Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 51)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 51

RECAP: Ishkara take care of Naina……Mayuri talk…….Ishkara have a talk

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Ishkara’s room,

Ishana hugs Om tightly, she can be angry and upset with Om but can’t see him breakdown like this, she can never see her Om like this, she just hugged him tightly and consoled him, Om too hugged her tightly and cried his heart out, after a while they broke the hug,

Ishana (wiping Om’s tears): Dare you cry again, you know naa I can’t see you like this, you don’t know how much it hurts me.
Omkara: Till the time you are there to wipe my tears, I wont feel anything to cry my heart out.

“Jab tak hum saath hai, mujhe har aansu manjoor hai,
jab tak hum saath hai, har gum qubool hai.”

Ishkara share an intense eye-lock (O Saathiya plays in BG)
They break the eye-lock when they hear claps, they turn around to see Shivika and Rumya smiling at them.

Rudra: Thank God, for the first time Om’s shayari was both understandable and useful.
ShivOm: Shut up Rudra
Soumya: Rudra, you can’t keep quiet naa, and haa bade baal wale bhaiya, your shayari was awesome as always.
Ishana: Bas bas, don’t praise him much, otherwise whole night I’ll have to listen to shayaris only.
Omkara: Cham cham

Others laugh.

Anika: Acha jokes apart, I am glad that you both are together now. But I didn’t get one thing.
Soumya: What??
Anika: Shivaay, why were you and Om angry when Shreya came, I mean she is Naina’s masi naa.
Shivaay: that is lont story.
Ishana: So tell it in short.
Rudra: I’ll tell you, Shreya is not Naina’s real masi, actually Naina’s mom and Shreya were college friends, but more like family. After the accident, O, decided to adopt naina but Shreya didn’t want it, because according to Mr. Batra (Naina’s father) all their property will go to Naina, but since when they died Naina was small, it would be under her gaurdian’s care.
Omkara: So when I adopted Naina, Shreya didn’t wish to lose the property so she created issues but at the end we won. When we got to know about Shreya’s real intentions, we didn’t want her to be Naina’s caretaker, so we thought to hire someone else.

Shivaay: But Shreya blackmailed us that if we change the caretaker, she will tell the whole world about the accident.
Anika: Us Shreya ki to naa main abhi band bajati hu.

Shivaay: Calm down Anika, we have to handle the situation properly, its about Naina also.
Soumya: But what will we do?
Ishana: I think something is still missing.
Omkara: Missing but what Ishu?

Ishana: According to you and jiju, when he was driving the road was empty (ShivOm nod) then how come all of a sudden Mr and Mrs Batra come, you hit them and they die on the spot.
Shivaay: That means
Ishana: It is a trap, maybe they were already injured and someone pushed them in fornt of the car, so it looks like your car hit them and then they can take advantage of all this.
Omkara: But why will someone frame us, we didn’t even know them.
Anika: Ho naa ho, its 100% that chipdi Shreya’s work only.
Soumya: Maybe she wanted their property and planned all this, so that police frame you both and benefit is hers.

Rudra: But her plan failed when O decided to adopt Naina, and now she is blackmailing you both so that she can access the property.
Ishana: I am sure if she has come here, she has definitely planned something.
Anika: We have to keep an eye on her and find out about her intentions.
Soumya: This time, she won’t succeed. Not only will we fail her plan but also make her confess her previous crimes.
Shivaay: So…. (he forwards his hand) Mission expose Shreya begins
All: yes
Mayuri: Plan that too without us. Not fair.

Shivaay: Oh we forgot only that we have two more members.
Gauri: Ab to us Naina ki aisi band bajayenge…
Mayank: hamesha yaad rakhegi.
Ishana: Right guys.

The next day,

All come down to have breakfast, Naina goes to Tej,

Naina: Can I sit with you to have breakfast? (both Om and Tej look at her shockingly)
Omkara: Naina, you sit her with Ishana and me.
Naina: But I want to sit here only (she said making a cute face) Please
Tej: Its Ok, you sit with me (saying so Tej lifted her and made her sit on his lap)

All others were shocked,

Rudra: O, I think I am still in my dream, I am seeing Dad taking Naina on his lap and also feeding her.
Omkara: Rudra, even I am seeing the same dream, I guess. Mr. Oberoi is being nice to someone.
Shivaay: Rudra, tu to pagal hai hi, but Om tu bhi.
Anika: Kitne ache lag rahe hai ek saath.
Naina: You are so nice, can I call you as dadu.

Tej: Why not, you can call me dadu, I’ll love it.
Naina: You are so nice (she kisses Tej who looks at her lovingly) See Mr. Oberoi, and you were saying he can’t even smile but see he is so nice.
Tej: Its not his fault beta, I don’t smile much.
Naina: But why, you should smile always.
Tej: Don’t worry, from today I’ll smile everyday.

All are happy to see Naina and Tej bond so easily.

Jhanvi: Naina beta, what do you want to do? Do you want to go out for fun?
Naina: Really, you’ll take me out, it would be fun.

Shivaay: So where do you want to go?
Naina: Wherever you take me, I don’t know naa much about Mumbai. (All smiled at her innocence)
Tej: No worrries, Jhanvi dadi and I’ll take you out.
Pinky: Why only you both, we’ll also come, kyu Shakti ji?
Shakti: Right.
Naina: Yey…I’ll get ready and come (Naina goes to her room)
Omkara: Thank you, Mr. Oberoi.
Tej: No need to say thank you, I did what I felt.

Tej leaves.

Ishana: I hope Naina brings Om and Dad closer.
Jhanvi: I hope so too.

PRECAP: Shivika-Ishkara-Rumya-Mayuri on a mission

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