ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 3

Thank you everyone for your comments u guys made my day actually my night for shivika fans i will post about them when the right time comes as i have already said ISHKARA is main please understand and please ignore my typos as i am using my stupid phone lets go to the episode
Scene 1
Location: gauris home
Gauri returns to her home her mother asked where is om
Gauri – maa he has gone back to Mumbai and will come back to take me
A boy – who will take you and why may i know
Gauri – sumeet how are u when did u come
And she goes and hugs him
Sumeet – i was missing my sister and mom so i came back
( sumeet treats ishana as his sister and knows her from her school days as they studied together in Lucknow and also knows her past)
Sumeet – hi maa how r u and what are you talking about who will take her and why
Ishana/gauri interrups

Gauri – i will tell u come with me
And they go to their favourite spot and ishana tells him everything
Sumeet (fuming) – u should hv told me u say iam your brother but you hid how that kaali tortured you why
Ishana – because i was scared for maa sumeet i hv already lost three mothers i cant loose maa now
Sumeet – but shreya
Ishana – dont call me shreya that shreya that ishana died that day when her parents were (she could not speak further and broke down sumeet controlled her )
Sumeet – enough shreya you have to ve strong fpr mona pappa maa and me u hv to find ur sister anika too u hv to help veer also u hv punish your parents culprits also u hv to be strong shreya
Ishana – i cant sumeet i cant face myself in mirror its because of me that everyone is suffering anika and veer lost their childhood i couldnt save my parents it all happened in front of my eyes and i couldn’t do anything i failed as a daughter sister i could not save them (she again breaks down)
Sumeet – ok now stop crying otherwise maa will scold me thinking that i mase you cry lets go
And they leave

Scene 2
Location railway station
Om and shivaay fight with kaali but kaali runs away to save his life and shivkara have conversation same aa dbo
Scene 3
Location : a cliff
Om comes out of hhis car
Om- this city reminds me of everything that is bad i will go and Never come back
He leaves for Mumbai with shivaay
Next day
Scene 4
Gauris home chacha and chachi taunt gauri sumeet and their maa gauri coulsnt take it anymore and ran out sumeet followed and hugged her kaali comes and stabs him ishana/gauri shocked
Gauri – sumeet no !!!

Precap – will sumeet be alive or not

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  1. Interesting epi..waiting for next

  2. Riddhima

    Confusion ishana guari shreya all same ..??? ???

  3. Shivika

    I big confusion……but don’t kill sumeet he is the only support for her

    1. Shivika

      the epi. Was superb

  4. Nice one dear… Waiting for the next update.

  5. Awesome update…

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