu- wht the hell chandan wht did u inject me with
Daksh and chandan- poison after five minutes all this poison will enter in each and every nerve of ur body and they will start to burst and within some hrs maximum 6 hrs u will die
Chandan grabs her hair
Ishu – ahhh
Ishi shouts in pain
Chandan- u married simeone else now u will hv to die if u r not mine then u will never be of any other
Anika panics she is in glass chamber water is filled till her neck daksh has stopped the water
Daksh- u both sisters came in this world together and now go together
Ishu starts shouting like anything in pain anika cries while daksh and chandan smirk

In oberoi mansion
Shivay- Soumya can u track anikas phone
Om-,soumya can u track ishus phone
Sumi- yes for that i will hack their phone first and then we can locate them
She hacks their phone and
Sumi- they both r at the same place for so long something’s wrong
Shivomru see the location- let’s go
And they leave

The kidnapping area
Daksh- chandan i hv some work u stay here i will come back in sometime
Chandan- ok
Ishu shouts in pain like anything and is crying like hell anika is crying seeing her condition chandan smirks
Ishu sees a rod and gets an idea she drags herself to it and hides it behind her and gathets courage and strength to stand up she signs anika ti distract chandan
Ani- chandan plz leave us plz
Chandan goes towards hher ishu is just behind him he feels something and turns and just then ishu hits him on his head by the rod she is limping and hit s him another tym to ensure tht he is unconscious she then breaks the water chamber with great difficulty anika comes out
Ani- ishu r u alright
Ishu- ask mr later lets escape
Obros and sumi reach there
Sumi(shouts)- ishu di anika di
Om(shouts)- ishana
Shivay(shouts)- anika
Anisha hear ttheir voice and go in their direction
Ishu is holding ani but it is she who needs support suddenly daksh comes from behind and releases poisonous gas and shouts
Daksh- i won’t let u two go alive from here
And takes the rod

Ishu covers anikas mouth to save her from the gas but is coughing badly here sumi and obros r hving tears to see ishu trying hard to save anika they run in their direction
Ishu turns and sees daksh about to hit anika with rod
Ishu(shouts)- no !!!!
And throws anika in shivays direction anika lands in his arms as he caught her in right tym but instead of anika its ishu who geta hit by rod everyone us shocked
Daksh- one down
Ishu touches the back of her head and her hand is covered with blood her diamond ring in left hand(gifted by om) is all red om is shocked there is blood on ishus hand on and everyone is shocked om starts beating daksh when he is about to punch him someone shoots daksh from behind and daksh dies immediately it was ranveer
Ranveer – nobody plays with my sisters life
Everyone is crying
Sumani- ishu di / ishu open ur eyes
Om picks her up and rushes out his shirt is soaked in blood rudra is driving the car shivika and sumi ffollow them in another car but anika faints sumi calls ranveer
Sumi- hello ranveer bhao call the family in hospital
The family reaches hospital before them om and shivay enter at the same tym shivay has anika in his arms and om has ishu in his arms sumi runs towards ishu and rudra towards anika they place ishu in a stretcher and rush inside as soon as ishu is placed on strecher large amount of blood comes out of her head sumi and om panic rush inside family members r waiting abd when they see im they r teary eyed om is asking everyone to get aside and is crying he holds ishu
Om- i wont let anything happen to u ishana
Family is shocked to see ishu in pool of blood kamini is crying as she treated ishu as her own daughter om is holding her hand and she has held it tight ishu is followed by anika who is unconscious everyone now breaks down
Om -,doctor just do something save ishana
Doctor- omg she has lost lot of blood lets get her inside
Ishu is getting operated here anika ia treated and she is awake
Ani- sumi where is ishu is she alright
Sumi- she is getting operated
They come out and sit shivay us beside anika consoling her rudra is with soumya consoling her sumani r holding their VAIRS pendant praying for ishu om is standing like zombie in shock blood all.over his t shirt doctor comes out
Om- doctor how is ishana is she alright how was the operation
Doctor- calm down mr oberoi ishana is perfectly fine now and operation is successful i must say she is a fighter we lost many tyms first the injection and then she inhaled large amount if poisonous gas and then getting hit on head was making it critical but she always revived looks like she wants to complete one od her wishes abd she is very serious about
Sumi- yes she is

After sometime in ishus ward
Ishu opebs her eyes sumani r happy and kiss her on cheeks and on forehead iishu is still on oxygen mask
Ani- why did u come in between wht if something happened to u
Ishu(removing mask)- bit nothing happened see I’m perfectly alright
Sumani- shut up
Ani- why did u save me
Ishu- i promised mom dad to protect u whtever happens
Obros enter
Shivru- thank u ishana for saving anika
Ishu- no need it is my duty
Om is just standing
Nurse – visiting hrs hv finished only one person can stay back
Om – i will stay back

Precap : om taking care of ishana and a leap

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  8. Rasika

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