Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 50)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 50

Thanks to all my readers because of you all, we all are celebrating the golden jubilee of my ff. Thanks to all those who follow the story, comment and share their love and also to all my silent readers.

Thanks to Sairan, CrazygirlS.P/ AMkideewani (you are the first one to comment when I started writing), Aashi, Sanyukta, UF, Niriha, Mrunal, Nikita_jai, Madhuani, Sree, Aarti, Tashu, Mahi, Ankita, Arthi, Fenil, Riddhima, Shilpa, Alekhika, Ishana24, Ishkara, Neha, Bubbly, Yashu, Farhina, Kavya, Dwet, Sanjanaa, Kajol, Nitika, Aysha, Banita, Shabnam, Pratha, Ros, Shanaya Rajput, Raeesa, and all my silent readers and a big sorry, if I missed anyone, SORRY.

It’s because of all of you that I have reached this place, please continue like this with your love and support. Please keep commenting like this, it really means a lot.
I hope our journey together continues forever, I am really happy and lucky to have so many friends like you all who are so loving, caring and supportive. Thanks a lot to all of you. I never thought that my writing would be so appreciated and encouraged, I could have never got a better gift for my birthday than all you lovely friends, THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOTS OF LOVE AND A VERY BIG GROUP HUG. Really thanks.

So let’s continue with the story,

First of all, I want to clear one thing, I have disclosed how and why Naina is Om’s daughter but I haven’t yet told you, why ShivOm were angry seeing Shreya, why did Shreya want them to adopt Naina, why Naina doesn’t call Om as Papa or Dad….so guys, there are few things yet to be revealed, so keep reading to know, how, who, when and where will they be revealed.

RECAP: Naina is Om’s adopted daughter……..Ishana feels hurt as Om didn’t tell her the truth earlier………Ishana decides to leave OM but Naina stops her

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Naina’s room,

Shivaay: Naina, bacha, did you like your room.
Naina: I just loved it, Shivaay uncle (and she kisses Shivaay who in turn lifts her)
Anika: Naina, what do you love to eat, you tell me, I’ll make it for you.
Naina: No, please you don’t make it. (All get surprised)
Soumya: Why beta, why don’t you want Anika bhabhi to make food.
Naina: Because I have heard lot stories about your cooking from Shivaay uncle and he told me you always create a mess.

Rumya and Ishkara laugh at her innocence while Anika glares at Shivaay who thinks, “Ab toh main gaya”.

Anika: Acha, to this is what you have told her about me.
Shivaay: No Anika, I have told other things also, and why are you taking her so seriously, she is just a kid.
Naina: Haa Anika aunty, he also told me that you always throw water on him and also use some weird words, which he never understands and….. (before Naina could speak further Omkara interrupted knowing that Shivaay ki band bajne wali hai)
Omkara: Naina, you must be hungry, come Ishana and I will take you for dinner. Come (he took her from Shivaay)

Although Ishana wanted to say No but agreed onlt for Naina.
Ishkara leave with Naina.

Soumya: Rudra, I think we should also leave. Bhaiya-bhabhi need privacy. (Rumya sign Shivaay “All the best”, smile and leave)
Shivaay: Who, yaad aaya, I have to make an urgent call (saying so he moved forward but Anika stopped him and gave an angry glare)
Anika: So I keep throwing water on you……I use weird language……and I always create a mess.and what more have you told her about me.
Shivaay: Oh ho, Anika, why are you taking her so seriousely, she is just a kid. (Saying so he moved close to her, Anika becomes nervous)
Anika: Shivaay, aap dur rehkar bhi baat kar sakte hai, just move away.
Shivaay: Kyu, you get so much affected. (He moved closer locking Anika between the wall and him)
Anika: Shivaay, let me go, koi aa jayega.
Shivaay: No one will come.

In the kitchen,

Ishana made Naina sit on the counter while she helped Om in cooking,

Ishana: So, what will my princess love to have?
Naina: I want pasta…it’s my fav.
Omkara: As you say.

Ishkara start making pasta, Om was cutting the veggies when his finger got a slight cut and he winced in pain,

Omkara: Ouch (Ishana turned to him and saw his bleeding finger, she quickly came to him)
Ishana: Om, you naa, why are you so careless, dhyan kaha tha tumhara……mujhe pareshan kiye bin chain nahi aata naa….show it to me (saying so she holds his finger) Wait here, I’ll bring haldi

She bringd haldi and aaplies it and blows air on it, all this while Om was just lost in her, not even caring for his cut finger, Ishana looks at him and they share an eye-lock
(“Paad jaye naa dil par kahi gam ka nishan………” O Saathiya plays in BG)

Ishana breaks the eye-lock bringing Om back to reality, Ishana moves away and arranges the plate for Naina, she feeds Naina and Om could only look at Ishana.

Outside Oberoi Mansion,

Mayuri were sitting in the lawn,

Mayank: Why does all this happen with people who love each other so much, everyone knows how much Ishkara love each other even God, still he is creating so many problems for them…….. (he turns to Gauri) why do always true lovers have to suffer, why Gauri…why?
Gauri: I know what you are feeling for Ishkara, even I am feeling bad for them but I have full faith in their love, see naa how God didn’t let Ishana go, he will never let them separated….trust me…..true love never fails (she says holdidng Mayank’s hand)

Mayank just hugs her tightly which first shocks Gauri but she just caresses his hair,

Mayank: Thank you so much, Gauri… are really very good. (Mayuri break the hug) And I am sorry, I hurt you earlier by not replying to you.
Gauri: Don’t be sorry Mayank, I understand your POV and I just told you what I feel, and i know you need time, so take all the time you need, I’ll alwaus wait for you.

(“Kuch to hai tujhse raabta……” Raabta plays in BG)

Back to Ishkara,

Ishana makes Naina sleep and is about to leave when Om holds her hand, she turns and looks at Om, tears collect in her eyes,

Ishana: Om, let me go, I don’t want to talk anything. Please.
Omkara: I didn’t hold your hand to leave it, please Ishu, just for once, talk to me.
Ishana: Ok, Let’s talk somewhere else, Naona will get disturbed.

Ishkara’s room,

Ishana: Jo kehna hai kai do, I am listening. But please don’t give me any explaination because I know you must have adopted Naina due to some unavoidable circumstances, because I trust you more than myself.
Omkara: I am really sorry, Ishu, I know I should have told you earlier but I ddint know how you would take it, I didn’t want to hurt you or lose you.
Ishana: So even after knowing me for two years, you couldn’t understand me this much that you know how would I react……so we are still at the same place where we were two years ago……complete strangers………bolo Om, kya hum itne anjaane hai ek dusre se ki, ek dusre ko itna bhi nahi samajh paye.
Omkara: No, Ishu, it’s not like that…we are not strangers….in fact no one can understand us as we both do….please don’t ever say like this again……. (he cups her face) Agar mujhe kisine samjha hai toh wo bas tum ho, par shayad main hi tumhe nahi samajh paya….please, I am really very sorry…please (tears flowing from his eyes)

Ishana couldn’t see her Om in this state, the conflict between her mind and heart was making her confused, her heart wanted to be with Om and console him but her mind didn’t allow her to move, she was facing an inner battle of emotions, but in the end, her mind had to face defeat and she just hugged Om tightly.

(O Saathiya plays in BG)

PRECAP: Ishana doubts Shreya……..Oberois have fun with Naina……Shreya’s intentions don’t seem good

So guys, I hope you all liked the episode. Please share your views through comments below. I hope my story is keeping upto your expectations. Feel free to express your concerns and suggestions.

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