ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 29

Thank u so much guys for ur comments and i am sorry sahasra for living upto ur expectations lets go to the episode

Episode 29
Ishu ran away to the secret garden of oberois and was crying Soumya and anika were shaken up by the words of the kinnar they went in their rooms rudy followed soumya and shivay followed anika

In rumya room
Sumi entered silently sat on bed abd started crying badly

In Shivika room
Anika went inside and sat on her bed reminiscing kinnars word

In the secret garden
Ishu is sitting under a tree and crying like anything
Ishu- why is this happening i know i hv to come across this secret of mine again but if it comes out before tym veerji and anika will be hurt 10 yrs ago a kinnar came and said same thing and it happened now i can’t loose ani di sumi and veer bhai i can’t i promised mom dad to protect them

In rumya room
Sumi- this kinnar said the same thing tht tht kinnar said 10 yrs ago to di abd she got scared

In Shivika room
Ani- i don’t remember much but this kinnar said almost the same thing which tht kinnar said to her 10 yrs ago

Sisos go in a flashback
A young ishu enters with young ani young sumi and young veerji
Ishita- arrey sumi beta wht r u doing here
Ishu – she was missing us all so i asked her to hop along and return back to maasi in evening and before u ask maasi has permitted her so we all will go and play
A kinnar (called by Ishita for some reason) (to ishu)- ur future is dark there will be separation of loved ones try to save everyone here and only u can ssave ur bro and sisters only u
Ishu- mom what is he saying plz get him out of here aam getting scared
Veer – nothing will happen
And hugs her
Fb over

Sumani see ishu crying and hugs her from left and anika holds her from right and ishu cries harder ( just like ranbir holds anushka in ae dil hai mushkil when she cries) and console her
Ishu sleeps with om
Shivay forces anika to sleep with him
Same with rumya

Next morning
DDaksh comes as a servant in disguise
Daksh – today i will finish both of these sisters
Later he kidnaps anika
Shivay was finding anika but no one saw her
Ishu waa getting tensed then she got a video in which anika was tied up
Daksh- if u want to see her alive come on this address
She leaves
Om is finding ishu but no one saw her
Rumy- Bhaiya hv u seen anika di / ishu di
Shivom- no
Rumya -wht

At unknown location
Ishu sees anika in water chamber and panics
Daksh laughs
Suddenly she sees tht her hands r handcuffed in front
Ishu- chandan wht r u doing here
Chandan- taking my revenge

And injects something in her shoulder

Precap: blood on ishus hand om and everyone is shocked

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